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  1. You can't turn them off, but you can just ignore them. They fade in about 5 seconds. You're right that the messages don't make much difference to most people. LL sends them, though, because they DO make a difference to some people. Unlike the "old" days when all of SL's sims used to run on the same version of server software, we usually have three or four versions deployed across SL at once now. As a result, experimental features or bug fixes that work in one region may not work in the next one. This could lead to confusion and frustration for some users, so LL is taking the safe way out a
  2. You should also look for classes at NCI or Builder's Brewery. Both places offer frequent classes that you might find helpful. You might also look HERE in the Knowledge Base for starter tips on making clothing, and then look at Natalia Zelmanov's blog to get a more complete set of excellent tutorials. Finally, look HERE in the Knowledge BAse to see how to sell things.
  3. isis Grashnar wrote: Thanks much for responding. Can you explain why wireless is not good in this circumstance? also i want to get something to hook to my tv and use that as the monitor. What is your opinion on the tv for a monitor? SL demands a lot of bandwidth, and wireless connections generally can't support the same level of service that a direct cable connection can. That's especially true if you are planning to run SL in a public wifi environment. The next guy in Starbucks and all your dorm neighbors will be competing for bandwidth with you, and SL will crawl or freeze a lot. Yo
  4. In that case, I would personally put my money into upgrading the graphics card for my existing computer, assuming that your power supply will handle it. $1,000 isn't likely to get you a satisfactory computer for what you want, but improving your graphics card might.
  5. That really stinks. Unfortunately, LL will rarely get involved in disputes between residents, so you are probably on your own. Just as in RL, not all landowners are ethical.
  6. You're likely to get all sorts of answers to this one, but my advice woiuld be to look first at SL's recommended specifications and be sure that you exceed them. SL is more demanding than many (most?) on-line games, so you will probably do best if you aim there first. In general, a desktop is likely to run SL better than a laptop, but very high end laptops can handle it well. Don't plan on using wireless if you want top performance with either, though. The most important system components to shop for are your graphics card and your monitor. Put your money into those (and be sure that you h
  7. I agree about the wiki on this one, Innula. The description for llRotLookAt is hard to understand. How can a rotation be a target? Clearly "target" doesn't mean "the direction I want my object to face", because you'd use llSetRot for that. If it's "the direction that some target object is facing", then you'd need some way to identify the target object (Besides, you'd use llSetRot(llDetectedRot(0) or some such ...). I have avoided using llRotLookAt because I have never been able to figure it out. I suspect that it's useful, though.
  8. Perhaps obvious, but have you checked your e-mail spam filter? Your ISP may have changed settings on theirs.
  9. I'm afraid that Storm and Venus are right. If the shop owner hasn't been responsive up to now, there's not much else you can do except curse. Chalk it up to experience and move on. Unless the hair was unusually expensive, you're not out more than the price of a cup of coffee and maybe a donut.
  10. I know that LL is making moves in this direction but I, for one, don't welcome the blending of SL with Twitface. Yes, a lot of the fun in SL comes from sharing fun activities with friends, but the more people who enter SL thinking that it's supposed to be a 3D version of FB, the more inane SL gets. The real power of SL is the freedom you have to create, to shape the world around you. You're not just a passenger on this ship. You get to design your own cruise, decorate your cabin, make party favors and costumes for everyone else onboard, and run a concession in the gift shop. Facebook is a
  11. Good luck. When you're manipulating a large coalesced object, make slow, careful movements and whatever you do, don't close the edit window. As soon as you close the edit window, the collection will stop being a single entity and you'll have to deal with each piece separately.
  12. Phoenix is certainly one excellent solution. You can use the Restore to Last Position option in inventory and put each item right back where it was. Other than that, you're faced with rezzzing each item individually and positioning it in the shop -- a real pain. If you're lucky, at least some items may have been returned as coalesced entities. If so, open your editor first (Ctrl - 3) and then rez the coalesced item so that you can pick up the entire collection and manipulate it into place.
