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  1. You could also try looking up "motion paths" and "Curve extrusion"
  2. I'm not sure how useful this is but if it is the same armature you may just be able to export the clothing item as a Collada, import into the file that has the different body and mesh fitted to that body, then use the transfer weights option in the weight paint tool and touch it up afterwards. May not be a perfect fix but at least you won't have to redo the rigging from scratch.
  3. I would definitely study the shoulder topology as Arton suggested. I'm not sure if you are already aware of this or not but I know the frustration of constantly going back and forth from the same project for over a year so I thought I would throw this out there in case. Most tutorials in blender only really cover the weight paint tool, but if you go to the Modifiers tab in properties and then allow the armature modifier to be active in edit mode, you can assign weights the old school way by typing in numbers manually or using a slider. Sometimes it works better that way when there are a
  4. Sorry for the delayed response, I've had a crazy week this week. When I logged on today, the script I posted worked and resized both the boots. I'm guessing that perhaps the prims just needed to reset. However, I'm still grateful that I posted and for all your responses as I can now make sure I'm using the best practice and make them as user-friendly as possible. Thank you so much Innula for taking the time to help me out I've tested out the script and it works beautifully. Understand completely, the forum has been a huge help. Thank you very much for th
  5. thanks for the tip, here are two photos, one showing the dodgy LOD and one of the same mesh with same LODs but scaled up slightly
  6. Thank you for the information I think that those options will come in handy for a script I'm working on at the moment using dialog menus with listen channels so that they are not constantly running. I appreciate the input
  7. Thank you for your responses. I think I understand what you are saying Innula about to create a separate listen. I'll have a look on the LSL portal and see if I can work something out otherwise do you mind if I send you a PM to clarify further if I run into trouble? Berksey, I'm a complete noob when it comes to scripting actually I hadn't thought of adding a script clean-up option but have included a listen remove. From what I understand from the wiki adding the llDie() will delete the script but not the attachment itself whilst it is attached? Tbh I was hoping to se
  8. I'm new to scripting so I'm not really sure what the best way to do this is. I'm trying to make a resize script for a pair of boots, but can only find examples of scripts that resize link sets. I have a llDialog and llListen function set up so that I can resize the boots and also return them to the default size. I copied the same script into the other boot so they are both listening to the same channel. When I click on one of the boots it resizes as expected but the other boot remains the same size. Is there a function so that they both react to the same function when an option is selected fro
  9. Thanks for the responses :), I changed the channel integers so they are smaller and it worked. I'm very new to scripting so I'll have to look over the lsl portal and try and make sense of what Rachel has written but will definitely give it a go.
  10. Hello I am new to LSL so I'm not sure where I am going wrong. I'm trying to create a colour change hud for an outfit I've recently created. I have written two scripts, one that is in the object I want to change and another which is the button to change the texture. In the hud you can change the colour of 3 separate components of the outfit, top, skirt and boots. Here is an example of the script inside the object: integer ch=46879421563; default { state_entry() { llListen(ch,"",NULL_KEY,""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string msg) {
  11. I have created an entire rigged outfit using blender. I have created different LODs for this outfit which are mostly working fine except for the top. When I zoom out it is severely distorted. I'm confused as to what is wrong as I have made the top in several sizes and only 2 of the sizes seem to be distorting, the rest look fine. Here is a screenshot.
  12. FIXED: I feel a bit silly now but I believe it's because I had made some changes to the topology and forgot to update the uvs Hi, I have tried looking on the forum and I just cannot work out why I am getting this error. I created a skirt in blender, which I have uploaded to second life multiple times for testing and all times it worked fine. Today I have been getting the DAE Parsing Error while uploading. I have the same mesh in a few sizes, the xxs small version was giving me the same error but I somehow managed to fix it (no idea what I did). Now when I try to upload the sa
  13. Hello, I am looking for a download for the avatar skeleton including the collision bones. I have tried the link on the wiki site in multiple browsers but the link appears to be broken. Does anyone know where I can download the mesh with all the bones as a file that can be imported to blender? thanks
  14. Hey, I was looking at Annalecea's wordpress and I found a photo of a hair that I've really liked. I've been looking for one similar to it for a long time. The problem I have is I think the link on her blog is outdated. Does anyone know where I can get this hair, or one similar to it? Here's the link: https://annalesca.wordpress.com/2014/06/16/down-and-lonely-your-eyes-are-broken/#more-4535
  15. I would reccomend opening the textures in phtoshop or gimp and using your ambient occlusion bakes as a reference add some hand painted shadows, highlights and wrinkles then play around with blending options and opacity. Try adding some shading around the sides of the mesh and under the breasts.
  16. Hi everyone, I need some help with weight painting in blender on a simple mini-skirt mesh. I've done my best to get it looking as good as possible however, its still not as "clean" as I would like it to be. If anyone is interested in helping me I would be happy to send them a copy of the .blend file so that they can have a look at it themselves and tell me where I went wrong. Thanks :)
  17. First off I'm not posting this in the right section of the forums, but I need help with blender and this is where I would usually turn. I've been following a tutorial to make a pair of seamless shorts. It involves using two different UV maps and then baking the texture that is created using one map onto the standard SL UV maps that clothing creators use. You can find the tutorial here!! I was able to use this tutorial on a pair of pants I created in the past and it worked fine, but now no mater what I do, when I bake the texture it is always rotated 90 degrees. Here are some pictures to give
  18. Figured out that in the 3D view window if you go under brush you can select to use the blur brush that way
  19. This is how my skirt looks at the moment after editing a bit, still not perfect but slowly getting there. When you click on the brushes to change between add, subtract and blur my brushes just say "f brush. Any way to fix this?
  20. I've actually realized all my brushes, e.g blur, add, subtract, . have been replaced by other brushes which do nothing. How can I fix this? and thank you to everyone I really appreciate the help
  21. I can't actually use the blend tool for some reason. It says "Vertex Select needs to be enabled in weight paint mode," any idea what this means?
  22. Thank you for the response. The leg moving really heavily was one issue that I was having so I'll try turning the weight down. I'll also have to try normalizing the weights. I'm struggling with just the over all weighting, nothing is turning out the way I want so it's hard to focus on the spefcifics. I suppose you can see in the last image how the mesh is cutting into the avatar and how the mesh over all looks messy when the avatar is posing. I'll have to utilize some of the advice you gave me and see if it works
  23. Ok so this is the second time I've asked for help with this. I have been attempting to finnish this mesh for over a month now and I just can't seem to rig it. Of course while I have spent all this time rigging it there has been a few uploads on the Marketplace of skirts that are very similar (just my luck huh?). Any way I thought I would include some more images of my weights I'm using and what the skirt looks like animated. I'm using blender 2.63. I have watched many tutorials including the rigged mesh series by ashasekayi. I just need some one to point out what I'm doing wrong.
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