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  1. Real my response again very carefully. I explained exactly what to do. If you click the LindeX link and then Manage, you will see this: Select LindeX Order History, find your order, and cancel it.
  2. Awwww.... tutti-frutti, please. 🍨
  3. You can make FURWARE do silly characters if you make your own alphabet texture and sacrifice the real alphabet for them. The real trick would be rebuilding it to accept the basic alphabet plus a flock of high bit ANSI characters as well.
  4. And you get to live in a Magical Castle in the Sky where every meal begins with ICE CREAM, and you are waited upon by Lindens who are dressed as Shiny Unicorns and who do your every bidding. It's all very wonderful! Although, personally, I think that the solid gold toilets are a bit over the top My Fetid Inner Child would love the ice cream. In fact, the whole idea sounds like a WIlly Wonka paradise. May I please have an invitation?
  5. If I had to guess -- and I do have to guess -- you did not "buy" L$ at all. You ordered them by placing a request with the Limit Buy option instead of deciding to buy L$ at the current market price. If you offered to buy L$ at a price that was unrealistically low, it is unlikely that you will find other SL residents who are willing to sell them to you. (Remember that Linden Lab does not sell you L$. You buy them from other SL residents who are trying to sell theirs. That's why the LindeX is called a "currency exchange", just like RL currency exchanges. ) Meanwhile, Linden Lab has placed the money that you offered to buy L$ with into an escrow account, waiting for the sale to be completed. SO.... Open your dashboard and go to LindeX >> Order History and cancel your order. The amount that Linden Lab is holding in escrow will be transferred to the USD balance in your account. You may then use that money to place a new order for L$. This time, I suggest using the Market Buy option. Until you understand how a currency exchange works, and have a little practice deciding on a good offering price, that's the safest thing to do.
  6. That would be my guess. That second character is not an "a" but an alpha. This is a fresh example of the problems that arise when residents use high-bit ANSI characters as if they were letters in the standard alphabet. These commonly cause problems when people use them in Display names, so it's not too surprising to see that they don't work well here either.
  7. Texture animation is a prim property. It can only be started or stopped with a script, but it does not require a script to continue running. Therefore, you can delete the script once it has started the animation. There's not really much benefit to doing that, but it appeals to some people's sense of tidiness.
  8. Other than the TOS and related policies? No. As long as a club does things within LL's TOS and policies, they can make up their own rules.
  9. Two things stand out in that report. One is your Ping Sim figure (209 msec) . This is not dramatically high, but is high enough to make your connection vulnerable if other factors give it much of a push. In most places in the US, it should take less than 100 msec for a signal to travel between your computer and the SL servers in California. If you are in Europe or farther away, it will take signal longer to make the trip. It is not uncommon for SL residents in Europe to have Ping Sim times around 150 msec. Residents farther away (in India or Australia, for example) often have Ping Sim times as high as yours or higher -- and they typically have more teleportation and disconnect problems than most other SL residents. The other thing that catches my eye is the very high amount of script time where you were standing when you created this report. Scripts are using 19.534 msec of the server time ( 88% of the total frame time). That's a lot more script time than the average region. Perhaps there are a lot of breedables there? There isn't much else demanding server resources, but if there were (for example, if several more people entered the region, or if people started rezzing things), some of those scripts would start to lag or shut down. It's hard to guess, but that sort of load might be enough to make your own connection less stable than it is already. As I suggested before, you should try going to other regions in SL to see what your experience is there and, specifically, whether you disconnect as often as you have been.
  10. Thank you. I do know that indeed, and if I really cared about that alt, I would do that. The unspoken truth is that I haven't had much use for him in quite a while, so I have been happy to let him languish. Some alts just aren't worth the trouble . 🙂
  11. So, did you check your Internet connection? It may be good enough to watch YouTube videos, handle e-mail, and let you play on-line games, but SL demands a much more stable connection than those other activities. Open your Statistic Display (CTRL + Shift + 1) and look at the Ping Sim and Packets Lost statistics near the top of the report. If your Ping Sim value is much greater than about 150 msec or you are losing more than 0.2 - 0.5% of the data packets in transmission, your connection may be too unstable to keep your viewer and the SL servers in sync. You will start to experience trouble teleporting, lag, and frequent disconnection. Several people have recently reported being disconnected during teleport or when crossing region boundaries, so it's possible that there may be some instability in some of Linden Lab's servers. Try going to different regions in SL to see whether you are having the same problems in those places. If you only have problems in your home region, you may need to ask the region owner to restart its servers.
