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  1. I wish there would be an upgrade to the registration process as at the moment it works the same as the old one and throws you randomly wherever. It would be nice to be able to have an impact to which home you are offered. Ideally you could choose which area by the sea or on the river, or by the beach, does it have a road, near mountain etc. Failing that would be nice to have a choice between three or four random homes. So many wish they could be near their friends and family. Some people want to make new friends, others want to keep the old ones close. Wish it would be possible to land in the same neighborhood as your friends. Public transportation system with busses and bustops would be great. Think how cool it would be to take the bus to the beach with your family or to the town square or even to the church. Bicycle rezzer would encourage people to move around and explore! Thank you LindenLab for this amazing development, please hurry up with Building more of these houses !!! ❤️
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