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  1. Medhue Simoni wrote: As far as I know, sculpties will never cost more than 1 prim, unless you link it to a mesh or change it's physics. OH, and let me add. Any content creator that has a real investment in SL, and lots of loyal customers, will most likely convert their sculpties to mesh. I would also suggest they give free updates to mesh for their items. I personally will never buy another sculpty product. Because of sculpties being soooooo inefficient, in a year or 2, no1 will be making sculpties, and I'd be willing to bet that all users will replace their sculpties with mesh, whether
  2. Welcome back, Chosen, and thank you for the characteristically well thought out discussion of scultpies and PE. Your reading of history is good. Scuplties were a stopgap. They have served us well, but they have severe limitations. The challenge now, though, is that we can't have a do-over on history. We needed the stopgap, but we can't just turn around now and undo the past two years of sculpty history. We have a world full of sculpties that people have spent creative time and a lot of L$ for. Changing the rules on PE is clearly the right thing to do from the standpoint of efficiency, bu
  3. You may currently post up to 5 events per day (including event edits).  The most common reason people have problems posting events is that they go over the limit, especially with edits. See the rest of the rules at https://secondlife.com/my/community/events/tos.php?nextpage=%2Fmy%2Fcommunity%2Fevents%2Fedit.php%3Flang%3Den-US
  4. Always check to be sure that you are sending L$ to someone's username, not his Display Name. Usernames are unique, but there can be 1,000 people with the Display name BobSmith. If you send L$ to that name, it will go to the only person whose username is BobSmith, not to your friend.
  5. Well, L$11 is barely more than 4 cents. That's almost free. The creator of those sculpties won't allow you to sell the full-perm sculpties as sculpties, but when they have your textures on them, that's a different matter. Make your textured sculpties no-mod so that the buyer can't rip the texture or get the bare sculpty, and then give them away. Your ex-partner's copies will be worthless.
  6. Think of all the breedable horses and those cute little meeroos. Somebody has to take care of them when they get sick, don't they?
  7. Do NOT tell this new alt the password. You have no proof that it is really the same person, She could be a thief, trying to gain access to your friend's account. If you can get into it, the real owner can too. For the future..... NEVER tell anyone your password, and don't use someone else's account either. According to the TOS, the account owner is responsible for everything that happens with the account. A dishonest person could use your stolen avatar to grief other people, and could empty your L$ account and transfer all of your great things in inventory.
  8. You still have the boxed items in your inventory, so add the LM to them. Then open your Magic Box and remove the ones that are there and replace them with the newly-modified ones. So long as you don't change the names of the items in any way, the Marketplace software will continue to look for items with those names in your Magic Box and will just pick up the new ones instead of what was there before.
  9. Now that he has the items and they are in his vendors, he is the owner. He can do anything he wants with them. As far as I can see, your only way to beat him at his game is to do what one major shoe designer did three years ago (1) Offer the items yourself for free (possibly with a discount coupon for some other great item, to make the freebies move fast) and (2) Develop a completely new product that will outdo anything you made before and gave to him.
  10. You might post this question in the Fashion forum or maybe in General Discussion. You're more likely to get specific recommendations there. Personally, I'm not aware of any shape demos sold with mod perms, but then shapes are so easy to make with the Appearance sliders that I have never bought one in SL.
  11. All viewers have Preferences (CTRL + P) >>> Graphics . You enable streamed media on that page. Do be sure that you have clicked the "Advanced" box so that you see the full set of parameters.
  12. Also, do not put anything in the "Interests" category. If you leave that completely blank, the system won't suggest your profile to other people who may have common interests.
  13. Try using streams that aren't blocked. There are plenty of them.
  14. Duplicate post. Original at http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/So-many-domains-blocked/qaq-p/1136217
  15. The Scripting forum is meant as a place for scripters to learn from each other. It's not really a place to look for scripts. If you are looking for someone to write a script for you, the best place to ask is in the Inworld Employment section of the Commerce Forums (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/bd-p/InworldEmployment). If you are looking for a script that already exists, try Marketplace or the LSL Scripting Library (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting-Library/bd-p/LSLScriptingLibrary) or the Wanted section of the Commerce forums (http://community.secondlife
  16. Here? Assuming that you have payment information on file, you can buy L$ by clicking on the L$ symbol in the extreme upper right corner of your viewer screen when you are in world. If you're not, you can buy L$ from your dashboard at https://secondlife.com/my/?lang=en-US . Click the Buy $L link in the left-hand sidebar, under the Linden Exchange header.
  17. It all depends on how you stretch and cut the prim. A cube has 7 faces, of which one is the inside face. So you can show up to 5 faces total. Try it. Make a cube, taper it in X and Y, and slice the top off the resulting pyramid. Then flatten it on Z. You'll have four trapezoidal faces surrounding one square. The inside face (#6) and the bottom (#5) won't be seen.
  18. It's quite simple, assuming that the people are registered as SL residents. Use the Map API and designate your chapel as the destination. See >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Map_API for an overview and a link to the instructions for setting yours up. ETA: If they aren't SL residents, of course, all bets are off.... until you convince them to join. :smileywink:
  19. Define an integer counter, start it at zero, and then loop through your sound files in a timer event, with the time set to just a little longer than your longest segment..... llPlaySound(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_SOUND, counter), 1.0); When you play the last one, shut off the timer.
  20. Hey, if all we have is long shots, that's what we offer. Anything is better than a fried graphics card. But that's what I think it is too. =X
  21. That's a really bad ping time and a rotten percentage of dropped packets. You do have a connectivity problem. Try rebooting your router by unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back it to get a fresh hold on an IP address. Get off wireless if you have been on it. Then run a ping test >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Checking_for_packet_loss_%28network_lag%29 to find out where the problem is in your connection.
  22. That's wierd, and a little scary too. I can't think of a good reason for that to happen unless your graphics card is failing. Just as a long shot ...... try opening Preferences (CTRL + P) >> Graphics >> Hardware Settings and UNchecking Enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO). That setting is sometimes responsible for making objects black on your screen, although I have never heard of it creating a vertical black line. I don't expect it to work, but who knows?
  23. The fastest way to see where new items are in your inventory is to open the Recent tab. Anything you have received since logging in will be listed there. If you want to look farther back in time, click the gear symbol in the lower left corner of that window and select Show Filters. In the panel that opens, set the time or day that you want to seach for. Items are commonly packaged for delivery, and may be delivered in folders that have obscure names, so open any folder that looks unfamiliar. Go to a sandbox and rez objects that may be boxes that contain your new items too.
  24. Stand on your land and...... Choose World > About Land and click the General tab. Click Abandon Land. After confirming, the land is removed from your account. That's it! You can register for another Linden Home.
  25. Most people who are teaching in SL are teachers in RL, and they are teaching their own RL students here. (And they don't get paid in SL for it.) The other possibilities that you named are all up to you. If you want to call yourself a cheerleader or a veterinarian, do it. Then see if you can convince anyone to pay you to do it (not likely unless you can do something really special that's worth paying for). The point is, almost everyone in SL is self-employed except for DJs, dancers, and escorts. You create a product or develop a service and try to find customers/clients who want to pay you
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