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  1. I recently (3 hours ago) got a reply from a Linden who asked a bunch of security questions to verify my identity. I replied and am awaiting reinstatement to Premium so I can get on with my SL. Thanks to the community of people who care enough to help.
  2. I was using Firefox, so tried on Safari, as you suggested. I got the same error message. I assure you, there's nothing wrong with my internet connection. I've been in Sl for many years, and never had any connection issues. I feel quite strongly that this is happening because of my downgrade request. The only time I get blocked is when I request Search Support or Chat Support. Anyway, for various reasons, it's impractical for me to change locations.
  3. Oddly, not only can't I buy land (even though I'm technically a Premium account), but I can't access any type of Help normally reserved for Premium members - even online Help. Going to the support page from my Dashboard, I described my problem in the Search widow, only to get an Error message (see below). Good thing I submitted a ticket yesterday, but so far not a peep. ERROR The request could not be satisfied. CloudFront attempted to establish a connection with the origin, but either the attempt failed or the origin closed the connection.
  4. Thanks to all for your replies. I have submitted a ticket and will explore disabling any pop-up blocker I may have on Firefox. I guess there's still plenty of time if the powers that be adjudicate and act within a day or so (for my land deal). I would think one could back out a little more easily, but also understand that nothing is simple anymore.
  5. I thought I wanted to downgrade to Basic, but now have changed my mind. There doesn't seem to be any mechanism for reversing this process other than through Support, but Chat is apparently unavailable and my anniversary is on 2/25. Meanwhile, I found a piece of land that I want to buy, buy am restricted because of this ongoing downgrade. Is there some actual way to access Chat or Support to reverse this process? It seems like it should be easy. Should I just submit a ticket and wait? I'm afraid I'll miss being able to buy my land. What's with the Chat client?
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