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  1. Peggy's got a good question. How in heaven's name can anyone steal your stuff? I have been here four and a half years and can't think of a way to do it. The closest I can imagine is losing something because of an unfortunate error --- like setting something for sale accidentally and having someone come in and buy it before you realized your mistake. But that's not stealing. It's maybe not nice, but it's legitimate. Please tell us more. Click on the Options link at the upper right corner of your question and select EDIT.
  2. You need to write at least one script to do that. The script detects your touch and sends a message to the other object. If the two objects are linked, the message can simply be a command to change texture. If they aren't, the message can be a chat command to a second script in the other object that does the actual work of changing the texture. In either case, it's a simple bit of scripting.
  3. Representative Linden is a managerial entity that keeps track of the arcane point system by which roles and ranks are awarded in these forums. I suspect that like several other "Lindens", Representative is a corporate being shared occasionally by real Lindens but usually content to live its existence as an algorithm within the mighty server network. S/he is therefore simultaneously always on line and never on line, except to send a rare congratulatory e-mail to some lucky forum dweller. I doubt that Representative is interested in hearing back from us, but I could be wrong. Metaphysics has n
  4. If you have downloaded the Linux version of whatever viewer you are using, it should install automatically. When installation is finished, it ought to ask whether you want to launch the viewer, and then should do it. If that is not happening, check to be sure that you do not have a firewall or antivirus program that is blocking the viewer from running. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Configure_your_software_firewall and http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Configuring_your_firewall . Notice that the second of those wiki pages gives some Linux-specific instructions that may be helpful.
  5. Triplicate post. Original at http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Getting-Started/valliten-fang/qaq-p/1120043#M1524 Please do not add extra threads. If you have information to add to your post, click on the Options link in its upper right corner and select EDIT. You make friends in SL the same way that you do in RL. Say hello, join in conversations with other people, and share common interests. You can try visiting places that sponsor activites you enjoy, like racing or live music or role play. You're likely to find other people who like the same things.
  6. Duplicate post. Original at http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Getting-Started/valliten-fang/qaq-p/1120043#M1524
  7. Do you have a question? If so, you may add information to your post by clicking on the Options link in its upper right corner and selecting EDIT.
  8. I agree, although the problem isn't exactly that users have several viewers installed. It's that they are installed improperly, so that they share files or settings that they shouldn't. Unless the viewers are kept from interfering with each other, you can have all sorts of problems, starting with rendering and inventory management issues and leading up to crashes and login failure. You're right that sometimes the best solution is to clean house and start over completely.
  9. You can give transferable items to another account, but anything that is no-transfer has to stay right where it is. You can also transfer all funds by just paying the other account.
  10. Try something simple first ..... Unplug your router and modem for a few minutes. Go out for coffee or something. Then plug the router and modem back in and reboot your computer for good measure. That will force them to get a clean grasp on your IP address and will shake some dust out of the system (figuratively speaking). If you're lucky, that's all it will take. If not, come back here and add to your post by clicking on the Options link in its upper right corner and selecting EDIT.
  11. (1) Versuchen Abschalten Ihres Computers, Abziehen des Router und Modem für ein paar Minuten, und stecken Sie sie wieder in und Neustarten. Das einfache Schritt kann klar alles (2) Wenn nicht, versuchen Sie den Cache manuell. Mit Second Life geschlossen, um den entsprechenden Weg zu gehen und löschen Sie alle Dateien im "Cache"-Ordner. Windows XP - C: \ Dokumente und Einstellungen \ \ Anwendungsdaten \ SecondLife \ cache Windows Vista - C: \ Users \ \ AppData \ Roaming \ SecondLife \ cache Windows Vista Home Premium - C: \ Users \ \ AppData \ Roaming \ SecondLife \ browser_profile \ cache Wi
  12. Hehehe .. It's not always easy to tell which information is important. I'm very glad that it worked for you, Lolita. Congratulations.
  13. Banned from a sim? You'll have to deal directly with the sim owner. LL isn't likely to get involved at that level. A sim owner has the right to eject or ban you for any reason at all -- or no reason -- and can unban you just as easily. All I can suggest is that you send a VERY polite note of explanation and hope for the best. It's either that or walk away and find some other place to enjoy SL.
