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  1. RobinFeather wrote: Ok so i log in, it just loads and shows up this message. I cannot get to the world. I clicked ok and logged in again but the same message popped up. I clicked Teleport and logged in and the same message popped up. I have to use wireless connection....Is there a way i do not get any problems? Thanks for the answer though Thanks for adding that information, Robin. Too bad about being stuck with wireless. Unfortunately, that is a very likely source of your problems. It is for many SL residents. Wireless gets interference from garage door openers, cell phones, an
  2. Advertize in the Inworld Employment section of the Commerce Forum >>>> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/bd-p/InworldEmployment See also >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Guide_to_Jobs_in_Second_Life
  3. So, if you chacked the grid status reports at http://status.secondlifegrid.net/, you have found that there is no system-wide problem at the moment. You said that you got a message, but you didn't say whether you were actually having a problem of some kind. If not, just ignore it. As a pre-emptive measure, try rebooting your router to be sure that you are getting the best performance from it. (Just unplug it from the power and walk away for five minutes. Then plug it back in.) If you've been using a wireless connection, don't. That causes many people trouble. There are just too many sou
  4. It's an old, annoying bug. All you have to do is download and install any other viewer, log in, and accept the TOS. After that, you can decide whether to stick with the other viewer or go back to what you were using before. You will never have to accept the TOS again, so this is a one-time deal. I'd recommend trying the Firestorm viewer, at http://www.phoenixviewer.com/downloads.php
  5. If you are using Firestorm or the V2/V3 viewer, you can set Advanced Permissions by going to Build >> Options >> Show Advanced Permissions. I believe that's an option in other viewers as well, but I'm not sure. Anyway..... read http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Debug_Permissions to see what that gets you. I find that the * notation is particularly helpful in seeing what permissions I have set but are not yet enabled.
  6. Siempre se puede encontrar el tipo de cambio vigente en https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/buy.php #
  7. See the short example at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlMoveToTarget
  8. Your viewer and SL's servers have temporarily lost the ability to talk to each other because there are squirrels on the line. Unless there's a problem with the servers (Always check http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ first), it's probably something on your end. So.... (1) Try shutting off your computer, unplugging the router and modem for a couple of minutes, and then plugging them back in and restarting. That simple step may clear up everything (2) Change your DNS settings from whatever your ISP assigns you as a default. Use Google's free public DNS servers instead. Here's how >>>
  9. SL residents have been using Lion since it became available. There are minor issues, but the same is true of every OS. The only serious issue I'm aware of is this one ... Nvidia cards NVidia systems will freeze shortly after login, possibly followed by a system crash. This issue is affecting all Viewer 2 based viewers. Please see FIRE-2297 for details. Please also see the LL JIRAS here SH-2032 & SH-2034 Workaround For Now Disable Open GL Vertex Buffer objects from the login screen in Viewer → Preferences → Graphics → Hardware This will likely badly affect your performance and FPS b
  10. Here's what you do >>>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Clean_Install
  11. There's a nice, short script example at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetNotecardLine . If you can follow its logic, you can handle writing your own notecard reader. Good luck, Laura.
  12. thatsoul asked: does this mean that not even internet providers can view where you go? That's a different question than the OP asked. Your ISP can tell what sites you have visited because it is possible to track your IP addresses. If your employer were clever enough, he could too. That would only tell them that you were using Second Life, though. It wouldn't tell them what you were doing here. THAT's what the OP asked. The IP address will just get them to the front gate of SL, and no farther.
