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  1. The last couple of days when I turn my avi to the left or right, he goes into a continuous spin and when I try to go to the menu while this is going on, the menu jumps around too. I have to log off in order to get it to stop. I am using a desktop. It happens on both the current sl viewer and Firestorm. I have done clean installs on both viewers but no help. It occurs whether I am at home or other places and doesn't take but a few minutes of online time for it to happen. Has anyone gone through this before and figured out what to do?
  2. I want to know why people are now posting DJ events in live music. This should be for live singers/performers only. I guess that DJs are live events but we need to keep the live music category for the singers and performers. Hate digging through the events and seeing all the djs advertised there.
  3. I for one do not like the viewer2 or the beta. I liked the original layout which was simple and intuitative, now we have to learn everything again. Can't do about land without actually hitting the ground. Can't do an event search that works properly. I liked having my cam controls nailed to the screen, now we open it and move and hafta open it again.... These are just a few things I found I didn't like before I dropped the browser and beta. I don't want to have to read help every time I need to do something, I did all that stuff when I first signed up for sl. Speaking of help, I am hoping this new format is a lot better than before.
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