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  1. LOL..... I've had that same message occcasionally for over four years. It comes and goes. No, that message simply means that SL's servers are having a hard time finding the parcel that you want to visit. The parcel owner or sim owner may have altered the parcel by adding or removing area, for example, or the server itself could be having trouble. It could be that the server for the sim where you are standing is having a hard time talking with the server at your destination. For the past month, LL has been doing an unusual number of upgrades to server software, trying to cure some longstanding bugs. In the process, some of the fixes have caused other temporary problems. We have had many questions here about odd server behavior. As they say in the movies, "It's nothing personal; it's just business."
  2. llTargetOmega(<0,0,1>*llGetRot(),speed,1.0);
  3. That's true. The actual balance in your account is shown on the Account >> Summary page of your dashboard at http://secondlife.com . The number that shows in the upper right corner of your viewer screen when you are in world ought to be the same, but it may get out of sync for several reasons. You can force it to re-sync by clicking on the L$ symbol. You don't need to buy any L$, but the act of clicking will update what's showing, to match your dashboard. As for why the balance may be L$-1, the most common reason is that you have joined a group that makes its members share operating costs for advertizing events or handling other liabilities. If you go to the Account >> Transaction History page on your dashboard, you can see where those Lindens have been going. Then you can decide whether to stay in the group or not.
  4. A sim = simulator = a server which supports one or more regions in Second Life. That message is telling you that your viewer cannot connect to any servers in SL. In particular, it cannot do it because the last time you logged out, you were wearing a group tag that contains "illegal" characters. There is a bug in the server code that rejects logins for anyone who has a corrupted tag like that active. See >>> https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-6608?. If you are a Premium member of SL, you can go to Live Chat and explain the problem to get their help in removing you from the group. You might also try submitting a support ticket at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ . Select Account from the pulldown menu at that site. Usually, however, the most effective way to overcome the problem has been to find a friend or an alt to log in, find the group's owner, and ask to be ejected from the group. Explain the seriousness of the problem so that the owner understands that it will be a problem for all other group members who wear the same tag. If you are the group's sole owner, the only way to make this strategy work is to convince all of the other group members to leave voluntarily. Once you are the sole surviving member, the group will automatically disappear within 48 hours.
  5. Rolig Loon


    Bem-vindo ao Second Life. Esta área é o lugar para vir, se você tiver uma pergunta sobre o SL. Você tem uma pergunta?
  6. This looks like https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2031 , a very difficult problem that LL's developers have been trying to solve for over a year now. You may be able to get some relief by turning off shadows, maybe, or you might consider switching to a different veiwer. If you have good, helpful observations to add to that JIRA, I suggest doing it.
  7. By any chance, are you running your SL viewer on a Mac with OS X 10.7 Lion? If so, you have discovered the bug described in https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2334. Until LL's developers manage to fix the bug, your best option is the turn off shadows and, possibly, basic shading. If you have relevant observations to add to that JIRA, I suggest adding them. A lot of Mac users would love to see this one cured.
  8. Yeah, I recognize your last name. We are of the same generation in SL.... 4+ years. So, maybe you do have the experience and skills to make a good go of it, following Ceera's excellent advice. The companion question to hers, then, is "How do you define success?" or maybe, given the fact that you say you've had several shops that failed, "What is failure?" I've had a succession of stores myself for four years, none of which has brought in megabucks. Each has paid the rent, though, and given me a measure of personal satisfaction. I have learned a lot about the creative process and about marketing, and I now have a respectable, steady (though still small) income. For me, that's success. I don't figure that I have ever failed. I have several friends who depend on earning enough in SL to cover a chunk of their RL budget. They need megabuck sales every month, so they pay much closer attention to nuances that I just blow off. They can't afford my kind of success. Frankly, I think that the best bottom-line question to ask is a blend of Ceera's question and mine: "What do I like doing best?" If you have the skill and experience and are comfortable with a definition of success that focuses on personal satisfaction, then you already know what sort of shop you ought to open.
  9. A lot of people have been receiving that same error message, apparently generated by a bug in the latest V2/V3 release. You may need to do a clean reinstall of your viewer. See >>> http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=clean_reinstall for instructions that apply to any viewer.
  10. Probably not. This isn't really a game, and I don't see SL mentioned in a brief Google search for information about Ultimate Game Cards. The way to find out for sure, though, is to call the billing office and ask. LL's billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long-Distance 703.286.6277 Local Toll-Free numbers * France: 0805.101.490 * Germany: 0800.664.5510 * Japan: 0066.33.132.830 * Portugal: 800.814.450 * Spain: 800.300.560 * UK: 0800.048.4646 * Support is in English Only
  11. Hehehe ..... You're posting your question to builders and texture artists. You're going to hear that we buy .... big surprise ... building components and textures. The best quality for the lowest price. Next question.... ?
  12. Hallo, Mitchi - Ich weiß nicht, die Antwort auf Ihre Frage, und es ist unwahrscheinlich, dass jemand in diesem Bereich des Forums wird auch nicht. Ich werde versuchen, die Moderatoren bitten, Ihre Frage an die Mesh Forum statt zu verschieben, und werde meine eigenen attach (wahrscheinlich schlecht) Englisch-Übersetzung hier unten. Translation of the Original question: Hi First of all, I have a problem with the rigging of meshes. I got the whole works for Blender tuts. It looked very good except for one thing. Every time I make a mesh, I get a header error on upload test (parse error). I have no idea what this is coming from ... But no matter. I prefer to use cinema 4d anyway. Everything is fine except the Skin Weight. Can someone explain how to do this right with cinema 4d? Incidentally, I use the R12.
