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  1. The LSL wiki is your friend. Take a look at each of the llDetectedTouch* functions, because they offer you different options, depending of whether you want to know which prim face you touched(llDetectedTouchFace), where you touched it in region coordinates (llDetectedTouchPos), or local face coordinates (llDetectedTouchST), or coordinates relative to the texture on the face (llDetectedTouchUV), or maybe what a unit vector perpendicular to the face is (llDetectedTouchNormal), or a vector tanget (binormal) to the face is (llDetectedTouchBinormal).
  2. When you create a group, you must have at least 2 members in it within 48 hours or the group is eliminated. Once a group name has been used, it cannot be used again. So if you created the Satryricon group but you were the only person in it at the end of 48 hours, it is gone forever.
  3. Continuation of original question posted at http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/Unable-to-create-requested-object-Object-is-missing-from/qaq-p/1020129. You can add to your post by clicking the Options link in its upper right corner and selecting Edit. If you have deleted the Phoenix/Firestorm bridge and done the Character Test to rebuild your avatar and are still having problems, it sounds as if you actually have borked user data files on your hard drive. Some data files related to avatar appearance and user preferences are shared among different viewers, so once they are contaminated they may cause similar problems in all of them. It may be time to delete those files completely and do a clean re-installation of the viewer you use as your primary viewer. See http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=fs_clean_reinstall for instructions specific to Firestorm. You should use a similar process for other viewers. Starting with a clean slate should clear up your problem.
  4. Firestorm is fine. You probably toggled particles off. Toggle them back ON with CTRL + Shift + Alt + =
  5. You have discovered the permissions bug in the server software that has been affecting many people in SL for the past couple of weeks. See >>> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Known-issue-with-granting-revoking-permissions/td-p/975953 . You can find a workaround for the problem at http://www.phoenixviewer.com/ (the blog post from Jessica Lyons dated 19 July). LL rolled out a potential solution with the update to sims running Blue Steel server software this week. If it is successful, the patch will probably roll grid-wide with the next full update. Until then, use the workaround or wait like the rest of us.
  6. That message usually indicates that some scripted item that you are wearing is looking for another object that it is meant to rez or link to. If you have used the Phoenix or Firestorm viewers, my guess is that the missing item is the bridge that both of them use to facilitate their radar and TP functions. The old Emerald viewer used to have a similar feature. Open your inventory and look for a folder labelled #Phoenix or #Firestorm. If you aren't currently using one of hose viewers, I'd suggest simply deleting the folder. If you are, then the best idea is to visit the Phoenix/Firestorm in-world group and get their advice about repairing or replacing the folder.
  7. I agree with Lyra. If things look fine for you with a third party viewer, stick with it. It beats banging your head against the wall with LL's current V2 viewer. If you like the look and feel of V2, I'd suggest trying Firestorm, which has a V2 interface that is very much like LL's and has most of V2's features, even in beta (plus many features that V2 does not have). You'll find it at http://www.phoenixviewer.com . If you want to stay with LL's V2 but go back to a previous, less buggy version, you'll find all of them at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:Release_Notes . Just be sure when you install a previous version that you go to Preferences >> Setup and disable Automatic Updates so that LL doesn't send you the newest version again.
  8. You're not likely to have any success. You were charged L$65 (about 26 cents) --- your share of the group's liability, like all other group members in your role. That's how the group pays its bills for event advertizing or other expenses. If you didn't want to pay your share, you could have left the group or asked the group's owner why people in your role are paying a share of group costs. As it is, the bills have been paid, you have left the group, and the past is past. Time to move on.
  9. Es posible que la transferencia de dólares de su cuenta con PayPay. Ver https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/process-credit.php para obtener instrucciones.
  10. Not easily. If you have already used age verification, the system will recognize you if you try to do it again. If you made a mistake the first time, you can try submitting a support ticket (use the Account option in the pulldown menu) and explain what the mistake was. When they respond, they will probably want you to submit some proof of your identity and your age. If you didn't make a mistake, of course, the way to change your age verification is to wait until you are 18.
  11. I'm not clear at all about what you mean about "frame axes." What is in the corner of your screen? What tool are you talking about? Modeling what? You can add more details to your question by clicking on the Options link in its upper right corner and selecting Edit.
  12. That's a nice, self-contained random giver script. Take a good look at each function it uses and refer to the LSL wiki to see why it's there. Basically, whenever anyone touches it, the script (1) asks how many objects are in its own inventory (Yes, that always means the Contents of the object where the script is located) (2) Creates a random number between 0 and that total number (3) Gives whoever touched it (llDetectedKey(0)) the object in inventory (INVENTORY_OBJECT) with that number. Try it and see. Never be afraid to experiment. Keep working copy of a script that sort of does what you want, and beat the heck out of it till it does exactly what you want. The worst that can happen (usually) is that the script fails utterly and you have to start over.
