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  1. Take a look at THIS SCRIPT, which reads a list of names from a notecard and puts them into a list. Also, take a look at the LSL wiki to see how llGetNotecardLine works. You'll find a couple of example scripts there that show you how to read more than one notecard.
  2. The submit a ticket thing is at https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/ , which you can get to from secondlife.com by clicking on Help >> Contact Support .
  3. Did this message start with a greeting like this? Dear Sir/Madam: I am the widow of the late exalted Joseph Mbutulu, Minister of Foreign Exchange for Nigeria, who died in November 2010, leaving an estate valued at $300,000,000. My husband's will names you as a beneficiary .........
  4. Drews Aulder wrote: And the weird thing is... The price is set to 10 but i got nine. Where did the 1 go? Taxes? ehehe Seller Sales Commissions We charge SL Marketplace merchants a Commission for each sale that the seller makes (“Commission”). Commission rates are five (5) percent of the listed price, rounded to the nearest Linden Dollar (L$). That's the way Marketplace works......... :smileyhappy:
  5. If there are other objects in MObject's contents, then you'll want a way to ignore them as you rez each no-copy "kelp". One way to do that might be to write no_sensor() { integer Num = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_OBJECT); integer count = 0; while(Num-count) { if (llToLower(llGetSubString(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,count),0,3)) == "kelp") { llRezObject(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT, count), llGetPos() + <0, 0,.5>, ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_ROTATION, 42); return; } ++count; } }
  6. I assume that you mean that you're trying to match colors. You'll never get it perfect, because colors change with the amount and angle of ambient light in SL. Also, despite many upgrades to SL software over the years, colors on the avatar body are never perfectly matched to colors on prim objects. Try this, though.... Use your Advanced menu (CTRL-Alt-D) and select UI >> Show Color Under Cursor. That will create (in the lower RH corner of the screen) a dynamic display of RGB color values for whatever your cursor is sitting on. Playing with that for even a few frustrating moments will
  7. Find the SL installer program on your hard drive, right click on it, and go to the Compatability tab. Select 32-bit compatability. That ought to work. I think. :smileyhappy:
  8. You ought to be able to get to the Destination Guide from your browser at http://secondlife.com/destinations?lang=en-US.
  9. The next obvious step is to change to a different skin and see what happens. It's beginning to look as if that skin has been corrupted somehow. If you have removed every single thing that shows up as WORN in inventory and the problem hasn't gone away, the skin is about all that's left. (You did try removing prim hair, right?)
  10. My guess is that the person has unchecked the box in Preferences that makes his/her name visible in Search. It's also possible , of course, that you are looking for a Display Name instead of the person's real (i.e., login) name.
  11. It does look like an alpha layer, but it could also be an invisiprim -- maybe a part of some armor or other attachment that got loose while you were wearing it recently. Check again to see what you might be wearing that's unaccounted for.
  12. You need to get the prim's local rotation with llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(prim_no,[PRIM_ROT_LOCAL]) and use that to set the prim's new rotation .... llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(prim_no, [PRIM_ROT_LOCAL, local_rot/llGetRot()]);
  13. Each time that I have rented in a new location, I have given the landowner a texture with my shop logo and asked her/him to use it for the pic in the About Land parcel description. I have never had one refuse.
  14. You can get the objects back by having a group owner or officer set them for sale for L$0. Then buy the objects. As others have said, though, you will have second owner perms. You may not be able to mod/copy them. Sorry.
  15. Take a look at the reply from Pavcules Superior in THIS THREAD, where I posed a similar question. Using llGetScale helps the sizing issue.
