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  1. found the original and for the fun of it the real "cowbell guy" from the real song and the story behind it
  2. When all the I want the smex IM's begin to Bug you
  3. She was, and in the most possibly messed up way possible took it out on the children that were the result of Zeus' Philandering's the most notable being Heracles to Whom she did such lovely things as Send two serpents to kill him in his crib (Heracles Strangulated them both) and of course most notable causing Heracles to go insane and Kill his wife and children. which resulted in him going to Oracle of Delphi to ask how to atone and and being told to serve the king of Mycenae, Eurystheus, for ten years. during which he was sent in the 12 Labours he is so well known for there is more incidents of Hera being a absolute Witch to Heracles you can find more examples here https://classicalwisdom.com/mythology/heracles-and-hera/ the short Zeus was a Dog Hera was a ***** and Chronos had the right idea in eating them
  4. not even a Maharaja one would think a King in search of a Desi Woman would be a Maharaja (this guy is clearly a Gorian but his expectations of what he wants from a wife is not un relevant to the Indian Subcontinent but there It's not slavery as the ladies on the form think it is but a form of respectful obedience, I was married to a man from India for 15 wonderful years until he was taken by a car accident. And even though I was not born in India decided to be a traditional wife even with him being discouraging me from making that choice. but I still in the end I chose to veil my face with My Ghoonghat at the wedding. I was happy with my choice and still cry for my lost love Is it for everyone? no but we have to judge cultures on there own merit i am attaching a photo for those who might not know what a Ghoonghat is
  5. Being honest if you are not looking for a Skin that is of the tones that are common amongst the peoples of far northern or more equatorial Latitudes your rather SOL and even regionally it can be extremely difficult if you wanted to nail down what you would see in a more specific area of a continent
  6. ok so its not just me for a second my I thought my ISP was blocking Secondlife
  7. not a fan of AP that do random things like make me bend over and stick my arse in the air finding ao's that are not overly sexulised is close to impossible
  8. Little late but I can chime in being a very long member of the "Aviation community" I noticed your Question is very airline centric. and being honest i think that Fad has Flown away. What's popular in SL changes rapidly. And with the Advent of places like Belli and the intercontinental connection opening up where we can fly to spreading everyone out as mentioned before right now the from Belli to Satori is extremely difficult to navigate via larger planes. so the hot thing to do right now is flying smaller planes and helicopters solo and play the game continent hop to try to find a safe road for the bigger planes. while aviation is not as strong as it was 5 years ago were still kicking
  9. While you may not be a programmer you can always join the conversation by asking questions and being willing to learn. funny thing about programmers is they usually have the "Hacker Ethic" and love to share information. Please note By hacker I am using the original meaning of the term http://www.jargon.net/jargonfile/h/hacker.html
  10. oh gods he looks like one of the students I had last year
  11. sometimes you need to visit a place and they force you to put on a Meat suit
  12. as a Anthropologist i find this fascinating but sadly i lack the blender skills to help you on the quest
  13. I used to have a disclaimer in my profile that stated my avi that I was 5'9" tall in second life which is 5" taller than the average height for women and not a child still got accused of it hint people of you build for RL scale you can do more with your land
  14. I can fix all your flesh problems with one single suggestion http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bay City - Mashpee/189/185/26
  15. I enjoy fun in SL Sailing flying aircraft driving cars. Going to clubs watching the owners squirm because your dress in there dress code just a little thinner than they expected. general hanging out and going shopping and joking about how hard it is to find a good dressmaker
  16. First thing you lean as a Living skeleton Always carry a parasol to avoid unsightly bone bleaching and Remember guys if you are lucky enough to date a Gal like me Skulls are a girls best friend r
  17. KDE on Debian the Patrician's choice Linux
  18. I don't think I am the kind of girl your looking for but i am hunting for some turpentine for my bones someone painted me while I was sleeping
  19. if you find any bottles labeled "Cute Potion" don't drink them while it works it tastes like burning
  20. Creo que sería una mejor fecha para el primero de noviembre
  21. when you get tired of going to parties and being creeped on Or can you call this taking the Modern beauty standard way too far?
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