  13. As LL's description puts it: "If DNS can't be resolved as described above, it's somewhat like dialing a forwarding phone number that recently existed but the phones were disconnected — perhaps at the other end, or something in between happened. " Basically, it means that your viewer and SL's servers have temporarily lost the ability to talk to each other because there are squirrels on the line. Unless there's a problem with the servers (Always check http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ first), it's probably something on your end. So.... (1) Try shutting off your computer, unplugging the router and modem for a couple of minutes, and then plugging them back in and restarting. That simple step may clear up everything (2) If not, try clearing your cache manually. With Second Life closed, go to the appropriate pathway and delete all the files inside the "cache" folder. Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\SecondLife\cache Windows Vista - C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\cache Windows Vista Home Premium - C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\browser_profile\cache Windows 7 - C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\browser_profile\Cache AND Windows 7 - C:\Users\\AppData\Local\SecondLife\ (Viewer version 1.23.5 (136262)) Mac - /Users//Library/Caches/SecondLife Linux - ~/.secondlife/cache (3) If things are STILL messed up, contact your ISP. Maybe they are working on their Internet connections. Mine go down for about 20 minutes once a month or so while they are vacuuming dust out of their servers, or whatever they do. Mac users sometimes have their own special DNS problem, too. See https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25627 and consider adding your vote. Meanwhile see the solution here: http://neilrobinson.wordpress.com/2008/05/19/a-fix-for-dns-errors/. Basically, it amounts to adding the following additional DNS servers to your DNS settings in Network settings under System Preferences:
  14. There are a couple of reports related to this behavior in the Phoenix JIRA. Take a look at http://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/PHOE-2370 http://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/PHOE-3252 and consider adding your own comments to either of them, especially if you have information that might help developers fix whatever is misbehaving.
  15. We're glad to see you coming back with questions, Luxz. It's a good way to learn. The best way to learn how particles work is to experiment. Go to the Particle Lab in world and wander around, playing with Jopsy's many displays and tutorials to see what each of the parameters does. Then spend time in their sandbox, where you can get samples of scripts for many common effects. I made a collection of those myself a long time ago and I still use some of them as starting points when I want to create a new effect.
  16. Yes, there are griefer scripts that can make you crash. A texture crasher essentially feeds your viewer enough textures that it overloads your graphics card by trying to display them all. If you are in a region that is griefed by such a script, you can simply TP out (or sometimes turn off all particles with CTRL + Shift + Alt + = , which can work if the script is overloading you with particle textures). If you suspect that you have such a script, the smart thing to do is delete it.
  17. WoW and other games don't use as much bandwidth and aren't as touchy about a stable connection as SL is. It's very possibly a problem with your wireless connection. Wireless gives a lot of people trouble in SL because it is vulnerable to interference from cell phones, garage door openers, and all sorts of other things. If you can't use a cable connection, you may be stuck with occasional bad lag.
  18. It's not Second Life talking to you. It's your computer. Your computer will not let you install a program unless you have permission. If you don't have administrator privileges (maybe it's not your machine), find someone who does.
  19. Welcome to Second Life! Sounds like you need a quick review of the basics. If you aren't still on Orientation Island to do the tutorials, take a look at http://secondlife.com/support/quickstart/basic .
  20. If you are using the most recent update of LL's V2 viewer, try removing it completely from your computer anbd them replacing it with either an older version of V2 (available at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:Release_Notes) or a third party viewer (available at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory). If you install an older V2 version, disable the Automatic Uploads feature in Preferences >> Setup.
  21. On the JIRA page, click +Create Issue, then select Project: Scripting and Issue Type: New Feature
  22. Many estate owners accept L$ as payment for rent. Any that I have ever rented from do. The estate owner doesn't know or care where the L$ come from. If you have them in your account, you can transfer them. So you can certainly use the L$350/week bonus that way. Using tier directly is less common, but I have known landowners -- specifically educational institutions and non-profits -- who do that as a way of sharing land with other institutions who share a common theme. The language I used in my post, earlier, is LL's own statement which describes that option.
  23. You can : (1) Open your Places window with the icon that looks like a globe. Then either double click on a LM or highlight it and click the Teleport button (2) Open your map view, type in the region name and coordinates, and click Teleport. (3) Open your Search window with the icon that looks like a magnifying glass. Then select the Destinations tab, find an interesting place, and click on the Teleport button. (4) Open your Search window with the icon that looks like a magnifying glass. Then type a name in the search field, select Places, and click to get a list of possible target locations. When you find one, click the Teleport button. There are probably others, but those should get you started.
  24. Hmmmm.. llStopHover does what it says ... stops hovering. The OP wants to start hovering. Unfortunately, the alternatives are llSetHoverHeight and llGroundRepel, both of which only work on physical objects.
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