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  1. I keep changing the member role to officer - apply and save but when i go to group profile it has not changed. What am i doing wrong thanks
  2. How do I give building permissions. I see the box but it won't let me put a check mark in it. SL viewer
  3. Is there a way to have emote display the display namr only rather tha n the user name thank u
  4. I have unticked 'receive group notices' but still get IM's and group chat. can anyone help. I am on Phoenix viewer
  5. i'm back in SL too after 2 years away. Couldn't find u online search so posting here. EST timezone. On after 3:00pm. Luv to say hi. Becky
  6. Love to chat. i'm back too for second try at SL
  7. I don't seem to have this problem with sl viewer but it is so unstable. In Phoenix however i get it all the time. I have gone into groups and untickrd all the boxes but it is still there. thanks
  8. IN SL viewer I am fine but when using Phoenix after i have asked to remove they are still there
  9. Hi I'm from Canada (toronto) and if you are looking for a girlfriend to chat with that would be great Becky
  10. Sure I would be happy to be your sister. When are u on SLT time??
  11. Aftervediting appearance my feet are in the ground ab my shoes are not in my inventory. help please
  12. I have an ALT that I want to share my land with. She needs to have editing and building rights. Can anyone help please.
  13. Hi, I've found what you are looking for is hard to find. I was in a lovely estate region and beautiful houses nobody wanted to be friends. I have lived in a very friendly community on the mainland which was alot of fun but it can get very messy with people putting up crappy buildings. I've just bought two nice lots in Christat on the ocean. The lot beside me is for sale. I'm looking for a nice neighbour!! It's priced way to high for the market he's probably hoping I'll buy!! If you are looking for friends feel free to IM as I am too.
  14. Lov e to join when you fphave it up and running
  15. Having trouble with rez- faux.Ing a new home. it says choose REZ from the menu - I don't see that as an option on any menu. thanks
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