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  1. I will give away my linden home, why, to prove a point, why do you want a linden home...? you can get 1024 for nothing.... 350 prims... anyhwhere...disgusting that are assigning this much value to Linden homes...
  2. Why you think I am a troll, I just put a hard earned house up for bid...?
  3. No sorry, I am willing to give a house in Belli to someone who wants it... thats just who I am....
  4. I am willing to try to give someone a chance at getting a try at the land...
  5. hey Beth and Slvia, I am looking forward to getting o know you:)
  6. wow I have a Bellessarian home... anyone want to trade a houseboat...?
  7. wow miracles do happen:) I finally got a home... not what I wanted, but I got one, and I am hanging onto it until I get my houseboat (anyone want to trade?) Hey Sylvia and Beth , hi ya neighbors...:) so feel so welcome now that I got this by random...
  8. Not for nothing but all I have seen is the same old homes on the "get your Lindens homes" page - only once did I ever see Bellarsario and it disappeared as soon as I clicked on it. At this rate , getting one of the "premium membership" homes is next to impossible - so much for the bump up in membership and the so called "perks". Also I thought I read Patch said every other day for releasing new homes - hmmm. more like every other month - for 2 minutes before sold out... yes whining here but for those that already have homes, it seems only a select few of "premium members" seem to get the "perks"... sucks to be us, right? standard SL user response... Maybe LL should just issue homes to "premium members" starting with the older members since we have been paying our dues (and their salaries) all along...
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