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  1. I don't do much scripting with vehicles, so you'll probably do better to post your question in the LSL Scripting Forum, where you'll get more knowledgeable answers. In the meantime, though, study the Linden Vehicle Tutorial carefully. In particular, pay attention to the section on Moving the Vehicleand to the two parameters VEHICLE_LINEAR_MOTOR_TIMESCALE (the time for motor to "win") and VEHICLE_LINEAR_MOTOR_DECAY_TIMESCALE (the time for the motor's "effectiveness" to decay toward zero). If you set one when you think you are changing the other you will have frustrating results.
  2. I understand the question. There's no point in being rude. You can't.
  3. ... which may explain why it was missing from the list. I wasn't even aware of the function until someone posted a question here a little while ago, asking how it worked.
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    Foot issue

    Are your eyes like the pics in this JIRA? >>> https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2334? Maybe you have the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion bug. If so, turn off shadows and maybe basic shaders untill LL finds a way to fix it.
  5. It's difficult to get those mobility chips with switchable graphics to work in SL, but it can be done if you are patient (and lucky). See Quess Qinan's post in this thread >>> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/AMD-Radeon-HD-6770M-2GB-problem-in-Second-Life-Viewer/m-p/1175551#M8767 Also, this note from the support staff for the Firestoprm viewer may help >>> If you have an ATI video card then you may need to do these steps (SL viewers seem to not play well with ATI cards, none of them). Furthermore, other types of video cards also require that the first step here be done; VBO is known to cause crashes in multiple different scenarios. Disable VBO: Run the viewer and before logging in, press Ctrl-P to bring up the Preferences window. Then: Phoenix: click on Graphics → Hardware Options (this is a button). Make sure that “Enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects” is *not* checked. Firestorm: click on Graphics → Hardware Settings tab. Make sure that “Enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects” is *not* checked. Disable AI in Catalyst: Right click on your desktop (or right click the ATI logo in the bottom right tray) and select Catalyst Control Center; In catalyst control center go to the advanced options menu; Then click on the 3D tab on the left side. Catalyst A.I. will be amongst the labels there; Tick the box next to 'Disable Catalyst A.I.'"
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    That is very odd. I have tried to do that on purpose for four and a half years, without success. As far as I know, there is no setting in Preferences, in the Advanced or Develop menus, or in Debug Settings to make hover text disappear. There are techniques for minimizing it. One obvious way is to set the text alpha to 0.0. Also, hover text fades the farther you are from it, and its visibility depends on the size of the object it's in. Hover text on small objects can only been seen if you are REALLY close. Text on a megaprim can be seen 100m or more away. So you can make hover text nearly invisible by putting it in a tiny prim. If you are clever, you can also make hover text disappear under some circumstances with an invisiprim. None of this helps you, though, I'm afraid. It doesn't explain why ALL of yours should disappear. I am at a loss.
  7. Relax. You are just logged in with your viewer in Basic mode. The mode has nothing to do with the fact that you are also a Basic member, rather than a Premium member. Basic mode is just a simplified version of the full-function viewer -- SL with training wheels. Look at the upper right corner of your screen. See the MODE button? Click it and select Advanced. Then log out. When you log back in, you will be in Advanced mode and will be able to do everything. (Well, you'll have the tools to do everything.... developing the skills to use them takes practice. ) Welcome to Second Life, DD. :smileywink:
  8. Your next monthly bill reflects any changes made at any time after the previous billing period ended. So, whether you increase your tier level the day after you pay your bill or the day before the next one comes due, you will be charged at the new rate for the entire billing period.
  9. If your camera is suddenly pointing straight up - or straight down - or some impossible direction, then try these: Press escape a few times. Pressing escape will clear focus from any windows that have focus, and finally, will reset camera position.Open the camera controls from the top menu → Avatar → Camera Controls, then click the X icon to reset your view to default.Go to Advanced (Ctrl-Alt-D if the Advanced menu is not visible) → Show Debug Settings and enter “FocusOffsetRearView” 1) in the input field. Click “Reset to default” at the bottom.Press Ctrl-9 - a few times even.If that doesn't work, hold down Shift, then use the mouse wheel to change the camera angle.If all of these fail to work, then the only remaining solution is to reset all your settings to defaults. http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=fs_camera#fnt__1'>1) This setting is the one that can also be changed by holding your shift key pressed, and using your scroll wheel on the mouse and therefore can easily be changed unintentionally
  10. Oh, you could do that easily enough by writing a money event into state running, written so that if the person buys the piece, the L$ goes to the creator and the script self-destructs. Or you could have it give a mod/copy perm version of itself to the buyer.
  11. While we're vaguely on the subject..... I went looking for the function wiki page for llSetVelocity the other day and had a heck of a time finding it. It is at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetVelocity, but the function is not included in the master list at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:LSL_Functions . I have never figured out how to mess with that template, so I don't know how to add it. Do you, Void?
