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  1. You don't. Well, actually, that's not true. If you enter the sim flying and are high enough (I think you have to be at least 500m up), then you can keep flying. There are also settings in some of the third party viewers that allow you to override the no-fly restriction. You do that at your own risk, though. The land owner has put that restriction there for a reason. Only the landowner knows what that reason is, but it's his/her choice. If you're caught flying, you can be ejected or banned.
  2. Hmmm.... I thought I posted a response to this earlier. Let me try again. This forum is for people who are learning to create textures, or those who have texturing insights to share with other texture artists. Why would a texture artist want to know where to find someone else's freebie textures?
  3. The Scripting forum is meant as a place for scripters to learn from each other. It's not really a place to look for scripts. If you are looking for someone to write a script for you, the best place to ask is in the Inworld Employment section of the Commerce Forums (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/bd-p/InworldEmployment). If you are looking for a script that already exists, try Marketplace or the LSL Scripting Library (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting-Library/bd-p/LSLScriptingLibrary) or the Wanted section of the Commerce forums (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Wanted/bd-p/Wanted). You will have much better luck.
  4. Well, there are two possibilities. If you are using an e-mail program like Outlook on your own computer, there will be a folder labeled something like "Junk E-mail" to look in. Whoever provides your Internet service probably also has a spam filter that traps the really nasty stuff before it even gets to your computer. Mine sends me a note once a week to say that I have 258 questionable messages. If I don't go to check them, the provider erases them after 14 days. If you do your e-mail through Google or Yahoo, they have a Spam folder too. I don't know how long things stay there because I empty it every time I log on. Anyway, .... every e-mail system has a spam filter somewhere. You should get in the habit of scanning through it often. Most of the stuff is Viagra ads, offers for a PhD. diploma, and unclaimed bequests from Nigeria, but every once in a while something really important gets stuck, like a marriage proposal.
  5. Ah...!!! That doesn't look like anything I would call a target, but I see what it's doing. Thank you for the example, Innula, and Void for the context. I'll still need to play with this a bit before I'm comfortable, but it helps a lot.
  6. Exactly, Suella! My Marketplace store is mostly clothing, but I have a little of everything from scripted tools to a few buildings and a even silly little airplane. Those things get lost among the clothing, so it would be great to list them in a different department.
  7. Bummer. That is a nuisance. Sorry, Dulciekate. I guess we both have to wait. :smileysad:
  8. I agree completely. In the grand scheme of annoying things, this one doesn't rank very high for me, but it does seem like one of those easy-to-fix things that some clever Linden ought to be able to do. Perhaps you ought to file a JIRA.
  9. Frankly, I have not tried it myself, although I have considered it as a way of separating my clothing business from everything else. According to that Knowledge Base article, though, you ought to be able to open a second store by just setting its name to something other than the default, your av's name. If you're lucky, some more experienced merchant will wander by this thread and tell you for sure. If not, you can always just take a deep breath and try it to see what happens.
  10. Like Dora, I'm a bit unclear about what you mean by "symmetric rotation." With respect to what? If you are reflecting across a plane, you can get the angle between that plane and where the object is facing by using llRotBetween. Then just apply that angle in the opposite direction to get the new rotation. I'm not sure that's what you are looking for, though........
  11. Yes. From the Knowledge Base... Your store profile Your store — and you can have one store per Second Life account — has its own "profile" that can be customized. You should take advantage of this to promote your brand: Click My Marketplace in the upper-right and click Merchant Home. On the left-hand side, click Edit Store Information. Here's what the fields mean: Store Name - This defaults to your Resident name but you can change it to something else, like the inworld brand that you're already using.
  12. Even in your own home, wireless is likely to yield lower performance. Things other than your computer (cell phones, garage door openers, even your microwave) can compete for wifi bandwidth. As for resolution and refresh rates, I can't quote numbers, I'm afraid. You could do some comparative research on your own, though, by going on line to someplace like www.newegg.com and reading the specs for a lot of monitors and flat-screen TVs to see what they look like. The answer to each of your questions is going to end up as "It depends." Everyone has different expectations, and it would be foolish for me to tell you to buy something that would satisfy me. The best that I can do is tell you what sorts of things to look for so that you are a knowledgeable shopper. You will have to decide for yourself how sharp an image you want, how smoothly you want things to change, and how much money you are willing to spend to get there. Most of us, I suspect, have upgraded a few times as we have learned more and have become more sophisticated users. Do your best research and shopping now, and see how it works. You have to start somewhere.
  13. You can't turn them off, but you can just ignore them. They fade in about 5 seconds. You're right that the messages don't make much difference to most people. LL sends them, though, because they DO make a difference to some people. Unlike the "old" days when all of SL's sims used to run on the same version of server software, we usually have three or four versions deployed across SL at once now. As a result, experimental features or bug fixes that work in one region may not work in the next one. This could lead to confusion and frustration for some users, so LL is taking the safe way out and at least letting us all know when we've moved under control of different servers.
