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  1. Atlassian? Why would you want to deal with them? That's the software company that makes the bug tracking system (JIRA) that LL uses. If you think you have found a bug, you need to report it to LL >>> https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/?
  2. Certainly, if you rez the seat as soon as the person gets into the plane. It's the script in the ejection seat that is asking permission to attach, and it can't ask until it exists. So, sit down >> rez seat >> get permission >> attach seat >> wait for eject command >> get eject command >> eject.
  3. If you are in SL yourself, just send him L$ by clicking on his profile and selecting Pay. If you're not, deposit RL money into whatever account he defined for payment information when he registered for SL. For example, if he's using a PayPal account for buying L$, send a few dollars to that account. He'll be able to draw on it as needed. (Of course, he might decide to use the PayPal account to order an outrageous T-shirt on line instead, but that's the risk parents take with teens.)
  4. BTW, I assume you know that you don't need to rename the files at all...... If you drop two or more copies of the same item in an object's inventory, the extra ones will automatically have a number appended to them (sound, sound1, sound2, sound3....).
  5. Well, for one thing, the sound files will be playing in alphabetical order, because that's the way they are always stored in inventory. If you want to change that order, you'll need to rename some of the files. The gaps, though, don't have anything to do with the script, as far as I can see. After all, you can play your four files in a continuous loop, as I can when I test it with four sound files here. It sounds like the dead sound files themselves -- the numbered copies that you made --- are borked, but I'm momentarily at a loss to explain how.
  6. If you get an "Object Missing From Database" error message when you rez an item from your inventory then sometimes the system notices this error and is able to automatically recover your missing object. However, in order to see if Second Life was able to recover your missing object, you will need to wait one hour, clear your cache as described in Clearing Second Life's cache, logout and then log back in and look in your Inventory Window to see if the item has reappeared.  The steps above can often recover inventory that appeared lost. If you have a Premium account, you may also submit a case
  7. You can't do that with standard prims. All normal prims in SL have sharp edges (well, OK, except for spheres and torii). If you want smooth edges, you'll need to create sculpties or mesh objects. For that, you'll need to use a 3D modeling program like Blender. Unless you are prepared to climb the learning curve to figure out how to do that, the easiest solution might be to shop for packages of prefab sculpty shapes. Visit someplace like Builder's Brewery in world or look on Marketplace.
  8. Tyrehl Byk wrote: Essentially what I"m saying is that any object with my avatar name on it does not echo ANY chat commands back to me. this includes llOwnerSay, llSay, llShout....etc. Oh, if that 's the case, Cinn has it right. You muted yourself.
  9. Wait a week. You're only allowed to change your Display name once every seven days. You can Reset your name, of course. Doing that sets your Display name to your username, the official name that you use when you log in.
  10. There are many causes for bake failure, so the same one won't work for everyone every time. Go to http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=fs_bake_fail and start trying things, startring at the top of their list and going down one at a time until you find the one that works for you. Something always does. BTW, those suggestions work for any viewer you may be using.
