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  1. Hehehe.... This feels like one of those old-time Mac vs. PC wars. I have my own preferences, but they're not relevant here. If you are buying a new computer, the best advice is always to consider all options, ask lots of questions, try out demos to get the feel of the machines, and make up your own mind. In this particular case, be sure that the salesperson you talk to understands that you want a gaming machine that meets or exceeds the recommended standards for each game/VW you will be running. If you can, get the salesperson to actually load up SL on a demo machine so you can see that it wo
  2. Oooo! That's a great possibility, Dora. I bet that's it. Nice catch.
  3. I don't think it's the speed of the Internet service. I have a 3Mb cable connection myself and SL runs just fine. What I'm suggesting is that it's something right there between your computer and the ISP's main line -- your router, your modem, a cable, wifi interference ..... ?
  4. It's been a very long time, maybe 25 years, but we used to have that problem with old acoustic couplers when they were set in "duplex" mode. They'd echo in some settings. I haven't thought about this for ages, but if there's a similar thing going on here, perhaps the settings in your modem are to blame. (I know this is a weak answer, but it was the first thing that came to mind. It's worth checking anyway.)
  5. Poison Aura wrote: And why not everyone has the same problem if its the inet connection? I thought it was a matter of scripts, read some shoes had that "offsim effect". Because their Internet connection is OK. The servers upload the animation instructions to every av in the vicinity at the same time. Your Internet connection is wonky, so your client acts up, but their connections are fine, so they see you animated properly. It doesn't make any difference where the animation and its triggering script are -- a pose stand, your shoes, whatever. What counts is that the animation is tr
  6. Did you try all of the things in that Knowledge Base article I recommended when you posted this question a little while ago? :smileyindifferent:
  7. Take a look at THIS KNOWLEDGE BASE ARTICLE, which lists a huge number of suggestions for recovering things that are missing from inventory. If you try all of their suggestions and still can't recover what's lost, you'll have to file a case with LL and get them to help. That can take a while, but a friend of mine just successfully recovered over 50,000 items with LL's help. :smileywink:
  8. Yeah, I doubt that it's the AO. My bet is that it's a connection problem. Animations are a client side effect, so the servers have to send information to your client (and everyone else's) to tell the client how to render your animated av. Your own client doesn't seem to be getting the message right away. Try rebooting your modem and router for a start. Unplug both of them and step out for a cup of coffee, then plug them back in and let the modem acquire a new IP address. Sometimes that's enough to clear a buggy connection. You might also check to be sure that your router's drivers are u
  9. If the object is being used for a sit teleport, this is normal behavior. Scripts for short-range (within the sim) teleport use either the WarpPos or PosJump function. Both of those will move an avatar very quickly in a series of 10m jumps from one spot to another. Your graphics card would go nuts trying to keep up with changing your viewpoint along the way (and you would probably get seasick). Instead, you're temporarily in limbo for as long as it takes to do all those 10m jumps.
  10. I suppose one way might be to script each device to turn on not when the triggering signal is received but at the next time that llGetUnixTime()%10 == 0, or some such instant. That is, build in a delay from the trigger and then start the process when an independent non-lag clock ticks. I'd have to try that trick to be sure it works in practice the way I think it ought to in my head.
  11. It's not surprising that the edit option is grayed out. The script is almost certainly no mod. There are usually other ways to reset, though. When I write a script for something that is meant to be attached, like a HUD, I generally script in a short piece that forces the script to reset when it's attached. If you haven't already tried, take your AO back into inventory and then wear it again. If your scripter was like me, that should reset it. You might also try removing the configuration notecard (that is, copy it back to your inventory, delete it from the AO, and then drag the copy back
  12. Yeah, it does that. Try using Internet Explorer as your browser at least once. After that, you should be able to access with Firefox or whatever you prefer.
