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  1. I know of only two solutions... put it farther from the wall or put an invisiprim behind it. ETA: I just tried the old invisiprim trick and it doesn't work any more. Some update must have killed it. Frankly, I avoid hover text as much as I can. If the buyer needs important information, I put it in a texture on the vendor or in a notecard or chat message available on touch.
  2. I had eights on the brain while I was typing. I shouldn't work late at night.
  3. Marcin Pang wrote: Ps. Yeah, patients are objects. I think it's pretty obvious (from the context). Oh. That part didn't make sense to me as I read it, so I assumed it was an error. Most patients I know of in RL are people. :smileytongue: If they are objects, that does change the whole system that I was envisioning. I still think that transparency is the way to go. With this new understanding, though, I wonder why it's necessary ever to have the patients unlinked from the beds. They are never going to be walking, talking avatars anyway. Why not build they as permanent parts of a linkset that includes a bed that sometimes goes invisible? When you're all done, make the entire linkset die, including the patient. Then rez a new one and start over. That way you never have to mess with linking and unlinking.
  4. The color of your skin isn't constant. It varies with the time of day, the angle of sunlight striking it (or depth of shadows if the sun doesn't strike it), and the color and intensity of any artificial local light sources. And of course any skin designer doesn't make your skin a pasty monochrome color either. Skin is shaded. So, you can certainly get a sample measurement of the color at any moment (Go to Advanced (CTRL + Alt + D) >> UI >> Show Color Under Cursor ). You can plug those numbers into the color window in the Texture page of your Edit tool to paint that color on whatever object you select. You don't need an external program like Photoshop to do that. Just don't expect a perfect match.
  5. Why not just make each object a vendor? A person can't just take the object, but has to click on the vendor to get a copy. Rig it so that the act of clicking also sends a chat message with llRegionSayTo on a high negative private channel. The HUD receives the message and downgrades the person's health score.
  6. Oh, noooooooo...... Nobody can take your money unless you give them permission. A big yellow box opens on your screen and asks if you want to give some person permission to debit your account. Unless you are absolutely sure that you know the person and you know why you are giving permission, the answer should always be NO. Unfortunately, there's not a thing that anyone can do now to recover your money. If you look in your Transaction History, the transfer will probably show up as a gift, and there's no way to prove that it wasn't. If you can get the name of the person who owns that device, you can file an Abuse Report, but that's about it. You have just learned an expensive lesson. Fortunately, it's only about $5.80 U.S. I have seen a couple of people lose ten times that much.
  7. Cinn is absolutely right. If you post your email address on a public forum, you can risk getting a lot of spam and, worse, you can make yourself vulnerable to stalking and some forms of identity theft. Please remove your address as quickly as you can.
  8. The best place to ask detailed questions about sculpties is in the Buliding & Texturing forum. They will tell you that is doesn't make much difference which program you use, provided that it can make a valid UV map that SL recognizes as a sculpty. Personally, I think the best program for doing that is Blender. Get the JASS-2 package from http://blog.machinimatrix.org/jass/. It includes Blender, Python, and the plugin that makes it VERY easy to create and export sculpty UV maps to SL.
  9. Open your inventory, find the purchase by name, and use your mouse to drag it to the ground. You must be in a place that allows you to do that, like a public sandbox or your own home. Read more here >>> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Opening-boxes/ta-p/700185
  10. The way LL phrases it: "If DNS can't be resolved as described above, it's somewhat like dialing a forwarding phone number that recently existed but the phones were disconnected — perhaps at the other end, or something in between happened. " Basically, it means that your viewer and SL's servers have temporarily lost the ability to talk to each other because there are squirrels on the line. Unless there's a problem with the servers (Always check http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ first), it's probably something on your end. So.... (1) Try shutting off your computer, unplugging the router and modem for a couple of minutes, and then plugging them back in and restarting. That simple step may clear up everything (2) If not, try clearing your cache manually. With Second Life closed, go to the appropriate pathway and delete all the files inside the "cache" folder. Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\SecondLife\cache Windows Vista - C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\cache Windows Vista Home Premium - C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\browser_profile\cache Windows 7 - C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\browser_profile\Cache AND Windows 7 - C:\Users\\AppData\Local\SecondLife\ (Viewer version 1.23.5 (136262)) Mac - /Users//Library/Caches/SecondLife Linux - ~/.secondlife/cache (3) If things are STILL messed up, contact your ISP. Maybe they are working on their Internet connections. Mine go down for about 20 minutes once a month or so while they are vacuuming dust out of their servers, or whatever they do. Mac users sometimes have their own special DNS problem, too. See https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25627 and consider adding your vote. Meanwhile see the solution here: http://neilrobinson.wordpress.com/2008/05/19/a-fix-for-dns-errors/. Basically, it amounts to adding the following additional DNS servers to your DNS settings in Network settings under System Preferences:
  11. Not as unique as the whole thing, but I have no worries about using those first few characters to build, say, a private chat channel: integer gChan = (integer)("0xF" + llGetSubString(llGetOwner(),0,8) );
  12. If you don't need to keep taking the patient on and off of different beds, one solution is to just have the patient "sit" on the bed once and then move it from one place to another. If necessary, you could trigger different animations in each new place without unseating the patient. If you go to a bit of trouble, you can even make the bed transparent occasionally so that the patient appears to be separated from it (kinda tricky to script, but doable in theory).
