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  1. hey im looking for a decent DJ position I understand everything behind it IE stream cards and usually its all tip based etc Experience SL dj 4 years exp Clubs : Club industry 2 years (closed last year ) industriel dreams 4 ish months Korruption 6 months phuk 1 year red devil start > close (give or take 3 months I think) immortal dreams (every once and a while on and off) Real life: 7 years almost 8 years exp Avalon night club - hollywood, LA Vegas The bank at the ballagio 3rd teir residency position try out Various other places Reason I want to get back into DJing in SL mainly for the love of music but to rove my skills with various technics Equipment Pioneer cdj-2000 x4 DJM 1000 + various other fx boxes and stuff note I probably wont be using this stuff for SL as its usually not set up but when it is I will be more than happy to :D Traktor S2 traktor machine 1 traktor sfx x2 ^ will be using this until I get my new pioneer system in mtay Software: traktor + emulators to run on both icecast and shoutcast servers music base 13 TB of hard drive space of music or roughly 225 000 songs (note not all full songs a lot of samples but aint no budy got time to sift through that) Bio: Basically im a 22 year old student and my roomate in my dorm is moving out at the end of the week so ill have a lot more open free time to mix in SL im not looking for money to support anything in SL but I would like to be able to make enough in tips to pay for my shoutcast server so a decent establishment would be sweet but if you have loyal customer base where people just love to come for the music I am more than happy to play there to Woops forgot genres: Electronic - Trap, glitch(inc sub genres), trance, house electro house liquid dnb, liquid dub Industriel - IDM, agrotech, synthpop I will not play Country, top 40's, pop, rap (tho i do live mixing with top 40 rap pop stuff I wont go out of my way to get a JB request tho) rock, metal, screamo Open to other genres (minimal tech house etc tho im not comfortable with them yet I like to practice all forms that and it would help with my ibiza apps im sending off later this year) more info feel free to IM myself in world or send me a msg on here and ill get back to you or send me a msg with skype info and ill add you Thanks KZ
  2. I have a cheap 300$ laptop I run ultra on with 100 fps havnt ever had a issue and I hardly ever clean my vents its about making sure you dont over head if your computer is super hot stop running graphic heavy things its as simple as that
  3. Exactly as im saying I know what its worth and I want nothing less than 4000 sqm and 937 prims on low lag.... willing to pay month / quarter years at a time depending price and negotiations please leave offers on this page (not in SL) as others will be viewing it to decide (I will look at the land to make sure theres non of them lagroos and laggy horse pets as well )
  4. is it possible to view Linden purchases in world (not marketplace) more than 30 days?
  5. Hi, names Kryptic Zarco Bit about me, I ama RL DJ for 6 years as well as a producer of Trance. In SL I've been DJing for about a year now Full time at Club industry while my main genre in SL is EBM/ agrotech / noise / industriel I am also known for doing dubstep house trance electronic minimal. 2 genres I do not do are Pop (while I do some club I do remixes or w.e not the normal pop ) and country (I dispise country lol) my library consists of 150 000+ songs Times im available or can become available are as follows: Tuesday 6pm - 10pm wedsday 6pmpm - 10pm thursday 6pm - 10pm Please Leave a reply on here or toss me a notecard in SL as my IM's do get caped nightly also if you do want to see one of my sets to view my current schedual (which I am wanting to change) is Club phuk(Dubstep/house) monday 6pm - 8pm Club industry: (EBM / Dubstep / trance depending on my mood) Club experience Worked at CI for 1 year Worked at phuk for 6 months Worked at korruption 5 months What I offer as a lot of people have put one of the Best EBM sets around I play all harsh sounds I as well play darkwave, I do not have much of a following but at club industry I pulled 20 people average on stream as I do have a couple that follow me but listen offline not in club.I do occasonal Live sets that include trance (my main electronic genre) dubstep and house as well if you are a dance club I'd be more than willing to do that as well. What I dont deal with anymore is Club drama keep that **bleep** to yourself I dont deal with PG stuff either as all my music is very explicit from songs named short dick man, to orgasm to money shot..... if you want PG you need to look else where
  6. this actually sparked intrest to me, curious whats the traffic like per set usually ? also what genres are mostly played ? pop rock , indust ebm? trance house dubstep or are most hte DJ's just a random mix?
