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  1. u said when u open your hud for the 1 st guy u have sex is the father, no thats not entirerly right, you may be in cycle 1 but cycle 10 - 19 is when it would actually work. i know because i use it. tried the first day and nothing, tried at 11 cycle and poof im prego with 4 babies and the father was my 3rd partner test showed it. and it works jsut fine. could be your settings as well
  2. they are doing an unplanned maitanace today. everything should be fine by tomarow
  3. I want to build a club, what area is best and how much sim do i need. plus i want to pay MONTHLY for the sim around us$25.00. i know clubs if going good can get crouded, so 20 ppl at the most so in short 1.$25.00 mnth tier 2.at least 20 guests
  4. If anyone is an animation cartoon freak like me, then this goes out to all u avi creaturs. we have seen ff avi's so what about doing a few others. AH! MY GODDESS (Belldandy) avi. im sure some one has seen the tv series and movie, hell why stop there y not make urn and hild and skuld too.:matte-motes-inlove:
  5. i have read the message sent and went to the link with the info. i still dont under stand it. am i able to do more things now,
  6. First u need to make friends, then go from there. then when the time comes and u ffind that person (girl) and u want to go further. then the girls needs to get the pregnate body that grows. have her buy the baby also. then when time is up there will be a message sent to her say'n it's time. then u go to the second life role play clinic and have the baby. If u really want to get things more interesting then buy the male **bleep** that has a pregnat script in it.
  7. i want to go premium for 10.00 a month what is the land size and how many ppl can be on it at a time
  8. First u have too enable voice chat in ur pref menu. then u need a microphone to talk. most places there is voice chat. some there r not. u will see a symble near the chat box lit up green indicating voice chat
  9. i have been on Sl for almost 2 years now. i want to go premium. i know u get a home but do u get land and how much L$ do u get every tuesday?
  10. Is it possible to transfer L$ to my pay pal account?????
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