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  1. Well, I just found what was being my problem. I was always quite like using Phoenix and then going to SL viewer when i wanted to upload a mesh, so, phoenix wasn't closing properly (not sure if windows 7 bug or even phoenix bug) there was still the Presentation font cache opened, so i ended this process and opened SL viewer, it simple worked! Now i have it on ultra everything at the higher possible and it is still running smoothly YAY !! Thanks you guys for the help! :-)
  2. Well.. I really can't mind what is happening to this viewer.. Usually i use phoenix, but as i need to upload meshes and phoenix does not that right, i had to go to the SL viewer, updated it to the 3 one and ok. When i log, the viewer simply stop responding, sometimes it comes back, sometimes it simply closes. When i am lucky i can stay around 10 minutes logged on this thing and it will just stop responding and go down again. I have a good computer, good graphic card, good processor and stuff, so i really can't mind why it is happening. Already cleanned cache, detached all scripts on the avatar, uninstalled it and reinstalled but nothing really solves the problem, and I need to upload a lot of things i did that phoenix can't do right. So i'm asking if that already happenned to you guys, if some of you know something that I could do to get it solved. Thanks in advance.
  3. Well. When something like this happens, it means the region you were did not log you out when you logget out or crashed. To fix this, you can run an alt or a friend and ask the land owner to restart the sim, so you'll be automatically logged out. You may also try logging into another region. Open the viewer and type a name of some region (you can try Tiratardi, that is a land i know that is online now), so you may get logged out and after some seconds/minutes your acc will be available to log in again. Good luck with getting back online!
  4. Try uninstalling the viewer and redoing the install process.. Open it and it should appear the brackets for you to put name and password. When you log into SL for the first time, there will be a window which will open, with SL TOS (Terms of Service) for you to read and accept (or not), this window takes a few seconds, sometimes minutes to load, and it is half black/grey, so be attemp, maybe it is the tos window what is loading. Check the Accept box and then agree, so you'll be logged normally into SL. Hope you get it done and Welcome to SL! :-)
  5. Yesterday I was having a big delay to load things I was uploading. Today it seems to be fine til now. There were some mistmatches on my avatar also, so I did that default procedure of clearing cache and relogging, and it went ok. I guess you should try doing this also, the problems you described seems really weird.
  6. Well.. Congrats!! I really expect it will works good on sl grid as it worked while i tried it on the Aditi. The delivery was really fast and the debit also. I just had no chance to try the listing items yet, but it does not seem to be a lot different from what it was by using magic boxes. TY!
  7. I guess it is not possible.. You can only access you transaction history from the last 30 days. Maybe you should fill a ticket with LL, asking if there is a possibility of them sending it to you, but I really don't think they will do, once they are not obligated of recording it for long periods. My advise to you is: Download your transaction history every month and save it on your computer, so when you need it it will be always on hands! :-) And.. about your purchase, ask the creator to have a look at him/her transactions history, as well as marketplace's purchases records, I'm sure this person saves it at somewhere on computer, or maybe has it linked to some vendor's network and can find it there. I hope you get it solved. Best wishes.
  8. God, i'm crazy here. Any purchase people made from me today got delivered!! I already went to each magic box i own and reseted it, it goes online, so i made a test-purchase and bah. NOTHING delivered also. I'm getting in touch with the customers and will manually delivery the items, even not having received the payment yet. I hope it is just a bug from marketplace and it will get back working soon. Is anyone else with this problem also? Ty for your answers and help..
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