  13. That's a communication problem between your computer and SL's servers. Information about your appearance has to be "baked" onto your avatar on your own computer, saved there, and then uploaded to SL before it's fully visible there. If the necessary information is messed up in transmission, you may end up with a borked file on your computer, or SL's servers may end up with a borked file. Either way, your av's appearance defaults to a fluffy cloud. What works to repair the samage for one person won't necessarily work for the next person, and it may not be the same thing that works for you tomorrow. See the full list of possibilitites here >>> http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=fs_bake_fail . Start with the simple things at the top of the list and work down until you find what works for you today.
  14. Estoy completamente de acuerdo. No me gusta el "disparar primero". Yo sé que algunos dueños de clubes el uso que la filosofía, sin embargo, y entiendo por qué lo hacen. Desafortunadamente, muchos de los peores alborotadores en SL el uso de cuentas alternativo (ALT) que son menos de 30 días y no tienen la información de pago en el expediente. Cuando estos alborotadores se han molestado en propietario de un club en muchas ocasiones, puede decidir que la solución más fácil es prohibir a todos con el mismo perfil. No es justo que gente inocente, pero es absolutamente legal. De hecho, usted puede hacer exactamente lo mismo en la vida real. Si usted es propietario de un club privado, usted podrá decidir la admisión ni excluir a nadie, sin dar explicaciones.
  15. Yeah. Me too. All of the JIRA issues related to this problem (SH-1838,VWR-26325, VWR-26371, for example) are unresolved, and have been for the last half dozen releases of the V2/V3 viewer. The problem is most acute with ATI graphics cards, and there is some suggestion that the newest drivers may make a difference for some users. So far, though, the best workaround has been to disable VBO. The OP can try updating/reinstalling drivers, but it looks like other than trading in the ATI card for an NVidia one, she'll just have to wait to LL's developers to solve the problem. It's a real bummer.
  16. Going to Preferences >> Graphics >> Hardware Settings and UNcheck the box for Enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO) should do it for you. It's an OpenGL issue. I'm surprised that it hasn't.
  17. Has your anti-aliasing setting in Preferences >> Graphics >> Hardware Settings changed? You'll lose a bit of FPS by increasing it, but that might help your pixelation.
  18. Would you like to rephrase your question?
  19. The easiest way to get L$ is to buy it. Skip your morning coffee and donut and bring the money into SL instead. That's more than enough to buy quite a lot of merchandise. There are many ways to earn money in SL (see http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-get-Linden-dollars/ta-p/700085), but most require a fair amount of talent and experience in SL, and none of them pay as well as working in a RL job for the same amount of time. Besides, why would you want to go on vacation in a virtual world and spend all your time working?
  20. Hi! Welcome to SL! First, let's be sure that you are using your viewer in Advanced mode, not the introductory Basic mode. There's a MODE button in the upper right corner of your viewer screen, near the vound controls. Click it and select Advanced from the dropdown menu, then log out. When you log back in, you'll have all of the normal functions you need in SL. Now, with that out of the way, open your Inventory and scroll all the way to the bottom. Open the Library folder, and its Clothing subfolder, and its Initial Outfits sub-subfolder. You'll find a whole mess of outfits. Pick one and use your mouse to drag it over and drop it on your avatar. It will take a minute, but your avatar should assume the new appearance of that outfit. (You could also open the folder, select each item one at a time and the right click and WEAR it.) If you don't like that avatar, try another one. Later, when you have had a chance to explore, you can learn how to make your own shape and you can shop for a different skin and hair, but that should take care of things for now.
  21. LL has been doing a lot of server maintenance for the past couple of weeks, so many more destinations have been offline than usual. That could account for at least some of your TP problem. There are other possibilities too, though. The most common one is that you are wearing too much. When you TP, the system has to transfer information about you from one server to another, and it also has to transfer information about anything that's coming with you. The more stuff it has to deal with, the longer it takes. See >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Troubleshooting_teleporting to look at other possible causes, and some solutions.
  22. That's a very rational suggestion. In fact, there are many problems with the Magic Box system, which is why it is about to vanish completely. LL has essentially stopped trying to fix Magic Box deliveries for the past 6 months as a result. Like you, I almost never have delivery problems, either as a customer or as a merchant. I suspect in both cases that it's because I never deal in large volume, so I don't put much strain on the system and neither do my customers. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the people with the greatest bad luck are doing a high sales volume.
  23. El propietario de un club puede desterrar a nadie por ninguna razón por la que elige ... o por ninguna razón en absoluto. Club de muchos propietarios de cualquier prohibición que ha estado en SL por menos de 30 días, especialmente si la persona no se ha verificado la información de pago. Por desgracia, la gente le gusta que a menudo son problemáticos, por lo que un propietario de un club no quiere correr el riesgo que usted puede ser uno también. Por ahora, encontrar otro club a bailar in Hay muchos en SL, y la mayoría de ellos son mucho más amigable que la que uno.
  24. We can't offer much advice without more information from you. You are asking something like "Why can't I go to my friend's house today?" We couldn't answer that one either. Unless you tell us what kind of computer you have, what operating system it is running, how much memory it has, what kind of graphics card it has, what viewer you are using, what sort of error messages you have been getting ...... all we can do is guess. You can add more information to your question by clicking on the Options link in its upper right corner and selecting EDIT. Please do NOT start a new thread.
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