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  1. You really need to talk to a live person in the LL Billing office. (You can explain to them what a "sl ghost avie" is. :smileytongue: ) LL's billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long-Distance 703.286.6277 Local Toll-Free numbers * France: 0805.101.490 * Germany: 0800.664.5510 * Japan: 0066.33.132.830 * Portugal: 800.814.450 * Spain: 800.300.560 * UK: 0800.048.4646 * Support is in English Only
  2. There really isn't any automatic way to monitor and restrict building, since all of your parcels will be set to allow building by group members. You can easily set up a scripted monitor on each parcel that lets the tenant see how many prims are being used and by whom, and that script could send you the information periodically. There are such devices on the market, or it would be am easy matter for a scripter to write a customized one for you. There is a 10% advantage to group ownership of land, so you may want to consider deeding to take advantage of it. See http://community.secondlife.c
  3. It may be a momentary servier problem, or not ...... Even if you can get chat translation to work now, it will stop working in a little less than two months. Google's Translate API, which is the basis for the translator used in your viewer and in each of the popular translators in SL (Simbolic, Universal, ....) has been deprecated. (See http://code.google.com/apis/language/translate/overview.html). After December 1, 2011, it will no longer be available. As far as I know, there is no substitute. You will still be able to use http://translate.google.com/?hl=en&tab=mT , Babelfish, or
  4. Use llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast and then be sure to specify LINK_SET instead of a specific link number.
  5. And .... once you have set your home position in your house, you'll never need a LM again, except to give to friends who want to visit. To go home, all you have to do is type CTRL + Shift + H .
  6. You're not likely to find a pre-made script that does exactly that just lying around. You have all the logic you need, though. The function you need to play with is llSetPrimitiveParams, which will let you give values to each of the parameters you want to change ... PRIM_FULLBRIGHT and PRIM_GLOW. So, all you need to do is assign a global variable to each of those two parameters and then listen for the value of "energy" that you hear in chat. The rest is all a set of if statements .... if (energy > 1){ fullbright = TRUE;}if (energy > 75){ glow = 0.23;}else if (energy > 5
  7. Aha! Yes, even if a person isn't getting a personal greeting over and over again, she'll get annoyed if she can hear other people being greeted. Or hearing the same joke. There are two ways around it. One is to give the greeting or tell the joke in private (as an IM or llRegionSayTo message). The other is to change the logic of the script so that it won't read the same line if anyone within hearing range is likely to have heard it recently. If this were a greeter, I'd go with choice #1. Frankly, though, jokes told in private never have as much punch as ones told in a crowd, so for your a
  8. That's what I figured, but I wanted to check. You're the "ghosting" queen, so you'd know if this thing was completely dead or not. I still see posts -- 3 this week -- from people who are giving advice about how to cure a supposed ghosting.
  9. Non, tant pis. Seulement des articles transférables, et le monnaie.
  10. Terrific, Marigold! BTW, how long will it be before people stop blaming things on "ghosting"? Have you heard of ANYONE being ghosted since they fixed the bug last Spring?
  11. Open Preferences (CTRL + P) >> Graphics >> Hardware Settings and UNcheck Enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO). That should remove the black. If it doesn't, for some reason, then you should also try turning off atmospheric shaders.
  12. OK, so I'm with you, Chosen. I really do see the advantages of mesh, and you're right about the resistance to change being a temporary thing. Does it bother you at all, though, that SL is rapidly drifting toward being a world made by talented 3D designers and losing some of the "Your World ... Your Imagination" feel that it had when we arrived? I count myself very lucky to have come to SL when all we had were prims. They weren't intimidating, and I could feel creative satisfaction making crummy Lego-style stuff. You taught me a lot about texturing, and I have leaned on others to learn ho
  13. Oh, yes, but SVC-7283 was fixed with the last server upgrade. It was the only large issue that made it into that one. See http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Deploys-for-the-week-of-2011-09-26/td-p/1127467
  14. Look in theTransaction History in your dashboard at secondlife.com >> Accounts to find out who you have been paying the liability to. It's probably a group liability for some group that you belong to -- your share of the group's expenses for advertizing events in Search, perhaps. You can ask the group's owner about it, or you can simply leave the group if you don't want to continue paying your share.