  13. You've tried some of the obvious things. Take a look at THIS SITE to see a more exhaustive list of possible cures. Once you finally have a solution, look carefully at your system to diagnose ways to prevent it from happening again. Usually the white cloud problem is a connection issue, so take a look at your router and modem to be sure that their drivers are up to date, for example.
  14. You don't. Well, actually, that's not true. If you enter the sim flying and are high enough (I think you have to be at least 500m up), then you can keep flying. There are also settings in some of the third party viewers that allow you to override the no-fly restriction. You do that at your own risk, though. The land owner has put that restriction there for a reason. Only the landowner knows what that reason is, but it's his/her choice. If you're caught flying, you can be ejected or banned.
  15. Hmmm.... I thought I posted a response to this earlier. Let me try again. This forum is for people who are learning to create textures, or those who have texturing insights to share with other texture artists. Why would a texture artist want to know where to find someone else's freebie textures?
  16. The Scripting forum is meant as a place for scripters to learn from each other. It's not really a place to look for scripts. If you are looking for someone to write a script for you, the best place to ask is in the Inworld Employment section of the Commerce Forums (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/bd-p/InworldEmployment). If you are looking for a script that already exists, try Marketplace or the LSL Scripting Library (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting-Library/bd-p/LSLScriptingLibrary) or the Wanted section of the Commerce forums (http://community.secondlife
  17. Well, there are two possibilities. If you are using an e-mail program like Outlook on your own computer, there will be a folder labeled something like "Junk E-mail" to look in. Whoever provides your Internet service probably also has a spam filter that traps the really nasty stuff before it even gets to your computer. Mine sends me a note once a week to say that I have 258 questionable messages. If I don't go to check them, the provider erases them after 14 days. If you do your e-mail through Google or Yahoo, they have a Spam folder too. I don't know how long things stay there because I empty
  18. Ah...!!! That doesn't look like anything I would call a target, but I see what it's doing. Thank you for the example, Innula, and Void for the context. I'll still need to play with this a bit before I'm comfortable, but it helps a lot.
  19. Exactly, Suella! My Marketplace store is mostly clothing, but I have a little of everything from scripted tools to a few buildings and a even silly little airplane. Those things get lost among the clothing, so it would be great to list them in a different department.
  20. Bummer. That is a nuisance. Sorry, Dulciekate. I guess we both have to wait. :smileysad:
  21. I agree completely. In the grand scheme of annoying things, this one doesn't rank very high for me, but it does seem like one of those easy-to-fix things that some clever Linden ought to be able to do. Perhaps you ought to file a JIRA.
  22. Frankly, I have not tried it myself, although I have considered it as a way of separating my clothing business from everything else. According to that Knowledge Base article, though, you ought to be able to open a second store by just setting its name to something other than the default, your av's name. If you're lucky, some more experienced merchant will wander by this thread and tell you for sure. If not, you can always just take a deep breath and try it to see what happens.
  23. Like Dora, I'm a bit unclear about what you mean by "symmetric rotation." With respect to what? If you are reflecting across a plane, you can get the angle between that plane and where the object is facing by using llRotBetween. Then just apply that angle in the opposite direction to get the new rotation. I'm not sure that's what you are looking for, though........
  24. Yes. From the Knowledge Base... Your store profile Your store — and you can have one store per Second Life account — has its own "profile" that can be customized. You should take advantage of this to promote your brand: Click My Marketplace in the upper-right and click Merchant Home. On the left-hand side, click Edit Store Information. Here's what the fields mean: Store Name - This defaults to your Resident name but you can change it to something else, like the inworld brand that you're already using.
  25. Even in your own home, wireless is likely to yield lower performance. Things other than your computer (cell phones, garage door openers, even your microwave) can compete for wifi bandwidth. As for resolution and refresh rates, I can't quote numbers, I'm afraid. You could do some comparative research on your own, though, by going on line to someplace like www.newegg.com and reading the specs for a lot of monitors and flat-screen TVs to see what they look like. The answer to each of your questions is going to end up as "It depends." Everyone has different expectations, and it would be fooli
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