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  1. Great to hear, Nya! I'm glad to know that this issue led to a positive change, and hopefully may help others that had a similar issue. Thanks!
  2. I've just checked, and checked with a couple friends a swell, and now my profile is showing with a blue G (general)! It seems you were right, Cerise. Thank you SO much for your help! What a strange thing though, flagging a profile just for an simple emoticon? I really wish LL had a listing of what "words" it used in it's adult flagging algorithm. Anyway, thanks again! Thanks also, to everyone else who offered their time, help and advice!
  3. Sadly, I do not have a premium account, so I don't seem to have an option to submit the relavant ticket. I will ask a good friend who has one if they can possibly submit one for me, however. Thanks again!
  4. I checked with a couple other accounts, using a V2 viewer, and sadly I'm still flagged as adult (with the red A), according to V2 search. A friend with the latest official viewer 2 also checked and got the same results as I did. I'm not sure why I showed up in your own V2 seach with the G (general) tag. I'm glad some can still view my profile, at least. Hopefully someone knows what's causing this problem, and maybe how to fix it. Thanks again for all your help!
  5. Thanks for your suggestion! I've removed the emoticon, just to be safe. Thanks again!
  6. That's very interesting! I'll try logging in with an alt in a moment, and see if it shows up properly for me as well. If this is the case, it may just be search itself that's buggy. Thanks a lot for your reply! I'll let you know how it turns out.
  7. Yes, bee, I've posted to both Answers and the forums, in hopes of finding a solution to this problem. As I've gotten different responses from each method, I believe it was important to do so. if you have any useful information, I'd be very happy to hear it. Thanks again.
  8. Yes, I am age verified, though most other people I search for, whom I know are age verified, show up with the G or M tag. I've searched for your name, and you show up with a G (general). I'm happy to hear that my name is showing up for some people, although I still want to remove that A (adult) flag that seems to be affecting some from being able to see my profile.
  9. Thanks for the reply! Searching for friends who also have payment info shows them up as either G (general) or M (moderate), so sadly it's not about payment info. I've also checked if it was relating to what content I could access, and found out that's not the reason either, as a friend who has access to all content (and has for a long time) is still rated G. I've only recently changed to a version 2 viewer, so this is the first I've seen of any of this. Trying to search for only general and moderate will, sadly, not allow my name to show up in the new search, however.
  10. For some reason, my profile is listed as "adult" (a red A next to my name) in viewer 2's new search. This means that I cannot be searched for unless someone is set to view adult content. There is no adult content in my profile. I'm not even interested in adult content. Does anyone have any idea what would cause this, and does anyone know how I could fix this? Thanks. --- RESOLVED: I'm editing this post to show the solution that worked for me, in hopes to possibly resolve it for others. Basically, it seems the adult flagging algorithm caught a simple emoticon (x.x) and somehow assumed
  11. Hi, all! Today someone informed me that my profile wasn't showing up in search. Checking things out, it turns out that my profile is flagged as adult. This is very strange, as I have nothing adult listed in my profile, nor am I even interested in adult activities. Sadly, this is seriously affecting my business, as customers are not able to contact me via search. I have searched about, but I've not been able to find any means of fixing this, so I figured I would ask here. Does anyone have any idea what would cause an account to show up as adult, and possibly how to fix this?
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