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  1. Heartbeat Publications is looking for an experienced PR/Blogger. Role: - Draft and publish news and announcement into the in-world group and HB website. - Update the site with new releases for the Locker Room. - Coordinate with Event Manager. The role is simple and straight-forward, however requires excellent writing skills and good time keeping. This position is not time consuming. Please contact me directly in-world or by email (angel@heartbeatmag.co.cc) to apply. Regards, Angel Tzara Heartbeat Publications CEO.
  2. The Heartbeat Publishing Group is currently looking for a Graphic Designer with Full InDesign knowledge and proved track record of design and work in SL and out. We publish 2 Magazines in-world and on the web: Heartbeat and HBM. Requirements: - At least 2 months old in SL -Timely - Excellent Communicator. Only serious applicants will be considered, as this will be a pivotal role within our organization. Please contact me directly by IM or email (angel@heartbeatmag.co.cc). Angel Tzara http://heartbeatmag.co.cc/
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