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  1. That is strange, George. I just checked and I am also being charged L$ for membership in two groups that have never had a liability before, and which don't own any land. Something is odd here. ETA: Well, nothing odd at all as it turns out. Someone in each of the two groups had decided to put a new exhibit in search for a while, so the groups were sharing the L$30/week charge among us. That's fine. Glad I checked. I hope it's something similar in your groups, George.
  2. You can't move an avatar directly using LSL, so the only way to do it is to rotate something that the avatar is linked to. Treat it as a poseball exercise, as Peter suggests, and set the rotation in llSetTarget. Unfortunately, that means your avatar will be immobile until s/he unlinks again, so you'll have to do any other movements either by triggering animations or by moving that "poseball".
  3. I can make a wild guess at part of the problem. We each have an "in box" that collects any IMs, notecards, group message, group invitations, and objects that people have sent to us when we were not in world to receive them. That "in box" holds a maximum of 25 things. Once it is full, the system will not deliver anything else. Extra items are not returned to the sender, and the sender is not notified. The items simply vanish .... forever. Therefore .... If you received more than 25 IMs and other items and then your landlord sent you the group invitation, it's gone. Also, if you and othe
  4. Rez = Resolve = Create = Bring into Existence = Make Visible
  5. Nobody is "following" you. This is LL's way of telling you that somebody is interested in using an RSS feed to watch what's put on your facebook-wannabe public profile. You can kill it by opening the Privacy tab in your profile and making all the settings as strict as possible.
  6. Cinn's answer is right for mainland property. If your group owns a private estate, a common practice is to create an alt that serves as a banker for the group. Group members pay the banker their share of tier each month, as if they were renting parcels on the estate, and the banker pays LL. In a way, it's like playing Monopoly, in which one person is the banker -- responsible for managing the flow of money but not allowed to keep it.
  7. If your camera is suddenly pointing straight up - or straight down - or some impossible direction, then try these: Press escape a few times. Pressing escape will clear focus from any windows that have focus, and finally, will reset camera position.Go to Advanced → Show Debug Settings and enter “FocusOffsetRearView” 1) in the input field. Click “Reset to default” at the bottom.Press Ctrl-9 - a few times even.If that doesn't work, hold down Shift, then use the mouse wheel to change the camera angle.If all of these fail to work, then the only remaining solution is to reset all your settings to d
  8. So would many other people, to judge from the number of times we have seen your question in the past few days. There's clearly a problem in Marketplace. All we can do is wait until LL figures out how to fix it. Meanwhile, there's always plenty of shopping in world, and you can have your friend accompany you and pick out her own gift. Just remember to hand her the cash instead of buying the item yourself, in case it's no transfer. You don't want to get stuck with a negligee you can't enjoy. :smileytongue:
  9. Yes, in fact >>> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/I-Cant-buy-a-voice-morph-pack-Anyone-else-with-this-problem/qaq-p/1126369 There seems to be more than one problem. We've also had a comment that voice morphing isn't working properly with the V3 viewer. I don't see a report in the JIRA, however, so nobody has submitted a note with documentation that the developers might use to solve the problem. If it is still acting up in a day or so, I suggest making a report yourself >>> https://jira.secondlife.com
  10. Oh, my, Peter! You know better than to include Universally F**ed-Up Code in messages here. Shame on you!
  11. One easy way to look, especially if your inventory is large, is to do a restricted search on your inventory's Recent page. Down in the lower left corner of that page, there's a gear symbol. Click it and select Show Filters, then adjust the Hours Ago or Days Ago settings to look for things that you have added to inventory during that time period. If your item doesn't show up, then it wasn't delivered (or your inventory is borked). Then you'll have to look up your Transaction History to get a record of the sale and contact the merchant who sold it to you. If you bought it in Marketplace, th
  12. It's almost always best to do everything in one script unless there's a good reason to keep some functions isolated from each other, or you have memory limitations. Making multipage menus isn't really hard once you get the hang of it. Study the LSL wiki's page on llDialog and then spend time digging through tutorials like https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/DialogMenus and the linked examples in it. The real challenge isn't syntax. It's logic. You need to have a clear idea of where you're going before you start writing a complex script or you'll get hopelessly twisted around. LSL's struct
  13. Messages to your group are different from greeter messages. At least people have opted IN to your group. If they don't want to receive group messages, they can opt out again. I opted out of one shop's group not long ago when I decided that it had become too spammy for my taste. I figure that customers in my own shop can do the same if they have second thoughts about joining my group.
  14. Um... equivalent to what? If your avatar's height is 2.09m, that is her height. Are you asking how long a meter is? Rez a prim and set its Z dimension to 1.0 m, then use it as a ruler. Or do you mean "How tall would my avatar be if I were in RL?" Well, if you were 2.09m tall in RL, you'd be about 6 feet 10 inches tall. Most people in RL are a bit shorter than that. Fortunately, you aren't in RL, and things in SL are scaled to your SL height (more or less). It only gets confusing if you try to live in both worlds at the same time, so forget that SL tells you your height in "meters". Yo
  15. Ahhh... I hate that. Info hubs are barbaric. OK, so the good news is that you really don't have to stay there. Just pick up and go somewhere else where you won't be bothered. Almost anyplace else will do. I've been here for four and a half years and can count the number of times I have been attacked on the fingers of two hands.
  16. Um... Did you modify your script to listen for the "switch on" message? As in .... if ( message == "switch on") { llSetTimerEvent(2.0); } .... and taking the llSetTimerEvent2.0) out of the state_entry event? Just saying "switch on" won't do anything unless the script knows what it means.
  17. It's always possible that you aren't being attacked at all. You could be just dealing with lag or a gentle security orb. If you are being attacked, though, the easiest solution is to find another place to enjoy SL. It's a big world, after all, and you don't have to stay there.
  18. Hehehe ... I didn't give her a script. I pointed to one and taught her how to change it. That's what we do here. :smileytongue:
  19. Just have your scanner send a "switch on" message on channel -77777777 and then listen for that specific message in this script. If the script hears it, turn on the display with llSetTimerEvent(2.0). If it hears a "switch off" message, use llSetTimerEvent(0.0).
  20. See the example at https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlRequestAgentData . Make the tiny change of asking for DATA_ONLINE instead of DATA_NAME, and make a cosmetic change in the llSay statement so that it says llSay(0,"The online status of the person you are looking for is " + data); If it says "1", the person is online; if it says "0", the person isn't. That's about as simple as you're going to get. If you want something fancier. you can ask for a scripter's help in the Wanted section of the Commerce forum.
  21. You may discover that LL no longer accepts prepaid credit cards.
  22. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Is RLV an option here, so it can attach from inventory and then just detach again as required? I suggested RLV to the OP in world, and also suggested just dropping the temp_on_rez seat manually instead of trying to find a way to detach and kill it by script. Either of those sounds like a decent option to me.
  23. It's much easier and a much better use of resources to do the switching in a single script. Heck, all you have to do is define a variable to carry the color vector for your particles and put that variable into the llParticleSystem list. Then put llParticleSystem into a user defined function and call it with a different value of your color vector each time you want to change particle colors. particle(vector NewColor){ llParticleSystem([ // Your huge list of parameters goes here, including PSYS_PART_START_COLOR,NewColor,PSYS_PART_END_COLOR,NewColor ]);}integer gON;integer gChan;
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