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  1. phoenix then i removed it then i downloaded impurdance but then it said something abt my grapgic setting then, it does it on sl viewer 2 and those two. and now im redownloading phoenix
  2. okay i did the replace outfit i worked kindof for me but some stuff in my inventory say failed to find "the name of the subject" in the database, and the character test dose nothing not a single thing, ive cleared coache and all that stuff nothing seems to work. i mean i can see what i have only but to other people playing sl see me naked all that they can see is prims on me, like hair, eyes, skin, and skirts. they cant see shirts or pants cant see textures on me basicaly. i do not understand how i can see myself and to other people cant see the same thing and how my stuff in my inventory are failing to find in the database. any help would be great.
  3. does the word have to have a capital letter at the begin? like Paige instead of paige?
  4. Okay anither question lol, sorry. i have been trying to get my age verfied but it will not work, i tried redoing evrything and used my dl and ssn to it but it still didnt work. and i have been trying it ever since i was 19 im now 21 and i still cant get it to work. what should i do, call sl maybe? and i tried setting up a paypal account but i cant get it verified too.
  5. Thank u guys, now the only thing not being able to change is the shape but thank you, guys hlped a lot.
  6. lied its just taking forever for the skin to load thats all i tired the replace on havent tried the shape hair or anything else
  7. um i just tried doing replace on the skin i was wearing and it still says that same thing..
  8. Hey someone please pretty please help. My av for a few days now that i have loged my skin, clothes, hase base, shapes, everything does not work in my inventory everytime i tried putting something on it says " Can't change appearance until clothing and shape are loaded." i have tried rebaking and the character test they both do nothing the first time that did happen to me i did do the character test and it worked but now that its messing up again i tried it again and it did nothing. if anyone could please help me that would be great.
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