  13. If you see this error message: Login failed; Your account is not accessible until (date/time) — this usually means that your Second Life account has been administratively blocked. Short-term blocks (less than an hour) may be the result of inappropriate behavior inworld. Longer blocks are typically the result of abuse. You will be unable to use Second Life until the indicated time; if that is more than an hour away, you will receive an email from the abuse team on the matter. Be sure to check your spam filters. Your account may also have been put on hold by mistake, or for an administrative reason -- maybe someone else has been using your account for phishing or other unauthorized purposes. In any case, the only people who can take your account off hold again are at Linden Lab. Read http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Why_is_my_account_on_hold%3F for more details and to find out what you can do next. 
  14. Here's a more detailed set of instructions for doing a clean install of updated graphics drivers than you may have received before. It's in the same spirit as the general recommendation that I gave you in my last post, regarding clean installation of viewers. Take a look >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Clean_Install
  15. If you download and install an older V2 viewer, the very first thing to do is open Preferences and disable the Automatic Download of Updates. If you don't do that, it will keep trying to replace the brand new installation that you just did with a newer one --- which is exactly what you DON'T want to do. You want to stay with the older version that you just installed. Also, when you are going to install an older version of the same viewer, it's always wise to manually remove all traces of the previous version instead of loading the new one on top of it. That way, you won't inherit any buggy files that might be leftover from the previous installation. See http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=clean_reinstall .
  16. You can open your Preferences from the login screen without actually logging in. Just type CTRL + P. Then you should be able to go to the Graphics tab and set your resolution back to something lower and safer. Once that's done, close Preferences and you should be able to log in. Please let us know if you still have trouble.
  17. You can tell that it's a UUID, or at least in the form of a UUID. That's about it.
  18. We don't know. You'll have to tell us what your problem is. What error message do you get? How far into the login process do you get? What viewer are you using? What kind of computer? What have you already tried? If you want to add more information to your post, click on the Options link in its upper right corner and select EDIT
  19. Not that it helps now, but to remember for the future: (1) Don't overuse the shopping cart. It is easily confused if you put more than a couple of things in it. (2) Don't buy things from Marketplace (especially LOTS of things) unless you are in world to receive them at the time. We each have an "in box" that holds IMs, notecards, group notices, group invitations, and anything that is delivered to us if we aren't in world at the time (or have been in "busy" mode). That "in box" can only hold 25 things, total. If anything else comes in, it isn't saved. It is gone ... poof .... forever. If you have your IMs set to forward to e-mail, that takes some of the pressure off, but if you have a mess of things delivered from Marketplace and half your friends send you notecards, that in box will be capped and you will never know what happened. To get a record of the individual items in your order, open Marketplace and click the My Marketplace menu at the top of the page. Select My Account >> Order History from the pulldown menu. If you do not receive items within about 24 hours, you should cut and paste the information about a missing item from that Order History and send it in a IM or notecard to the merchant, along with a polite message requesting redelivery. Most merchants are very kind and willing to redeliver. This happens all the time and they are aware of it. Do be patient, though. Not everyone logs in to SL every day or checks their e-mail. If you still haven't heard in another day or two, follow it up with a second polite note and finally, if you STILL haven't heard, file a support ticket at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ , selecting Marketplace from the pulldown menu.
  20. No. We're all SL residents here, just like you. Now, can you explain what you mean? If you want to add more information to your question, click the Options link in its upper right corner and select Edit.
  21. I love trying to figure out where ridiculous rumors come from. All I can guess is that some newbie heard about the old Emerald viewer that LL shut down about a year and a half ago and then morphed the story into a present day intrigue. NO, it's not true. At this point, there are more people using Phoenix and Firestorm than using LL's V2 and 1.23 viewers. Add in the people using Imprudence, Kirstens, Singularity, and the other TPVs, and that's a lot of people. LL developers keep the TPV developers informed about changes in the V2 codebase and the server software that all of the viewers have to deal with. Having multiple viewers not only gives SL residents choices, but it means that we have the advantage of competing experimental models. Features that become popular in one viewer can show up in other viewers faster than if LL had the only shop in town. This is a good, productive product environment.
  22. She never said that she didn't change her settings. She may have even changed or updated the viewer within the past couple of weeks, for all we know. If CPU usage is higher for SL all of a sudden, then something has changed in her viewer.
  23. Game? It's hard to tell, because we can't see your blue screen to tell whether it's a Blue Screen of Death (usually a hardware problem) or whether you have actually logged in underwater at <10,10,10>, which will look entirely blue too. If you want to add more information to your question (perhaps a photo?), click the Options link in its upper right corner and select Edit.
  24. The best advice, if you have the option, is to avoid wireless. Many people in SL have trouble maintaining a stable connection on wireless, with the result that they have a higher rate of crashes, bake fail issues, and general lag. We hear from a lot of those people here in Answers. The problem is partly that wireless routers are not optimized for continual streaming of data, and SL relies heavily on a steady data flow. Wireless is also vulnerable to interference from cell phones, garage door openers, other smart appliances and -- if you are sharing the router -- every other user in the dorm or Starbucks. You may not have the choice, but if you do I'd recommend using a direct cable connection instead.
  25. It's just a guess, but you may be putting more of a burden on your GPU than you have been in the past. The GE Force 8400 is an old graphics card by now. It's been around since 2007. It's a great card, but it has only 512M of memory. If you have been running Firestorm with Ultra resolution -- pushing the limits with shadows, antialiasing, a large draw distance, and other enhancements, you may be making your GPU work overtime and increasing your disc cache and CPU activity. Try backing off on some of those special features and see if that helps. Also, go to Preferences >> Graphics >> Hardware settings and uncheck Enable OpenGL Vertex Buffering (VBO) (and maybe HTTP Textures as well). Those features are intended to make texture rendeering more efficient, but they can actually slow down some graphics cards.
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