  13. It's also a good idea to learn everything you can about lighting and using your camera controls. Having a good eye for photography in RL is a good prerequisite, but SL adds levels of complexity in those two areas, so you'll need to do your homework and then play around a lot to get comfortable with how photography works here. After all, you're competing with a lot of amateurs who have those tools.
  14. Dillon Levenque wrote: Edfred Jungsten wrote: With the basic viewer now being implemented, computer literacy seems like it isn't a requirement anymore. And yes I am talking abut Linden Public Lands specifically. That is where new residents spend their first initial experience in Second Life, where they orientate themselves to the world, where they make their first attempts at making friends, and where they spend time discovering their first purcheses / freebies. The public land experience is the gateway to whether Second Life is a win or a fail in ther minds. I see your point, but I'm
  15. Me too, and I didn't even have a hand in this thread. :smileytongue:
  16. Sion Pearl wrote: I tried it, and it doesn't work - SL tells me there's a syntax error in the line that goes: }while (--1); Yeah. Get rid of the curly bracket at the start of the line. It duplicates the one on the previous line. :smileywink: ETA: Ooops. Never mind. Misread the brackets. The error is here >>> it should be while (--i);
  17. Void Singer wrote: yup.... I had a feeling that it might go farther, and that it would be kept simple for OP (good things), so I didn't want to rush in before there was something to solid to build on. (I did that recently to Rolig, and I feel kinda bad about it, because it might leave the impression that I was trying to "one up" her) Nah. Don't give that a second thought, Void. I can have a thin skin sometimes, but not when I get a good constructive comment and certainly not when there's something cool to learn. I don't know whether it shows to anyone else, but my scripting feels l
  18. The one I have is by PantzerHamster Petshop, who sell it at Two Roses >> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jorah/61/124/399. Here's the description .. Panorama RealView Backgrounds System with 48 scenes each! Currently we have 3 versions: - The Panorama RealView LandScapes System - The Panorama RealView CityScapes System - The Panorama RealView BeachScapes System All work alike and are totally compatible, meaning that if you use more then 1 of the systems, you only need to have one background and you can project all scenes on it, whether coming from the LandScapes, CityScapes or BeachSc
  19. Unless I misremember, Void, that one of Chip's was for horizontal stripes, which are a LOT easier. I don't recall seeing one for vertical stripes. I wish I had. :smileyindifferent:
  20. I see nothing wrong with overwriting a variable, but then I'm not an IT pro. So long as you remember that it's been changed, I don't see anything to worry about. It saves memory too.
  21. Nice. :smileywink: I wouldn't have thought of using the channel parameter like that. That's a good compact way to handle the switch options. /me makes a mental note to save that one.
  22. thesandboss wrote: Thanks guys. I checked on the computers in the computer lab and sure enough their graphics was set to low. From what I'm gathering from the rest of the conversation is that the objects actually have the glow. I'm guessing I'm going to have to go in and change each specific objects properties so they don't do that. This sounds like a fun point and click project. That happens. People who work on computers with a low graphics setting overdo glow because they can't see it. It's like deaf people shouting because they can't hear themselves. Unless you really want the rad
  23. George Orellana wrote: It might be what she wants and it might not. If she is building something for a university I am assuming she wants to see what most people will see while building. I remember when I was a newbie and I built my first thing in SL I was happy about my first made thing, it all went crashing down when a friend told me she couldn't see anything all she saw was a very bright glowing object, that is the day I learned there were other graphics settings, lol. Yeah, that's true. In a great many cases, though, the truly annoying glow happens when some bozo has turned on glo
  24. Go to your Advanced (CTRL+Alt+D) menu and choose Debug Settings. From the pulldown menu, select RenderGlow and set it to FALSE. That will turn off all glow anywhere. It will only affect what you see in your own viewer, but that's what you want.
  25. Take a look at THIS JIRA REPORT. If the images there look like what you are seeing, it's a driver issue with your ATI graphics card. Download the latest Catalyst driver (11.2) and it should clear up.
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