  12. Have you tried all of the advice that I posted above? Again, if you have a different problem or if you have extra information to add, PLEASE do not put it here in someone else's question. Start one of your own.
  13. All of that information is stored on LL's servers. When you install a new viewer or update an old one, it normally downloads a copy of your inventory your user settings to your machine. If that didn't happen, my guess is that the installation was interrupted somehow. I suggest you do a clean reinstall >>> http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=fs_clean_reinstall . Do not simply install a new copy on top of the old one, because you may inherit borked files that way. You might also consider using a different viewer, if reinstalling that one doesn't work.
  14. Same problem? Follow the same advice. If you have other information or a different question, do NOT add it to someone else's question, where it is not likely to be seen by many people. Please start a new one of your own.
  15. The standard trick has always been to make the floor itself out of transparent prim and then build an upside-down version of whatever is above the floor and put it beneath it, flipped. You can add various distractors to fool people into thinking that they are seeing a reflection, or to draw their eyes elsewhere. The image you linked to also has avatar relections, which may have been added after the pic was taken or might be done with shadows.
  16. "Freezing" is often a sign that you have a bad connection. Because SL demands a lot of bandwidth and has to keep sending data back and forth from its sevrers to your machine, it doesn't take much to make your viewer stall. If you've been using wireless, you could be getting interference from cell phones, garage door openers, or whatever. Many SL residents have a hard time with wireless, so we usually recommend a direct cable connection is that's at all possible. Your router could be giving you trouble too. Try rebooting it to clear its RAM and force it to get a fresh grasp on an IP address. All you have to do is unplug it from the power for a few minutes and then plug it back in. Of, course, you could also have network lag, generated by your ISP or any system that's handling your signal along the way to SL. You can do a traceroute to find out >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Checking_for_packet_loss_%28network_lag%29 .
  17. A no mod script like this in your no mod/no copy item ought to make your scenario possible .... string gHome = "XYZ sim"; // Creator -- type your "home" region here.default{ on_rez(integer startup) { if(llGetOwner() != llGetCreator()) { if(llGetRegionName() == gHome) { state running; } else { llDie(); } } else { state running; } } changed (integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_OWNER) { llResetScript(); } }}state running{ on_rez(integer startup) { llResetScript(); } changed (integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_OWNER) { llResetScript(); } else if (change & CHANGED_REGION) { llDie(); } }} You could use a different test instead of comparing the current region to whatever the creator defined as gHome ..... whatever restricts valid use to a specific area. Of course, a clever user can always take the object to inventory and rez it in a no-script area, where this script will not function and therefore will not kill the object. No other scripted functions would work either, though, so a vehicle with this script in it would be useless in that case, for example. ETA: Modified the script as Void suggested.......
  18. And someone should have warned you ..... before you rez a coalesced object, be sure to open your Edit tool (CTRL + 3). If you do that, the coalesced object will be rezzed as a single unit. You will be able to move the entire thing with the red-green-blue arrows if you need to. Once you close the Edit window, each of the individual items is back to being a separate object. If you made the mistake of rezzing the coalesced object on the ground or too close to someone else's stuff, you can have a nasty time trying to find all of the parts.
  19. There are three types of land you can set as home: Land you own - It's yours! Land owned by a group you belong to - You may have to activate the group to set home there. The land can be set or deeded to the group. Infohubs - Public gathering places provided by Linden Lab. To set your home: Move your avatar to the chosen location. Use World > Set Home To Here. A message appears confirming if your home is set successfully.
  20. In addition to the very good suggestions that Marigold offered, take a look at your firewall settings. If your firewall is blocking outbound TCP port 12043, then teleporting, viewing the World Map, crossing regions, and related activities won't work and you may crash. See >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Configure_your_software_firewall for information about how to configure your firewall.
  21. It's hard to tell without any more information about your computer and the way you have set up your viewer. Try going to Preferences (CTRL + P) and one at a time ..... (1) UNcheck HardwareSettings >> Enable OpenGL Vertex BufferObjects (VBO) (2) UNcheck Shadows (3) UNcheck Basic shaders. If none of those work, come back and add to your question by clicking on the Options link in its upper right corner and selecting EDIT. Please do NOT start a new thread.
  22. Open your dashboard at http://secondlife.com. Go to Accounts >>> Contact Information and type in the new e-mail address.
  23. To get a record of the individual items in your order, open Marketplace and click the My Marketplace menu at the top of the page. Select My Account >> Order History from the pulldown menu. Cut and Paste that information onto a notecard. If you still haven't heard in another day or two, file a support ticket at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ , selecting Marketplace from the pulldown menu. Copy the information about your transaction into the report.
  24. Generally speaking, the documentation about LSL is not produced by LL. The wiki is maintained by scripters like you and me. Beyond very basic descriptions of syntax, LSL is offered essentially as a black box. Users figure out how its functions behave and share what they learn about its quirks.
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