  13. Rolig Loon


    To get a record of the individual items in your order, open Marketplace and click the My Marketplace menu at the top of the page. Select My Account >> Order History from the pulldown menu. If you do not receive items within about 24 hours, you should cut and paste the information about a missing item from that Order History and send it in a IM or notecard to the merchant, along with a polite message requesting redelivery. Most merchants are very kind and willing to redeliver. This happens all the time and they are aware of it. Do be patient, though. Not everyone logs in to SL every day o
  14. Not unless you tell him, or one of your co-workers sees you in SL and tells him. If you are worried, though, it's smart to use an anonymous alt when you are doing things in SL that you would rather not have your RL friends, family, and employer know about. Many people who have professional reasons to be in SL as teachers, librarians, counselors, or business people do exactly that. (Professor by day ... pole dancer after hours.... :smileywink: )
  15. You haven't been paid in over a year and you just noticed? Wow. And it's L$300 a week, not L$200. You need to call the billing office and get that straightened out. Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long-Distance 703.286.6277 Our Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Local Toll-Free numbers * France: 0805.101.490 * Germany: 0800.664.5510 * Japan: 0066.33.132.830 * Portugal: 800.814.450 * Spain: 800.300.560 * UK: 0800.048.4646 * Support is in English Only Oh, yes... If you want to change your Linden home, clear all your stuff out and abandon it. See h
  16. Feet are highly overrated. So long as you have shoes on, no one can tell that they are missing. :smileytongue: Not to worry...... You are wearing an alpha layer on your feet. It is designed to do exactly what it is doing .... hide your ugly SL feet. If you are wearing shoes with any sort of heel, the shoe base causes the heel of your foot to be grossly misshapen and it pokes out the bottom of your shoes. The alpha layer makes that whole part of your foot transparent, so you see only the shoes. Because shoes come in many different styles, you will probably make a large collection of alp
  17. Read http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Premium-membership/ta-p/1054477. All of your questions will be answered. :smileyhappy:
  18. That is very strange, but it shouldn't make any difference. If you have cancelled the credit card, there's no way that LL can charge you for anything. Also, if you don't buy anything anyway, it makes no difference whether you have payment information on file or not. It is odd that the dashboard and your profile do not agree, but it doesn't seem like anything to worry about.
  19. A list is comma delimited by default: list stuff = ["apples", "pigs", "baseballs", notebooks", "daiquiris"]; If you create a string variable, you can insert delimiters of your own choice: string stuff = "apples#pigs#baseballs#notebooks#daiquiris"; and then unpack it later with something like list temp = llParseString2List(stuff,["#"],[]); You can't move hover text. You can only move the object that it's in. You can add \n to move text up if you want, but that's it. The exact position and size of hover text changes with each person's viewing position. There is no "mouseover" function
  20. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Library/Split-Payment-Vendor/td-p/722093
  21. You have a connection issue that may be related to https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25426? . As I read the reports in that JIRA, it seems to me that people who have had this problem have traced it to a failing router. You can try a couple of things first: (1) Try simply rebooting your router. Unplug it from the power for a few minutes. When you come back and plug it in, the router's RAM will have been cleared and it will be able to get a fressh grip on an IP address. (2) Change your DNS settings from whatever your ISP assigns you as a default. Use Google's free public DNS servers
  22. Unless I'm missing something, it should be fairly easy to do. It sounds as if you are selling one-of-a-kind objects. You rez one and it sits there until it is sold, then you rez the next one, and so on. Schematically, your script (1) Rezzes INVENTORY_OBJECT, 0 , remembering its name as it does. (2) Starts a timer, firing a sensor to look for the object by name every few seconds. If a no_sensor event is triggered .... (3) It checks to see if there's another object in inventory ( that is, if(llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_OBJECT)) ) . If so ... (4) It rezzes the next object which, conven
  23. $295. See >> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Buying-Private-Regions/ta-p/700045
  24. It all depends on what animations you have loaded. Some animations automatically move your head in predefined ways, and no others. Others allow left-right movement in response to your mouse, and others allow full movement. Assuming that your animations allow movement, you can adjust debug settings (in Advanced (CTRL + Alt + D) >> Debug Settings) for YawFromMousePosition and PitchFromMousePosition to put limits on the amount of allowable movement in either direction.
  25. I can't tell you from experience whether there is a limit to how many articles of clothing you can attach to a single point on your av body because, frankly, I have never found a good reason to attach more than one at a time. Life is way too confusing already without having to deal with wearing three shirts and four pants of slacks. If there is a limit, though, I suspect that you could find out fast enough by just putting on every shirt you can find until the system refuses to let you add any more. The real puzzle, though, is why your clothes pop off when you go to a sandbox. I can't tell
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