  14. You should also look for classes at NCI or Builder's Brewery. Both places offer frequent classes that you might find helpful. You might also look HERE in the Knowledge Base for starter tips on making clothing, and then look at Natalia Zelmanov's blog to get a more complete set of excellent tutorials. Finally, look HERE in the Knowledge BAse to see how to sell things.
  15. isis Grashnar wrote: Thanks much for responding. Can you explain why wireless is not good in this circumstance? also i want to get something to hook to my tv and use that as the monitor. What is your opinion on the tv for a monitor? SL demands a lot of bandwidth, and wireless connections generally can't support the same level of service that a direct cable connection can. That's especially true if you are planning to run SL in a public wifi environment. The next guy in Starbucks and all your dorm neighbors will be competing for bandwidth with you, and SL will crawl or freeze a lot. You'll find that a lot of the peopl who complain about low frame rate and frequent crashes are using wireless. After the graphics card, the next most important component of your system for getting good graphics is your monitor. While it is certainly possible to get a TV screen that will do the job, most TV screens do not have the resolution or refresh rate that a good monitor designed for computer use will have. You may find that the image will not be as sharp as you hoped, and it will have ghost images as it tries to refresh fast enough to keep up with the data stream from SL. Again, though, some top of the line TV screens can probably handle it, but most aren't designed for that purpose.
  16. In that case, I would personally put my money into upgrading the graphics card for my existing computer, assuming that your power supply will handle it. $1,000 isn't likely to get you a satisfactory computer for what you want, but improving your graphics card might.
  17. That really stinks. Unfortunately, LL will rarely get involved in disputes between residents, so you are probably on your own. Just as in RL, not all landowners are ethical.
  18. You're likely to get all sorts of answers to this one, but my advice woiuld be to look first at SL's recommended specifications and be sure that you exceed them. SL is more demanding than many (most?) on-line games, so you will probably do best if you aim there first. In general, a desktop is likely to run SL better than a laptop, but very high end laptops can handle it well. Don't plan on using wireless if you want top performance with either, though. The most important system components to shop for are your graphics card and your monitor. Put your money into those (and be sure that you have a power supply and ventilation system to match).
  19. I agree about the wiki on this one, Innula. The description for llRotLookAt is hard to understand. How can a rotation be a target? Clearly "target" doesn't mean "the direction I want my object to face", because you'd use llSetRot for that. If it's "the direction that some target object is facing", then you'd need some way to identify the target object (Besides, you'd use llSetRot(llDetectedRot(0) or some such ...). I have avoided using llRotLookAt because I have never been able to figure it out. I suspect that it's useful, though.
  20. Perhaps obvious, but have you checked your e-mail spam filter? Your ISP may have changed settings on theirs.
  21. I'm afraid that Storm and Venus are right. If the shop owner hasn't been responsive up to now, there's not much else you can do except curse. Chalk it up to experience and move on. Unless the hair was unusually expensive, you're not out more than the price of a cup of coffee and maybe a donut.
  22. I know that LL is making moves in this direction but I, for one, don't welcome the blending of SL with Twitface. Yes, a lot of the fun in SL comes from sharing fun activities with friends, but the more people who enter SL thinking that it's supposed to be a 3D version of FB, the more inane SL gets. The real power of SL is the freedom you have to create, to shape the world around you. You're not just a passenger on this ship. You get to design your own cruise, decorate your cabin, make party favors and costumes for everyone else onboard, and run a concession in the gift shop. Facebook is a nice porthole to look through, I suppose --- I don't have any interest in FB myself --- but I think our experience here is cheapened by giving the impression that SL is just another FB app.
  23. Good luck. When you're manipulating a large coalesced object, make slow, careful movements and whatever you do, don't close the edit window. As soon as you close the edit window, the collection will stop being a single entity and you'll have to deal with each piece separately.
  24. Phoenix is certainly one excellent solution. You can use the Restore to Last Position option in inventory and put each item right back where it was. Other than that, you're faced with rezzzing each item individually and positioning it in the shop -- a real pain. If you're lucky, at least some items may have been returned as coalesced entities. If so, open your editor first (Ctrl - 3) and then rez the coalesced item so that you can pick up the entire collection and manipulate it into place.
  25. It's also a good idea to learn everything you can about lighting and using your camera controls. Having a good eye for photography in RL is a good prerequisite, but SL adds levels of complexity in those two areas, so you'll need to do your homework and then play around a lot to get comfortable with how photography works here. After all, you're competing with a lot of amateurs who have those tools.
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