  16. It's all a matter of how the designer has set the flexi parameters. I'd suggest that you do some experiments. Make a copy of one of your skirts (assuming that you have mod/copy perms), wear it, and hop up on a pose stand. Then select the skirt, and open the "Features" tab in Edit. Click the "Edit Linked Parts" box and choose one prim in your skirt. Then try changing the Drag and Tension parameters. Making them smaller will make the prim less bouncy and more flyaway. Repeat the operation with each prim in the skirt. Then hop off the pose stand and see what it looks like. Play with the s
  17. Leliel's answer is right on target. In addition, if you are using a public WiFi connection you will be competing for bandwidth with everyone else in the vicinity. SL demands a lot of bandwidth and tends to slow way down, freeze, or crash if it doesn't get what it needs, so WiFi is a poor choice compared to a hard-wired connection.
  18. From what I can see from a quick Google search, it appears to be a bug introduced in a recent Safari upgrade. From Apple user's forum, for example .... "This appears to be a bug/feature of Safari or one of the recent security updates. I am working on a web site where users download files and Safari is giving me this error. My production site also gives me this error and I would have noticed that earlier. It must be from the recent security update. The cause is when a web site broadcasts a "fake" link to a file. You click on the link and a script, behind the scenes, generates the appropriat
  19. See the demo script I posted in the Scripting Library. It builds a menu of user options and an associated list of numbered button labels from information on a notecard, but you could build the list of options (in your case, avatar names) in any other way you like. The list of options is displayed in the dialog text and the button labels are the option numbers. BTW, you can get an avatar's first name from the login name by looking for the blank space between first and last names, as in .... integer idx = llSubStringIndex(llDetectedName(0)," "); string First_Name = llGetSubString(llDetecte
  20. The 12-character limit on button labels in LSL dialogs can be frustrating for scripters. One way around it is to generate a numbered menu in the dialog text and then simply use the numbers as button labels. This script does just that, building on Void Singer's Multipage Dialog Pagination script, which displays 10 menu choices at a time in successive dialog pages. As written, this demo script reads a list of web site names and associated URLs from a notecard and then displays them as menu choices when the script is activated by touch. Each line on the notecard starts with a site name, followe
  21. Avoid making the object physical unless you really have to. It will add load on the sim's physics engine, and may be harder to manage than if you made it non-physical. If the object really has to be physical, I'd suggest not linking the parts to each other. Then, script the rotating part with llSetStatus(STATUS_ROTATE_X | STATUS_ROTATE_Y,FALSE) to make it rotate only around its Z-axis. Align its Z-axis with the hole in a torus (or anything with a hole), and be sure that your script is written to keep it aligned with that local axis if you turn the object.
  22. As a recent post to the Scripting forum pointed out, unpacker scripts scatter no-copy items all over your inventory. This can mean that you get a lot of IMs from frustrated and confused SL newbies who open one of your gift boxes and then can't find where everything went. There's no new magic to this short script -- you still have to give no-copy items individually, after all -- but it does send the new owner a friendly message that tells where to look for each unpacked item. list gItems; list gNocopy; list gList_types = [INVENTORY_NONE,INVENTORY_TEXTURE, INVENTORY_SOUND, INVENTORY_LANDMARK,
  23. PosJump is working fine for me this morning and I haven't had any trouble recently. What does "not working properly" mean? It lands you at a strange destination? It doesn't TP you at all? PosJump will give you trouble if you have to pass through a No Entry parcel on the way to your destination, so you should use the safe version to at least prevent you from being thrown off world.
  24. The Scripting forum is meant as a place for scripters to learn from each other. It's not really a place to look for scripts. If you are looking for someone to write a script for you, the best place to ask is in the Inworld Employment section of the Commerce Forums (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/bd-p/InworldEmployment). If you are looking for a script that already exists, try Marketplace or the LSL Scripting Library (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting-Library/bd-p/LSLScriptingLibrary) or the Wanted section of the Commerce forums (http://community.secondlife
  25. This is a tough script to read. Style is a very personal matter and we each use whatever works best for us. Still, if it were my own script I wouldn't pack multiple functions on a single line. I'd find it hard to debug. Just sayin' .......... You'll need to include a dataserver event in your default state to read the notecard and a llGetNotecardLine function to trigger it. See the short example HERE.
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