  14. Rolig Loon


    Você tem uma pergunta?
  15. OK, then start doing the stuff on the bake_fail page that I gave you the link to. Be patient. It will work.
  16. When you asked this question in Answers, you didn't mention that there were extra scripts in your AO. If you open an object with your edit tool and look at the Contents page, you'll see a button that says New Script. Every time you click on that button, it creates copy of the default "Hello, Avatar!" script that you just copied and pasted into your note here. I have no idea why someone clicked that button a mess of times, but they have made multiple copies. None of those belong in your AO. Just to be sure that you are doing the right thing, open each one to verify what it is. If it's on
  17. You should not normally need to do the Character Test at all, because there are other, less drastic methods for repairing your avatar. If you do use it, however, Character Test will automatically replace your avatar with a newbie version. That's exactly what you said that's it's doing. To return to your normal appearance, then, all you need to do is wear your favorite shape, skin, and attachments. I keep a folder with all of those things, labeled Emergency Me, in my own Inventory so that I can apply them to my avatar with a single action. Even if you don't have a similar folder, however,
  18. Arrrg! :smileymad: LL changed the links on that page. You can still get the download, but not by clicking on the obvious link that says Download. You have to click the link at the end of the line that says Release Notes. That opens another page, with a Download link that actually works. Don't ask why........ :smileysad:
  19. If you'd like V2 back, it's right here >>> https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Supported_Viewers . When you re-install it, I'd recommend doing a clean install (See here >>> http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=clean_reinstall). Then be sure to go into Preferences and UNcheck the little box that gives LL permission to automatically upload newer versions. If you'd really rather have V3 and get rid of your cloudy appearance, go to http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=bake_fail . Start at the top and work down until you find what works for you. There are many reas
  20. Opening tabs? I'm not visualizing this. When I teleport from either a LM or my map view, all I do is click the Teleport button. If I have the blackout screen disabled (which I can do in Phoenix or Firestorm), I just appear in the new spot ... bingo. If I don't have the blackout screen disabled, if I remember correctly, there's a small progress bar in the middle of the screen. In either case, there's no opening tab anywhere. But you get them? And not just one but an never-ending cascade of them? If you'd like to add more helpful information, please click on the Options link in the uppe
  21. The first thing to do is verify that the transfer actually didn't work. If you are logged in to SL with either acount, you ought to be able to see the current balance in the upper right corner of your screen. To be sure that it's correct, click on it to force an update. Do the same with your other account. Then, for completeness, open the dashboard for each of your accounts (http://secondlife.com ) and check your balance in Accounts >> Transaction History. The numbers that show there can be as much as a half hour out of sync with reality, but by now they should reflect the transfer
  22. Did you sync your Magic Box with the Inventory listing in Marketplace? Did you use the Manage Inventory tools to edit the listing for every single item in your Magic Box and make it active? See >>> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Managing-your-Marketplace-store/ta-p/700191
  23. Are you re-installing new copies on top of the previously borked ones, or are you doing a clean re-install first? In addition to removing the folder in your C:/Programs directory where the viewer's exe file is, you also need to delete the folders in Documents & Settings (both Local and Roaming) that contain your user settings. If you don't remove every trace of the previous installation, any new one may inherit whatever was screwed up earlier.
  24. Hehehe.... There's something for everyone in SL. One of the things I like most about SL is that we don't all have to enjoy the same things.
  25. @ Plymo --- Es kann sehr schwierig sein, Ihr Problem zu lösen, leider. Die Fehlermeldung wird häufig erstellt, wenn Sie in einer Gruppe, die einen Titel, der "illegalen" Zeichen enthält, verwendet werden. Wenn Sie trägt einen Titel, der ungewöhnliche Symbole (wie Herzen, geometrische Symbole oder koreanischen Zeichen) enthält, werden die Symbole aus der Anmeldung in SL zu verhindern. Die einzige Lösung ist, um in einem anderen Konto (ein alt) log, und überzeugen Sie sich die Besitzer der Gruppe, um Sie aus der Gruppe auszustoßen. Wenn Sie der Eigentümer der Gruppe sind, dann sind Sie auf alle
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