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  1. RP 24/7 - time to log off and get some help. Otherwise it's a bit of (mostly) harmless fun, although I do run away very quickly when I read some notecards! I agree with the above - The whole of SL is a kind of RP, I wander round reading Jane Eyre, and drinking beer - I haven't done that kind of thing since I was at school - it's RP, and like RL it's what you do with it that matters.
  2. Your avatar can wear whatever it wants. Just make sure you have a "bald" base for your head and pop on any old wig - male / female / squirrel.
  3. Is it just me, and my awful sense of fashion, or do other people who are wearing jeans / cargo pants / suit trousers always rez wearing less than flattering leggings! I mean come on! Leggings! At my age? The only way I've discovered to re-trouser myself is to sit down asap. Suddenly - flares. Stand up and everything is fine again, but TP anywhere or restart SL, and - yup - leggings. :(
  4. I'm a Brit, and I agree, we don't really go around SL shouting "HI! I'm a Brit - I'm a Brit!" I went to SL London once and if there were any Brits around, they hid as soon as they saw me. That said, I like hanging around with people from all over. I met a guy from Peru the other day (well he said he was from Peru) - I mean how cool is that! Peru! He didn't know who Paddington was though. The pub in SL Dublin over St Patrick's Day might be a good bet. (I'm the one with the pint of Guinness). LOL
  5. Personally I wouldn't recommend SL for children, or do you mean adults pretending to be children? In which case I can't help you as I am proud to be ancient - I spent a long time getting to this age, and I'm not in any hurry to unage.
  6. :smileyhappy: I love it when it works, but when it tells me there's an update and then won't install it properly I get a bit - grrrr. Let's face it, it's tech.
  7. It might be because there has been a high demand for the Linden Bears to help the Red Cross in Japan. I've been trying to buy one, but I can't.
  8. I love Second Life. Where else would you find: Join the Valentine’​s Day Smooch-fes​t Event! Followed by:- 2011 Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Co... :-)
  9. YT Upsilon

    Prim Counts?

    Thanks everyone. Good tip on wearing an item (I have done that unwittingly several times already, and I have to say boxes do not look good on me) It's really good to know ref the inventory because I just can't resist picking stuff up - banana guns, rolling pins, pokemon slippers etc. At my age I really should know better.
  10. YT Upsilon

    Prim Counts?

    Newbie Alert! I tried searching "prim count", but couldn't find the answer I'm looking for. Basically:- Is there any way of working out the prim count of an object? Also do the things in your inventory count towards the prim allowance on a piece of land, or just those things that are placed on the land? Thanks.
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