  12. Therefore, if the appliers truly were removed from your inventory, you may conclude that unless you gave someone access to your account, Linden Lab removed them. As required by law, the Lab will remove items if they are the subject of a DMCA complaint. They will also remove materials if they have reason to believe that they were obtained illegally. In any case, it is impossible for anyone here to tell whether that is what happened, in fact, or to tell you why. We are all residents, like you. If you have a question, you should submit a support case and ask Linden Lab yourself.
  13. It has probably already occurred to you, but just in case .... If you are not in world, it really doesn't matter what someone does in your home. If you have the parcel set properly to prevent anyone else from rezzing objects or bringing them into the parcel, then they can't fill the home with trash. They also can't move or take your stuff unless you have given them permission. So, what goes on in your absence may be annoying, but you won't even know about it unless you go to all the trouble of installing a visitor counter of some kind. Of course, if you are home when someone barges in, you always have the power to eject or ban them immediately.
  14. Because you only created one button, using the UUID of the first avatar on the list that was created by llGetAgentList. So, you need to do two things: 1. You need to create a list of names, which means looping through all of the entries in your list of UUIDs, something like this: integer i; while (i < llGetListLength(buttons) { string name = llGetDisplayName(llList2Key(buttons, i)); lDisplayNames += [name]; ++i; } That's assuming that you have created a global list variable named lDisplayNames. 2. Then you need to use the new lDisplayNames list as your list of button labels for a dialog menu, instead of using UUIDS the way you are now. As Wulfie points out, some of those names may be more than the 24 characters that are allowed on a dialog button, so you will need to truncate them before creating your dialog. Once you've done that, you can proceed to write the code for your dialog menu, including the listen event that will interpret the response when you choose a specific button. STudy the tutorial here on how to create a dialog >>>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Dialog_Menus
  15. My sister and I don't have the same last name. My daughter and I don't either. That's kinda the way RL works for a lot of people. My alts in SL are used to it too. The only one of them that complains is the one with the regrettably dumb first name, but he hasn't logged on in ages ( because, as I admitted earlier, I can't remember his password). Tough on him.
  16. Sit back with some popcorn and watch. I like my name. My alts like their names (well, except for one, but he doesn't count because I can't remember his password anyway). I'm not changing a thing.
  17. Leave that one. It's lovely. But then get back on track..
  18. The moles have been busy on Pickle Island this week. Regions are being decorated faster than I can explore them, and they are all fascinating. Within the past day, @Daniel Voyager and @Alyona Su have both posted about the new Tusktooth region on the east coast, where there is a new mermaid grotto. It's not open officially yet, but I had to go see for myself. It's not hard to find. I started from the pinnacle rocks at the south end of the houseboat docks and swam east. No more than 100 m away, a gigantic rock mass dominates the seafloor. It's more than half a region long. It took me quite a long time to swim all around it, scouting out landmarks. I discovered that there are several openings between rocks, all quite easy to swim through and surprisingly well-lit, thanks to an abundance of Glowing Moleweed. Unlike the twisting maze grotto in Picards Wharf, this new one is a single gigantic room. Its floor is covered with a mat of sea grasses, and the luminous Moleweed is everywhere, in many colors. I spent more than a half hour poking around nooks and crannies. The walls have a soft blue glow in places, and I found masses of bright red, blue, and lavender crystals. ( Ooo! I hope they aren't radioactive! I didn't even think of that until now. No, it's probably phosphorescence. Yes, that's it. I'm sure the moles wouldn't build anything dangerous. ...... right? ) This would be a wonderful place for a large scale gathering of merfolk, or anyone else. Heck, this place is almost as big as Bellisseria Fairgrounds, and you know how many people can gather there. Look at all the room for dancing! And look what else! Treasure! I have no idea why moles would just leave it lying around like this.... ... except that they are lovely, trusting moles, and I suspect they have way more where this pile came from.
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