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  1. something bugging me. how is tilia new when certain features have been "powered" by it for awhile now? isn't it original based in the EU and is currently serving EU folks? did u buy EU Tilla from somebody else and make it comply with US law now, or have u alway owned that subsidiary??
  2. ad says the mod comes with a shape, have you tried their shape with and without fitted kemono mod? eye issue usually from incompatible shape head sliders (eye sliders, head size sliders)
  3. Wait a sec Are you comparing this to real life sexual assault? You're disgusting. No one was sexually assaulted. you do disservice to us real victims/survivors.
  4. ALL MESH HEADS ARE VERY SCARY. I avoid uncanny valley by staying away from them!
  5. No. No. Write in your own profile you don't do relationships, only fun flings.
  6. no, but if you throw another man in there it will be ok with me !
  7. What is a babygirl? If she's not a traditional submissive that can be trained (taught) why is the daddy role called a daddy DOM?
  8. Those very much looks like skins from Buried. The store is gone but the skins and other items from the store can be purchased in a "junk pack" found at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/B-Junk-Pack-Hair-Skin-Gestures-ETC/38701
  9. Velk Kerang wrote: Your behind eats don't ya? Gosh! I hope my behind doesn't eat! That's gross! You're supposed to eat with your mouth!
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