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  1. Yep, it's barmy - but count me in But if lower tier can't happen, I would like to see at the very least an island option that is in between the homestead size and the full region size. Those with growing businesses would like to have an option to have a private island (whether to "rent" or "buy") that has more prims than a homestead but less expensive than a full region. There's such a big difference between the two, like...something's missing.
  2. I was a member of a merchant group (perhaps the one you are referring to) that seemed to appreciate my work and membership for a time. As my business grew I found other great groups to belong to and opened new satellite stores with no intention of leaving or jeopardizing the first. One day, without communication of any kind from it's owners, my ability to send notices to the group members was revoked and when asked, the owners would not respond to any of my questions (and never have to this day). I did quietly move on and have no regrets, but i feel for the current members who may not know thi
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