  7. most hostesses in clubs dont use mics actually I've never been in a club that had a hostess that needed to use a mic other than that just start looking around most clubs are hiring hostesses because noone wants to do it cuase realistically its about as intresting as watching paint dry lol but I guess some enjoy it lol
  8. I cant find your origanal post but yea so me and my GF were looking at finding a new RP place and well I know I saw you on the forums so I figured we could try that out since we're both into the steam punk thing we thought eh why not try a historical type thing lol :D anyway to the point we're just wondering where to buy both male and female clothes for the style of RP there and dress code as well some other pointers to just getting started. :D I know its diffrent with every sim and well yea :D also is 1920's more RP or is it more like come dressed as that era and chill and have a good time type thing if you know what I mean?(as in is there a character story to it or just be you) also should add is it all in german or is english the language of choice on the sim ? Thanks :D was gonna IM ya jo but figured i'd make a general post to hear everyones stories thats been
  9. Servers up not yet posted on grid status
  10. ah sorry for the late responds here >.> I was in costa rica for 2 and a half weeks ill get every perm open now soon as the servers are up and running again. ill be on for the better part of the day and well rest of the week so if you need help with joining toss me a IM just not thursday between 7pm and 10 pm
  11. was just about to post this, same issue here tried on imprudence, firestorm, phonix, and V2
  12. I'm not much of a poet but I do love poetry kinda... well the art behind it since I well suck at them .... I enjoy really funny style dorky things mostly so post what ya have :D I recently made this one for my Girl cause of a thing I said to her like the 1st couple days we started dating.... Nerd Love Nine x minus sevenI is easy to follow but add more numbers like Less than 3 we start to see that we have a equation finaly Lets add more numbers and letters and make a mather equation of glee.. Nine x minus SevenI less than three times three more x's minus a single lonly 7u.... Here we go with the through as we need to solve for I or we're screwed... We here by start on the side of less than 3 where we multiply in our three's by three and create a nineX to see and turn that 7 to Twenty-one U for free... As we continue this harder problem we must realize we have Nine X minus SevenI is less than 9x with that negative 21U Oh my god we are almost done as since this is the 2nd of 4 to solve this crewd math equation.... Looking over at your neighbors test we notice he has the 3rd part quest Breifly looking we then notice that 9x is gone so must be. So now we're left with a negative 7 with that lonly I which is now less than that negative 21u 3rd step done with a little cheating all thats left is dividing.... Take that negative 7 and flip it around Now we have i less than 3 u so that really means.... I love you 9x - 7i < 3 (3x -7u) = i<3u just this describes how to get there lmfao anyway post what you guys have im curious :D
  13. Alright so a few weeks ago I asked if there was intrest in a group designed to help and share everything about the environmental factors of Secondlife so here it is secondlife:///app/group/91d85e0c-d279-eff5-d5ee-69e09cb91ccd/about I finaly made it since I've been in and out of SL so frequently I didnt have time before to run a group.... What I plan to do.... Monthly contests voted by member for the Group pic ... .just cause its fun .... and a good way to show off what we can do. For the most part Ill be advertising sales on nature related things and stuff I found intresting that week be it really cool sims like Hope... or my favorite stores Alirum and Botonic will probably be advertised a lot there as well... Ill also attempt to get the major Businesses in SL to advertise there if we get enough members... So hopefully we can get a few like minded "gardeners" in Second life in a group together ^.^ Cheers Kryptic Z PS ill also be hosting bi weekly partys on my Land and also get that going to be a "art" share time where we can just post pictures of what we did in the past 2 weeks or what we took pics of :D
  14. also as a FYI if you do plan on changing to winter.... nows the best time to shop lots of high end tree stores have their limited time pricings up now
  15. If I was to make a group, to help others do "gardening" etc and share our works .... would any of you be willing ot join it? was thinking about this as I prepare to unload onto my land its winter season
  16. I got a IM about this the other day for my old business saying somone was stealing my wepon creations.... I was like uhm I used to do that 2 years ago I dont care if somone is stealing them..... but I noticed the link after (if your like me and use chrome or firefox itll auto tell you that the page isnt safe when you copy the link in) so I didnt click it..... this is why I dont touch the SL browser cause it has no filters like that
  17. DJ Kryptic LIVE @ Club Luminocity! 7-9pm SLT 500L Prize! WHO:DJ Kryptic WHEN:7-9 pm slt HOST: *Heather*Trance/Electronica COME AS YOU ARE !500L Up for grabs! WHERE: CLUB Luminocity COME AS YOU ARE! Just bring yourself, relax and enjoy the tunes for your chance to win that 500L prize! You can't win if you aren't there! So come on!!! Figured I would post this here since I know a couple people on the forums and well I know the creation people like me lolz.... anyway if you wanna come and meet me in SL come out and maybe win something in this brand new beautiful club http://slurl.com/secondlife/Notha/85/207/22 < linkage for you guys
  18. Chilling with some RL friends as I DJ figured eh why not stream it on my shoutcast.... http://silver.neostreams.info:​8065/ Tap listen and itll auto play on winamp or windows media Its trance enjoy if you come along :)
  19. Theres money in male escorts? I thought men just made female alts and turned them into a escort to make cash.... other than that just Clubs are the best way from what my friends have told me that are escorts
  20. thanks for all the feedback guys I plan to build more today since I bought another 45 trees from alurium (imo better than botanic for trees) if anyone really wants to see it I'd be more than willing to tp you to my land Just toss me an IM @ the others that have posted Wow those are beautiful I absolutly love what you guys do, and its awesome to see Everyones style that they enjoy ^.^
  21. Club industry, Sanctuary, Korruption, Q- dance are a few of my favorites... then again Club industry and korruption im kinda biased against cause I dj for them lol
  22. So heres my updated stuff Tell me what you think since I said I would post it, butterflys ... lighting... and that backdrop on the one side is removed and filled in with another 20 trees instead to give it a more realistic look Since you guys Liked the waterfall figured I'd show you the update with the rainbow lighting and butterflys Last pic My 1st set had this bottom one with teh backdrop tell me with or without ?
  23. my stuff is nothing compared to what my girl can make I love nature in both worlds and its nice to see what other people build in their sims or homes... I think alone the construction of my forest has cost me over 15000 L but its so worth it my girl has her favortie spots in that tree I was hanging off of and I usually lie on my waterfall : nothing more peaceful than just chilling in your own created garden of your imagination
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