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  1. Can I give away my new builds to another Avie, then later sell my creation? Thank you for your kind assistence. Nep
  2. Can multiple prim objects, say a box and a cone, joined (group) into a single prim object?
  3. Being new to building, I am curious to learn if there is a way to combine prim objects (several) into a single prim. For instance I am building a roof and it has four seperate shapes, joined to group as a single object. This is 4 prims can it become 1 or 2 prims, if so please help. Thanks to all who have the answer. Nep
  4. While hospitalized recently I was unable to pay my land rent to: f2c9bb32-c9c6-f9f0-748b-1084a91b259e Payment Gigli Neit - 16 - 4096sqm 2836 2011-07-22 15:51:03 gigli007 Akina 4491 Gigli Isles Central I was subsequently evicted, and a note card was sent my inventory had been returned, after returning home I discovered that my inventory indeed had not actually returned, I did follow the steps outlined in the help section with no positive results. Please help me recover what can only be described as an extensive loss of inventory. No doubt there is a glitch or perhaps I need to do something further to resolve this issue. Your kind assistance and guidance will be greatly appreciated. My apologies if I have made some mistake causing this issue. Please have a good day, Nepharious Wiskee
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