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  1. That is a real nuisance. It only affects a small number of people. Sorry you are one of them. :smileysad: The solution is to download a different viewer (try Firestorm at http://www.phoenixviewer.com/). Install it and log in. You'll be able to accept the TOS page with that viewer. Then you can decide whether to stay with it or go back to the viewer that you started with. You only need to check the TOS page once, so this should not be a problem again.
  2. You might also try going to Preferences (CTRL + P) >> Graphics >> Hardware Settings and UNchecking OpenGL Virtual Buffer Objects (VBO).
  3. Here's LL's advice about what to do when you get repeated crash logger errors: If Second Life crashes during the loading process, you may be using an uncommon combination of settings that we were unable to test during our quality assurance process. This problem is more common in beta and Project Viewers than in released Viewers. To restore your default settings without reinstalling Second Life, move all of your existing settings files to a different, temporary directory. Next time Second Life starts, it will create a new, default set of settings files. Get help finding your user settings. If restoring your default settings fixes your problem, please file a bug report in the Public Issue Tracker and attach your original settings files (the ones you saved in a temporary directory) so we can analyze them and solve the problem for future Residents. If this still doesn't solve your problem, some bad cache files might be causing the crash logger itself to crash. Try clearing out your cache files, uninstalling Second Life, and reinstalling. 
  4. You can own as many homes as you like, whether you are a basic or a premium member. If you're a premium member, you are paying tier (like a condominium fee) directly to LL. If you're a basic member (like me), you're paying rent to the actual owner of the land, who is paying LL. The only practical decision you have to make is which of your many houses you call "Home." You can only designate one spot in SL as the place that you go to automatically when you type CTRL + Shift + H. When you decide which place that is, open your World menu and select Set as Home. (In fact, you don't even have to own or rent to make that decision, since everyone has a home. Yours could be on any land owned by a group that you belong to, or could be a LL infohub, for example.)
  5. It looks like your only real error is that you forgot to recast the list elements of Biglist (ultimately MyList) as keys so you can compare them to llGetOwner. Darkie's solution does it by recasting llGetOwner as a string, which is the reverse way of looking at it and just as correct. Incidentally, I should have pointed out earlier that writing if( ~llListFindList(MyList,[llGetOwner()])) is the same thing as writing if( llListFindList(MyList,[llGetOwner()]) != -1) It's just a little more compact.
  6. I bet that if you posted this question over in the Machinima Forum, someone would know >>>> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Machinima-Forum/bd-p/machinima_forum
  7. If you crash (rather than just losing your connection) it's not uncommon to find that one or more user files on your computer have been borked. That's why we often recommend a manual clearing of cache when some of those symptoms show up. Your inventory, avatar appearance, and user settings (among others) are all cached on your hard drive. Clearing those files forces SL's servers to send you fresh information to rebuild them, hopefully recovering "lost" inventory and repairing appearance glitches along the way. Some people clear cache way too often, but it's a good cure when you need it.
  8. Use llListFindList, as in if(~llListFindList(My_list,[llGetOwner()]) { //Do something }
  9. Yeah, group notices add a lot. The biggest number of capping complaints we see here, as you know, is due to people buying WAY too many things on Marketplace when they aren't in world to receive them. They blame Marketplace or the merchants for non-delivery, but the problem would never arise if they would buy fewer things and only do it when they are in world. However you look at it, the cap is a frustration. Unfortunately, I don't see much way for LL to do away with it.
  10. No, unfortunately it doesn't help. Even though the IM's have been forwarded to e-mail, they still sit in your "in box," where they still count against the cap. It's a real bummer, but that's the only way that LL can keep stuff from piling up in accounts while the owners are long gone from SL.
  11. Nope. Your "in box" holds a maximum of 25 IMs, group notices, group invitations, notecards, and objects that have been sent to you while you were not in world (or were in busy mode). Anything that arrives after the box is full is discarded ... not sent to Lost & Found or trash, not returned to the sender ... and the sender does not receive any notice of the delivery failure. If you have reached the cap, anything after that is gone forever.
  12. Jacks Hammerer wrote: Thanks.I have tried disabling Vbo doesnt help but thank you. That's a shame. Disabling VBO usually works. As I said in my first response, SL has a history of misbehaving with ATI graphics cards (check the JIRA sometime, if you are curious). The only other suggestion I can offer is this ... Disable AI in Catalyst: Right click on your desktop (or right click the ATI logo in the bottom right tray) and select Catalyst Control Center; In catalyst control center go to the advanced options menu; Then click on the 3D tab on the left side. Catalyst A.I. will be amongst the labels there; Tick the box next to 'Disable Catalyst A.I.' If that fails, all that's left is to reinstall the older drivers that weren't giving you this problem.
  13. Frankly, I do not know either. If you go to Apple's developer's library, you find a short description on that WebKit error which says "Indicates that a frame load was interrupted by a policy change. Available in Mac OS X v 10.2 and later." Really helpful. The last time someone posted a question about this error was several months ago. As far as I can see, it was triggered by a temporary glitch in LL's servers. It hasn't occurred since, which may mean that it's just another temporary gitch that will go away if you are patient.
  14. I can imagine one situation in which it might make a difference, but I'd be very surprised if it was big enough to be detectable. As Innula says, projectile weapons usually rez the projectile with an initial velocity that is defined in the llRezAtRoot function. If you plan to make the arrow slow down as it flies (simulating atmospheric drag), you'll need to apply a continual negative force to it. That does require a small amount of attention from the physics engine which, I suppose, could add a tiny bit of lag. Unless you are planning to shoot thousands of arrows at once, though, I can't believe that it's enough lag to worry about.
