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  1. I will give away my linden home, why, to prove a point, why do you want a linden home...? you can get 1024 for nothing.... 350 prims... anyhwhere...disgusting that are assigning this much value to Linden homes...
  2. Why you think I am a troll, I just put a hard earned house up for bid...?
  3. No sorry, I am willing to give a house in Belli to someone who wants it... thats just who I am....
  4. I am willing to try to give someone a chance at getting a try at the land...
  5. hey Beth and Slvia, I am looking forward to getting o know you:)
  6. wow I have a Bellessarian home... anyone want to trade a houseboat...?
  7. wow miracles do happen:) I finally got a home... not what I wanted, but I got one, and I am hanging onto it until I get my houseboat (anyone want to trade?) Hey Sylvia and Beth , hi ya neighbors...:) so feel so welcome now that I got this by random...
  8. Not for nothing but all I have seen is the same old homes on the "get your Lindens homes" page - only once did I ever see Bellarsario and it disappeared as soon as I clicked on it. At this rate , getting one of the "premium membership" homes is next to impossible - so much for the bump up in membership and the so called "perks". Also I thought I read Patch said every other day for releasing new homes - hmmm. more like every other month - for 2 minutes before sold out... yes whining here but for those that already have homes, it seems only a select few of "premium members" seem to get the "per
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