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  1. A pose stand just keeps you from moving while you fit things. You can get one free from a zillion places. I'll send you one quickly now.
  2. LOL ..... That's the problem that Void was warning about, and which I said was not likely to happen. Hehe ... So I was wrong. One of the invisiprims was the root prim after all. Well, no loss, but it does mean a little more work for you. You don't have to relink anything, since you only unlinked the invisiprims as you were deleting them, not the rest of the shoe. So now you have two shoes without invisiprims. Now ... (1) Find yourself a pose stand and stand on it. (2) Find one of the shoes in your inventory. Right click and select "Attach to ..." and then attach to the correct foot.
  3. That's a very good point. I hadn't thought of heat in the router too. Thanks, Peggy.
  4. Yeah ... what they said. The guy is a phony. If he was really an undercover Linden and he told you, he'd have to kill you. :smileyvery-happy:
  5. O.....K . I have tried rearranging all the words, but I don't have any idea what this is about. Can you post a hint? You can add vital information to your question by clicking on the Options link in its upper right corner and selecting EDIT.
  6. Ah.. That's a good point, Void. I don't happen to own any shoes where an invisiprim is the root, but that's possible. Personally, I'd be fearless about doing shoe surgery anyway, but that's me. For the OP, .... well, she was considering tossing the shoes anyway, so what's to lose? :smileysurprised::smileyhappy:
  7. You have to remove the invisiprims themselves. It's not very hard but it's a little scary if you've never done much like this before. So.... (1) First step ... Make a copy of each shoe. That way if you screw up, you always have a backup in inventory. (2) Next, find a nice, plain flat surface to rez a shoe on so that it doesn't get lost in the grass. (3) Open your Edit tool (CTRL + 3) and click on the shoe to highlight it. (4) Type CTRL + Alt + T to highlight transparent prims. The invisiprims (probably more than one) will be around the heel and sole of the shoe. (5) Click the Edit Sel
  8. You might have two problems. The new generation of viewers does demand more out of your computer, so it may be more than your laptop or desktop can handle. It's hard to tell without knowing the specs on your computers, but that's been a problem for many people with older systems. The thing to worry about seriously whenever we hear about computers shutting down after a few minutes in SL is overheating. With the extra load on your computers, you could be getting things dangerously hot inside. Open up the desktop case and blow out the dust and cat hair with a can of compressed air, and consid
  9. If you're using the "official" LL viewer (which is the only viewer that even has a basic mode), there's a pulldown menu on the login page that says MODE. Click it, and select Advanced. Then close the viewer by clicking Quit. When you open it the next time, you'll be all set to log in with Advanced mode, ready to use ALL of SL's features.
  10. WooHoo! I bet that's it, Charolotte. A lot of newbies have never seen anything with invisiprims. They aren't common in shops any more. @OP -- If that's what it is, and if you shoes are no-mod, contact the creator and ask for a version with an alpha layer instead. If you do have mod perms, though, just remove the invisiprims and use the alpha layer that you got with a similar style of shoes, or one that you made yourself.
  11. If you're already in Advanced mode, click the icon that looks like a suitcase. It should be in your sidebar.
  12. I don't really understand the question, but let me try ..... You select the mode you want (Basic or Advanced) from the simple pull-down menu on the login page. Just click it to see your two choices. Select one, then close the viewer by selecting Quit. When you start the viewer again, it will use the mode that you chose.
  13. It's possible that the designer decided to apply glow to the texture on the shoes (Dorothy's ruby slippers, maybe?). I can't imagine why s/he would do that, but people do lots of odd things. If you have mod perms, you ought to be able to edit them and uncheck glow, if that's the case.
  14. The instructions here >>> http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=clean_reinstall are written by the fine people at Phoenix, but they apply to any viewer. They describe the safest way to uninstall any viewer completely so that you do not retain any previous settings or damaged files when you reinstall. All of your important information (your inventory, you account balance, etc.) is safe on LL's servers. When you reinstall, the new viewer will rebuild local cache copies of the information that you use most frequently.
  15. Yes. I should have been clearer in my own response, Freecilla. It's always good to have choices. I only meant to be sure that the OP knows the consequences of each choice. Landowners may always leave the Build, Object Entry and Scripts options open to Everyone, or may restrict them to Group only. For every OP here who asks about how to let a partner rez things in her Linden Home, we get another one who wants to know how to keep her neighbor from doing it.
  16. A long time ago, LL used to publish a weekly roster of people who had been banned or suspended during the previous week, but they stopped doing that in about 2008. Now we can only guess what happens when they get an AR. It's fairly clear, though, that LL only applies sanctions when(a) there is clear, documented evidence to justify them and (b) there is a TOS violation involved. They won't get involved in what they determine are disputes between residents. When you file an AR, it is important to include any chat logs, copies of your Bump/Push report, photos, or other evidence. A claim tha
  17. Yes, as others have said, you'll need to create a group, deed the parcel ro ir, and then set permissions to rez objects. The wiki article for learning how to change the permissions in About Land is http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/About_Land .
  18. That really depends on how eager you are to have your home become a sandbox. You can't do a lot with 117 prims, and one newbie neighbor can fill up your allowance real fast by leaving spare prims on your parcel. Our best advice, and LL's, is to learn good property management skills from the beginning.
  19. Use llSetCameraParameters. If you have a way to lock in a target, perhaps with a sensor or other event, you use that information to specify CAMERA_FOCUS and CAMERA_POSITION in region coordinates. However, I could easily be wrong, but if you have given camera control to the script, I suspect that you will not be able to use mouseview at the same time.
  20. Peut-être la meilleure façon d'obtenir une réponse est de faire un appel téléphonique gratuit au bureau de facturation LL. Le bureau est disponible sept jours par semaine, 24 heures par jour. * France: 0805.101.490 (Seulement en Anglais) Vous pouvez également choisir d'envoyer une question e-mail à support@payment.secondlife.com
  21. Linden Home parcels work just like any other parcel of land in that regard; who can rez objects on your land depends on the About Land settings. You'll have to create a group that your friends can join, and then deed the land to the group. Then set permissions in About Land to allow group members to rez objects and bring objects into your parcel. See >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/About_Land to learn how to set permissions for your group.
  22. Have you downloaded and installed a viewer? You can't get in world without a viewer. >>>> https://secondlife.com/support/downloads/?lang=en-US
  23. There's an easy way out, and it actually suggests why your script may have worked all this time. If you write T1 + (llFrand(T2)+(T2/2)) instead, it will always be positive. You may have just inadvertently typed a minus sign this time.
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