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  1. I changed my kitchen, so feel free to use it ❤️
  2. Wow! Is that your Windlass?! Just gorgeous, I need to come visit in person!
  3. Also while I'm here, redid my kitchen! Will prob redo again with the new interior shell.
  4. https://gyazo.com/cd195ddb6187f451c9e9319db4685263 I had a feline visit, totally stoked lol
  5. Thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I can't take credit though, it was a group effort with @Sasy Scarborough and @Whimsy Winx xxx
  6. This! Someone take pity on us! My building skills suck, just this morning I managed to link the entire contents of kitchen...Sasy had to rescue me and my walls XD
  7. I saw that fix post, tried it but mine still does the chat thing.
  8. Do you have the jira link handy? I'll def sign it!
  9. Go for it! It was actually Sasy's idea so she'll be stoked
  10. I'm nearly done with the Windlass, me and the girls have had so much fun zhuzhing!
  11. I didn't even realize it was navy, looks black in my windlight! I've tried to work around it as much as possible, I would prefer options though
  12. never even saw the option for new, and I've been refreshing for an hour lol
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