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  1. I'm not sure which option you want. If you simply want to hand out everything that's in the vendor's contents, use llGetInventoryList. That will hand th user a folder with everything inside. See the example HERE. On the other hand, if you want to put several items in the vendor and give the user a choice of which one to receive, you'll need to build a script that uses a dialog. If you've never written one before, take a look at the very nice tutorial HERE. If you are selling the object that the user chooses, the smart thing to do is change to a new state with a money event in it. Use a
  2. You don't cause any problems for yourself by clearing cache except that, as others have noted, your graphics card has to reload any textures that used to be in cache before as it sees them, so everything looks grey for a bit until that's done. An argument could be made that you cause lag issues for other people when you log in after clearing cache, since you're using a fair amount of the sim's bandwidth for a short time as the asset servers reload your inventory. That's one of the reasons for logging in on a vacant sim like Smith or Pooley -- that, and of course your inventory will load fast
  3. Any spot in SL is on the world map. All the OP needs to do is create a LM.
  4. Send each alt an IM that includes either a SLURL to your home or an LM. Then log on as each alt and use the received information to go to your home. Then have each one "Set Home Here."
  5. Nice job. Yes, just ask politely and your neighbor ought to restrict sound to his parcel. He has nothing to lose by doing it, and it would be friendly.
  6. One of the possibilities suggested at the wiki link I put in my last post is THIS ONE, which uses a free Google API. I haven't tried it myself, but it seems like a good one to look at, and the price is right.
  7. Freedom Rush wrote: I will try that but why do I still hear when I turn all media off? This is what is freaking me out. That suggests that it's not a parcel media or prim media sound, but a scripted one. Suspect something designed as a friendly greeting. As suggested above, maybe a doormat.... ?
  8. You don't need land to form a group. All you need is L$100 and a friend. An alt is even better. Then you start doing interesting things (sponsor an event, organize a hunt, ....) that appeal to like-minded people.
  9. If it only plays once, it may be tough to find. It might be played by a scripted item that you trigger by colliding with it, or maybe by just showing up. You could try highlighting transparent objects in the parcel and going around systematically dragging selection rectangles and hoping to discover a hidden prim that's the culprit. If you have sim manager perms, you can also look in the Top Scripts list for anything that looks out of the ordinary. Unless it's a very large prim, chances are good that it is close to wherever you hear it. Sound from a prim doesn't travel far.
  10. Bien sur, mais c'est de la vraie monnaie, n'est pas? ;-)
  11. That can be a challenge. The best solution is often to send an occasional e-mail between prims to update the URL. It's clunky, but it works. There are also some dynamic DNS server options described HERE that you may want to consider.
  12. The "Is it plugged in?" question in this case is "Did you check to be sure that you are wearing the group tag when you tried getting the meter?" I can't count the number of times that I have had the wrong tag overhead and been denied access to someplace or been forbidden to pick up some item. It may also be a lag problem, in which case the best solution is just to try again another time. If the sim's servers are busy or your own client is acting up, you can sometimes have trouble rezzing items or picking them up.
  13. For completeness, I should add that it's not simply a matter of whether the two textures overlap in your line of sight. The occurrence of an alpha sorting problem depends on the distance between the surfaces, the angle between them, and their angle to your line of sight as well. Also, some graphics cards are better at resolving the issue than others, so two people viewing the same textures from the same spot may see different things.
  14. You have discovered the well-known alpha glitch, which is a feature of all virtual environments that use GL architecture, not just SL. It's an inescapable occlusion problem. Basically, your graphics card can't decide which of the two textures is closer to your viewpoint, so it tries displaying both of them, causing a flicker. The closest analogy I can draw in RL is to what happens when you are trying to wash a spot off a window and can't decide whether it's on the inside or the outside. There are several ways to design around the alpha glitch -- the best one is to avoid using 32-bit textures
  15. Si vous avez une compétence particulière dans la vie réelle que vous pouvez utiliser dans SL - peut-être un talent pour le design des vêtements ou pour l'écriture de scripts - vous pouvez ouvrir une entreprise. Il ya des risques, bien sûr, car vous avez besoin de payer un loyer et de créer la publicité. mais ces risques sont beaucoup plus petits qu'en RL. Si vous n'avez pas une compétence encore, vous pouvez toujours prendre des cours gratuits dans SL pour apprendre. De nombreux entrepreneurs créatifs dans SL a commencé de cette façon.
  16. Meanwhile, take a good look at the example script in the LSL wiki at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetNotecardLine. It's fairly simple and well-documented, and it has everything you need to make a functioning notecard reader.
  17. Take a look at the Linkable Multiprim Sliding Door script that I posted in the Scripting Library a while ago. You should be able to link your doors to the main structure with no trouble, no matter how you package it.
  18. Hehe, a semanticist. :smileyvery-happy: Yes, nine lines of display, eight of which decribe items in the box. Those eight keep rotating up, marquee-style, while the header line stays put.
  19. The one to IM or send a notecard is not the creator. Her profile sends you to her Brand Manager, Felicity Blumenthal, if you have questions that the FAQ doesn't answer.
  20. Hmmm.. I had no trouble getting to http://www.bellezaskins.com/faq-2/ myself just now. Everything is there. May have just been an Internet glitch.
  21. Canoro Philipp wrote: @Rolig yes, it is like the Mac vs. PC argument, fortunatly those differences are mostly forgotten. this is exactly the type of mentality that is unhealthy, for one to win the other has to lose. Yup. You got it. This is another argument that should be forgotten too, and we have to start somewhere. How about starting right here? :smileywink:
  22. Check to be sure that you haven't accidentally muted yourself. It's very easy to do. Check your list of blocked avatars and objects. My guess is that you are on it.
  23. Just as a side note, if you did ever want to use a timer for an application like this, I'd suggest testing for inequalities instead of equality. That is, test if(rotate > 10.0) instead of if(rotate == 10.1) Most of the time it won't make much difference, especially in a simple script like this, but if you get in the habit of testing an inequality you'll never be tripped up when some internal calculation feeds you 10.0999 or a mysterious glitch overshoots the target and gives you 10.2. I agree with Peter, though, that llSetTextureAnim is a much better choice here anyway. :smileywink:
  24. Ho-hum. This is sort of like the old PC vs. Mac arguments. There are partisans on both sides and there's always a conspiracy theorist around to make it interesting. Once you get past the shouting, the fact is that we have a free market with good alternatives competing for consumer attention. The competition keeps all the development teams on their toes and assures us that we can choose whichever product suits us best personally. We all win.
  25. Domitan Redenblack asked: "If you can't stop an item being sold, perhaps I should note "Free copy and transfer ONLY" in a startup message?" A more effective tactic, perhaps, might be to code something like changed (integer change){ if(change&CHANGED_OWNER) { llOwnerSay("If you just paid for this item, you were robbed. You can get one free from Domitan Redenblack."); }} :smileyvery-happy:
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