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  1. Do you have a burning desire to be dominated or owned? Have you been to every auction house and meeting spot to find the right one with to no avail? Well we run a little different than most. Come stay at Veni Vidi Luci and make us your home where every Wednesday we have a Slave/Sub Run. You will be sold to the highest bidder for you chance meeting. The time limit spent is your choice and you have the opportunity to meet your forever Dom/Master/Mistress. Taxi http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yorkdale/155/190/40
  2. Job Fair on the 24th of January 2016. Positions open are Djs, Hosts, Dancers and Escorts. Stop by from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Sl Time and grab an application. We can't wait to see you there! Veni Vidi Lusi A Second Life BDSM Club & Community for deviant minds and lustful hearts. A safe, sane and consensual (SSC) environment whether you are experienced, exploring a BDSM lifestyle or kink. Full sim with beautiful grounds, cuddle spots, boating, slave/sub runs, gentlemens club, Ladies club,discussions, very large sky boxes for your every desire, theme nights, music and much more all with a frien
  3. Maybe they are lonely because they are smart arses..lol
  4. That would have been "All The Lonly People" :matte-motes-tongue:
  5. Well that makes sence but still kind of sad. My advice would be get out and speak up then. You never know who out there is feeling the same I guess. Snickers and yes it was pretty darn generous of me to offer my friends up..lol, now that you bring it up. Best to all
  6. I was looking for somthing else and came across this and it is kind of sad really so many people in sl there should be no reason for anyone to be lonely. I have a great family and a wonderful group of friends, I dont mind sharing them so if you need if just look me up you can never have to many firends. Hugs to the lonely and happy hunting.
  7. Looking for a great opportunity where most of the work is done! We have established a lovely sim that was designed to fit all needs of a gentlemen, D/s or just the hopeless romantic. We have spared no expense creating this beautiful sim with load time in mind. Surrounded by water, mountains and many private areas. The land has been landscaped by very talented people Medil & Midnightize who keept views and themes in mind. The teleport system takes you to one of many very large sky boxes the can accommodate anyone’s desires. There are gorgeous private rental properties that may fit the needs
  8. Talligurl, We have club now and it has been traffic driven more by word of mouth. We are in the process and close to finished with a new sim it is gorgeous if i do say so myself. As should be since we paid someone to help with it. We will allow for both booth rental and percentage sales if you are interest just contact me in world with a not card. Please includes what you might be interested in and an example of your product. Best Tammy/ Page
  9. Hello Edwin life is good here and hope with you also. I will be on vacation next week but wanted to see how large the small parcle is you are wanting to sell. We would like a 1/8 sim and a friend would like a 1/16 beside us. If this is close to the size can you shoot me an email or message here. Your small and ours may not be the same so...just checking before i have him go someplace else. best T
  10. Wanting to buy adult land. 1/8 or more not over 9,000 m Thanks
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