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  1. Bourée -- Jethro Tull (after J.S. Bach)
  2. Read this very good discussion ( Lea esta muy buena discusión ) ... https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_textures_discarded
  3. Oboe Concerto in F major BWV 1053r -- J.S. Bach
  4. Ahmad Jamal Trio in concert at the North Sea Jazz Festival • 16-07-1989
  5. Piano Concerto in G Major -- Ravel: Martha Argerich, Nobel Prize Concert 2009
  6. When Will You Die? -- They Might Be Giants
  7. Why Does the Sun Shine? -- They Might Be Giants
  8. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) -- They Might Be Giants
  9. That looks like one of the old style Linden Homes, not a new Belliserian one. Live Chat should be able to send someone out the reset the control panel for you.
  10. Pay close attention to the caveats in the wiki discussion of llGetAgentSize. The returned value may not be what you expect. I don't think it will make much difference how you calculate it. You can hope that standard- size avatars will need to be offset by almost the same amount, but non-standard shapes may vary quite a bit. EDIT: I have used a method like Innula's, but it's really a crap shoot. The 1.1 factor is one that I've seen in scripts for a very long time. It seems to be an empirical fudge factor that approximates the difference between the value reported by llGetAgentSize (which does not include the head, for some reason I have forgotten -- the bounding box, maybe?) and the avatar's real height (which does include the head). That's close for standard-sized avatars, but not for everyone.
  11. Pick up all your stuff and put it back in inventory. Then stand in the house, open World >> About Land, and click the Abandon Land button on the general page.
  12. Trumpet Concerto in E-flat major -- Johann Nepomuk Hummel - Robert Frear—trumpet
  13. Vertigo -- Béla Fleck (feat. Sam Bush, Bryan Sutton, Edgar Meyer & Stuart Duncan) Round Rock -- Béla Fleck (feat. Michael Cleveland & Jerry Douglas)
  14. ARIA PURA (Handpan solo) - Daniele Rebaudo
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