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  1. I thought you had to have shadow maps so that you can create detailed textures for the building or do you just texture it in 3dsmax and then render to texture
  2. Hi im hoping for some help with me problem. Ive spent days trying to find a good tutorial for either 3ds max or blender prefer 3ds max on how people render to texture the shadows and lighting effects like daylight through windows etc for there building creations. please can anyone help here is an example of the lighting on the textures i am talking about https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Candy-cloud-brick-modern-style1-14-LI-DEMO/6357141
  3. for example hard edges meaning corners on buildings etc?
  4. yes it is a building im importing and im going to try splitting it down some more see if it helps i just thought it was very strange as soon as i applyed a uv map to my building in 3ds max and imported it the download weight increased alot but before the uvmap was added the land impact was very low confusing
  5. how would i go about checking that and changing it? I use 3ds max
  6. yeah its 100% download weight as physic weight is only 0.720. I've not long started meshing so i need to work on my uv mapping abit. but can not find many useful uvmapping tutorials for better uv maps for SL only general uvmapping tutorials
  7. Hi i've tried searching for an answer to this but not much help as most people are using blender and i use 3ds max. my problem is when i upload my building model without adding a uvmap it uploads at land impact of 16 but when i ad a uvmap and import it it goes upto 46 land impact. I've being trying to look around on how best to uvmap my model to lower that impact?
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