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  1. Thanks, Miranda. That answers my question. Although LSL is quite similar to other C-like languages, it has a few idiosyncrasies which make me hesitant to rely on expectant behavior of those other languages.
  2. I can't seem to find this in the LSL Wiki. What is the result of attempting to typecast a non-numeric string to an integer? My preliminary tests have show that no exception is thrown and the result of the cast is 0 (zero). Is this the expected behavior (i.e. can it be counted on)?
  3. My guess is that either there are too many light sources and/or you're not close enough to see it. The viewer will only render 6 lights, if there are more than that it will only render the 6 closest lights.
  4. That's also been my experience, but I figured I check anyway. I think Rolig is probably correct, garbage collection seems to occur on a per-object basis as opposed to a typical runtime environment. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. If a prim is rezzed as TEMP_ON_REZ, does it have a minimum guaranteed lifetime? According to the wiki: "It lives until the next garbage collection cycle (about 1 minute)". I read this as meaning that the garbage collector runs approximately every minute, but what if it happens to run just after a TEMP_ON_REZ prim is rezzed?
  6. I ran Firestorm on Windows 8 Release Preview and didn't have any problems.
  7. Beautiful 8128m² mainland parcel for sale in Catocala. 1860 prims. Prime location bordered by Linden canals. L$7999 or reasonable offer. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Catocala/104/125/21
  8. If you're going to set out each item for display then you don't actually need a script, you can set any object for sale. Right click and select "Edit". In the General Tab, there is a "For Sale" checkbox - check this, then select Copy, Contents or Original, set the price and click "Apply". "Copy" will sell a copy of the item, leaving the original. "Contents" will sell the contents of the object (ie, whatever is in the Inventory of the item). "Original" will sell the item itself. Once it's sold there are no more copies to buy.
  9. I've been working on a vehicle tour script (i.e.. a script which follows a preset list of waypoints), using KFM. Surprisingly, it works fairly well, including sim crossings. Currently, I'm hard-coding the waypoints, but plan on adding the ability to read the waypoints from a notecard. To make things easier for the end-user, I also created a HUD, which allows the user to travel the route and record the waypoints. Once done with the route, the HUD spits out the waypoints to local chat, which can then be copied to the notecard. This all works fine...mostly. The problem is that the text is limi
  10. Is there a possibility that some TPV has the ability? Or even a hacked copy of a TPV? No. All objects and their properties (including permissions) are stored on the LL servers. A viewer can request that something about the object be changed, like the description, but if the object is set to no modify, the server will simply ignore the request. If someone can, in fact, change the description of your object, then you might want to double check the permission settings. Permission settings can be rather confusing and it's pretty easy to miss something.
  11. I'm not sure what your question is, but one thing I noticed. You're attempting to use an undeclared variable forward_power. Perhaps you meant to use ForwardPower, which is declared, although it is never assigned a value.
  12. OK, thanks Darkie. That clears that up. Part of the problem is that, other than LSL, I usually program in C#, so I tend to cross-pollinate syntactical rules between the two.
  13. When declaring a variable in LSL, can you not use an expression in the declaration? I though you could, but I've been away from SL for awhile and perhaps I'm misremembering. The specific statement in question is: float angle=PI/3.0; which results in a sytax error. It's not a big deal if you can't, I was just curious.
  14. It should be: string name = llToLower(llGetLinkName(i)); 
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