  15. SupaNeo Nori wrote: Update: Thank you for your answers. I could not find a reply option anywhere, so hopefully this will suffice. I am looking at this page here: https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ and cannot find an appropriate option to file the ticket under. Can you help with this matter? I'm finding the whole process incredibly frustrating. You have replied in exactly the right way. We have tried to get LL to build in a better system, but this is what we have to work with for now. :smileysad: You're right that there's no obvious category for your question in the pulldown m
  16. If you are the owner of the group, then you have total control. That's what the Owner role entails. If the group is really dead, you should be able to eject everyone else. At that point, you will be the sole remaining member and the group will cease to exist after 48 hour. If it really is true that you have no control, then either (a) you are not really the owner or (b) the group is borked. I think your only choice is to file a support ticket and ask LL to get rid of the group (or just live with it. That won't be the only extinct group in SL).
  17. You'll probably get a quick answer if you post your question in the Mesh forum >>> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/bd-p/Mesh . In fact, before you do that, spend some time reading in this sticky thread >>> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Mesh-enablement-trouble/td-p/1010933 . Your answer may already be in there.
  18. Unfortunately, SL has a long history of problems with ATI graphics cards. Try the suggestions at http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=ati to see if they make a difference for you.
  19. Step #1 is to learn how to build anything in SL. Mesh is fine, but if you don't have basic building skills in your toolbag, you won't have a clue what to do with the mesh once you import it. Visit the Ivory Tower of Prims in world. Spend a lot of time with their tutorials and then a lot more time practicing in a sandbox. Step #2: Take a look at the tutorial videos at http://blog.machinimatrix.org/3d-creation/blender-meshes-trail/ . Gaia Cleary does a beautiful job showing how to create mesh objects with Blender. Her videos show the process from start to finish, including how to optimize
  20. No, but you should only get charged for the current month. The way to get the best answer, however, is to ask the billing office. Make a free phone call. LL's billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week......... Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long-Distance 703.286.6277 Local Toll-Free numbers * France: 0805.101.490 * Germany: 0800.664.5510 * Japan: 0066.33.132.830 * Portugal: 800.814.450 * Spain: 800.300.560 * UK: 0800.048.4646 * Support is in English Only
  21. Well, you have a couple of choices. One is to try and resolve the DNS issue: (1) Try shutting off your computer, unplugging the router and modem for a couple of minutes, and then plugging them back in and restarting. That simple step may clear up everything (2) If that doesn't work, see the solution here: http://neilrobinson.wordpress.com/2008/05/19/a-fix-for-dns-errors/. Basically, it amounts to adding additional DNS servers to your DNS settings in Network settings under System Preferences. Instead of using the ones recommended in that article, I suggest using the Google free DNS servers
  22. There are no ghosts. LL resolved that problem with a server upgrade back in March 2011. Please describe the situation that you are experiencing. A sim restart may not be the appropriate solution. You can add information to your original question by clicking on the Options link in its upper right corner and selecting EDIT.
  23. I can't get in world to check whether I'm having that problem today too, but I have had it happen in the past a few times. It seems to be a server issue. At least it clears up after a while as mysteriously as it started. LL will be doing server maintenance all this next week which, they say "will require an extended period of region restarts. " I think the best idea is to sit back and wait until they're done before you panic.
  24. Unless I have missed something over the past 4 years, that's not an option in Marketplace. You just have to be obsessive about looking at your listings every once in a while.
  25. A shoe base won't make your ugly feet invisible. That's not what it's for. If you are using an older viewer that does not support alpha clothing layers, you'll need to use invisiprims to hide your feet. Most shoe designers used to build them right into the shoes, but today's designers often don't bother, so you'll have to do it yourself. Here's an invisiprim... default{ state_entry() { llSetTexture("38b86f85-2575-52a9-a531-23108d8da837", ALL_SIDES); }} Rez a prim, shape it to the appropriate size and shape to cover the heel of your shoe, and then drop the script into it. Voi
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