  11. It probably doesn't know that you are the owner. A well-written script that contains any functions which depend on the owner should always include a changed event that looks like this ... changed(integer change){ if(change&CHANGED_OWNER) { llResetScript(); }} That will force the script to reset itself if the object changes owners (as when you give it to an alt, or vice versa). If it's not there, the script will remember who the owner used to be, and only listen to that person. So .... if you can't modify the script or don't care to, just select the object and use Build
  12. LOL... I can relate to OCD. Welcome to the clubhouse. So, you have discovered that CTRL+Alt+T will help you find transparent objects. It doesn't help find objects that are inside other ones or that are really tiny. So, Click on your Build menu at the top of the screen. Select Options and be sure that the Select By Surrounding option is checked. Then type CTRL + 3 to open your Build edit window and drag a selection rectangle around some suspicious-looking area. Anything inside the rectangle will be selected, even if it is inside another object. If it's tiny, you may want to zoom in to
  13. Find yourself a full perm pose ball and take it apart. If you look at the script, you'll see that there's a changed event that is triggered when someone sits on it. That changed event then goes on to ask permission to animate whoever is sitting. Well, you don't want to animate someone -- you want to fire off a particle display instead. So that's where you put the llParticleSystem function to do it. The only other thing you need to do is look at the part of the changed event that is activated when the avatar stands up. That's where you put the llParticleSystem([]) function to stop the part
  14. Noooo.... I was agreeing with you that you can get rid of almost all of the sound preloading, because most of the time the same person will be hearing all of your sound files in a continuous loop. You really only need to preload files the first time that person hears them. So, I suggested getting rid of the sound() function entirely, leaving only a vestige of the preloading business at the tail end of the timer event. Here's a version of what I was suggesting. I have removed all of the global functions that were only used in the sound() function and have tightened up the remaining script a
  15. Yup. You can click Help at the top of this page and then select Contact Support from the menu on the right side of the page, or you can go directly to https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/. .
  16. Picks? You go to a favorite spot and then open the Picks tab in your profile and click the + sign in the lower left corner. Select "New Pick". That will add the spot to your picks. Once you have created a new pick, open it and click the Edit button to make any changes you like.
  17. You ought to be able to. If you have trouble doing it, call LL's billing office (free from Canada!) at 800.294.1067 The Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You might also try using one of the approved third party currency exchanges listed at https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Linden_Dollar_Marketplace
  18. You take some of them off. That's what the notice is telling you. If you are carrying around more than about 50 scripts, for a total memory use of more than 2 Mb, then you are probably having some TP problems and may be generating some lag for people around you. Scripted hair and other attachments (shoes, bling...) can be very unfriendly this way.
  19. I suggest re-installing the previous version of the LL viewer or switching to a third party viewer. People are having a lot of trouble with the video driver message since the latest upgrade. When you re-install, be sure to go into Preferences and disable the checkbox that authorizes LL to upload new versions automatically.
  20. Good catch. Until you click the dialog button to select an animation, there's none defined. So pick one and make it the default. Just add anim = "girltype"; at the top of your touch_start event so that it's always the one that plays until you change it. The stopping, starting business is probably in your anims themselves, as you said. You might be able to beat it, though, by tricking the viewer into deliberately restarting the anim each time the timer is triggered. Try llStopAnimation(anim); llStartAnimation(anim); instaed of just starting the anim.
  21. It's a little hard to follow the logic of this script, but it looks as if it's running slowly because you added that user-defined function, sound(). You really shouldn't need that. I think you can do with removing that function and the top part of the timer event..... if( i > last_wave_file_number ) { sound();//This is what I changed or added to keep it looping till you touch it again and stop it. All the rest below was either already omitted or omitted by me where ie: // play = FALSE; was done by me and //llSay(0, "finished."); was omitted by the original maker
  22. YW. Incidentally, if this really is a HUD script, then you don't need the variable that you called toucher, and you don't need to test for it in the touch_start event. After all, only the owner can touch a HUD.
  23. First of all, please remove his name from your post so that you don't get in trouble here for violating Community Standards. Then, consider the possibility that the seller hasn't been in world for a few days (this is a weekend, you know, and most of us have RL to tend to) so he may not have received your note. If he hasn't been in for a while, it's also rather likely that he will never receive it, because his "in box" has capped. If he has received more than 25 IMs, group notices, group invitations, notecards, and objects, the system will simply be trashing any new ones without delivering t
  24. Preloading refers to giving advance notice of what the sound will be to the avatar who will be listening . If the listening avatar hasn't already cached the sound file locally on his/her own machine, it has to be downloaded before the viewer can play it. The delay that you're talking about occurs because it takes time to download the file. So, preloading simply means sending the file to the avatar before it's needed. You can do that by using llPreloadSound. Since you'll be looping the sound indefinitely, though, it's easier to just let the listener deal with a delay the first time the fil
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