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  1. yeah he should beacuse the incedent happend just as he loged in to come see me. i was waiting at home. and he got sent to a nearby region beacuse the sim went and restarted. so they was only there all of 2mins. then he was imed. and now banned. well heres hoping he will be back soon.
  2. as for my partner being banned. no he didint have it modded. ive been with him for two years. and he went exploring in some sim. and come guy imed him saying hes gonna ar him beacuse he believed that the viewer was illegal . my partners totally harmless. was a big shocker.so this guys just broke up a relationship of two years. Julie.Fuchs wrote: That's odd.... Are you sure it's an Unmodified Emerald or could he been doing something bad and blamed it on Emerald to cover his tracks?
  3. My Partner recently got ARed for using emerald. and LL they banned him off second life. when the guy was accusing him of using illegal viewer. this is really bad. it was total heart ache since we live abit apart. so between visits we us second life to see each other. now im wishing we never tryed emerald. or hope he can be unbanned sometime soon. this is totally Awful.
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