  15. Even after reading the blurb in Marketplace, it's not clear to me why the DEAL S machine needs to know whether you have payment info on file. I assume that you somehow use it to transfer L$ to the creator and then (somehow?) get L$ back if you win. (If that's right, I don't see why this isn't a violation of LL's gambling policy, but that's beyond your question.... ) Anyway, you obviously can't transfer L$ unless you have it in your account, and I can't see why the DEAL S machine needs to know where you got it. Even when you get your payment status straightened out, I think you need to go back and ask the creator some serious questions. As far as the payment status is concerned.... if you have never bought any L$, do it. The accounting system needs to see at least one purchase, even a small one, to activate your account. If that doesn't clean things up, give the billing ofic a call. Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long-Distance 703.286.6277 LL's Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Local Toll-Free numbers * France: 0805.101.490 * Germany: 0800.664.5510 * Japan: 0066.33.132.830 * Portugal: 800.814.450 * Spain: 800.300.560 * UK: 0800.048.4646 * Support is in English Only
  16. Try opening Preferences (CTRL + P) and navigating to Graphics >> Hardware Settings. Then UNcheck the box for Enable OpenGL Virtual Buffer Objects (VBO). That feature of recent viewer updates is intended to speed up texture rezzing. It does that most of the time, but some people find that it has the opposite effect and introduces odd artifacts, especially in older machines. (SL has also had a history of odd behavor with ATI graphics cards, which may be part of your problem too, but that's a different matter.)
  17. You ought to be able to open your inventory's Library >> Clothing foilder and select any of the starter avatars that LL has provided. Wear it. Then you ought to be able to replace that withj your own favorite shape, skin, and attachments. If that does not work for some reason, try your Develop menu (CTRL + Alt + Q) >> Avatar >> Character Test >> Test Male. That will replace your av with a factory fresh male newbie. Then you should be able to replace that av with your own, as above.
  18. DCMA is a federal law. You can always hire a lawyer and consider legal action in RL courts.
  19. Expect LL to be pretty skeptical when you try to change your age. You're probably smarter to just wait until your birthday. Your age will change automatically then.
  20. You're going to get very mixed answers on this one. Many people have no trouble at all with wireless and SL. Many others, however, find that it makes SL impossible for them. The problem is that wireless routers are not built to deliver the continuous connectivity that SL expects. Because your client viewer and SL's servers trade information back and forth constantly, an interruption of more than a second can cause you to crash. We hear from a lot of people whose connectivity problems vanish when they move to a direct cable connection.
  21. Rage Riptide wrote: Thanks anyway Rolig but I want to use an alpha texture to remove the skin and I want to know where in the appeaarence editor I can change it. I have searched plenty too. No can find answer. Oh! You're not talking about replacing skin at all. Sorry. I misunderstood your question. You're talking about hiding a selected part of your body. That's what the alpha body layer does. You will find a selection of alpha masks in the Library folder in inventory. Most of them are designed to hide your feet so that they don't stick throuigh shoes. Designers who make specialized attachment (like armor, for example) often include alpha masks to hide other body parts that might otherwise poke through and be visible. You cannot make an alpha mask in world. You have to use an external graphics program like Photoshop or GIMP, just as you would if you were making any other clothing element. Then, once you have uploaded it to your inventory in world, you can wear it like any other texture. You'll notice, that if you go into Appearance mode, one of the options is Edit Alpha. Once you choose that option, you can apply your alpha mask there.
  22. You buy a new skin. It's a thriving business in SL. Skin artists are some of the most talented texture artists in SL, so their products can be very expensive. (I don't buy skin often, but when I do, I expect to pay L$1,200 to L$2,000 for a mid-range skin.) There are also some very good free (or almost free) skins too, though. You'll find them at most of the freebie shops in world and there are plenty on Marketplace. It's important to remember, however, that skin is just a texture. The same skin can look very different on people who have different shapes. When you are trying on new skins, therefore, think first about what shape you want to be, and wear that shape when you go shopping. Try on demos -- try LOTS of demos -- before you buy. Wearing a skin is like wearing any other texture that is applied to your body -- a blouse or system skirt, for example. You find it in your inventory (its icon looks like a stick figure and it's usually in your Body Part folder by default) and then right click and select Wear.
  23. Peggy's right. It's also true, though, that everything in SL rezzes in four successive stages, not all at once. The first texture rez stage is pretty low resolution but it's fast. The other three can take several minutes or as much as an hour sometimes, depending on how good your connection is, how fast your graphics card is, and how busy the server's sim is. LL does that four stage trick because it means less work all at once, and you do get to see something -- even if it's at lower resolution -- before the final stage is finished. You're seeing blurriness between stages, which is pretty normal -- just not usually as slow as you're seeing it.
  24. It sounds as if you have an active gesture that's stuck. Open your Gestures folder in inventory and turn off any that are marked active, one at a time, until you find it.
  25. That sounds cool. You might try posting your question in the InWorld Employment section of the Commerce forums >>> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/bd-p/InworldEmployment or (perhaps better) in the Favorite Destinations forum >>> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Favorite-Destinations/bd-p/FavoriteDestinations. BTW, since you mention that your tip jar is an attachment ......Tip jars all require a money event in their script, and (to quote the LSL wiki) "Money cannot be paid to an attachment." I suspect that people are handing you tips directly, not dropping them in an attached tip jar. :smileywink:
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