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  1. Puppets sock each other (NOT a commentary ... just playing the game ... )
  2. It's been way too long since I shared any travelogue photos with you. I just looked back to check, and my last entries here were when the stilts were new. I could make excuses, but the fact is that I have been lazy -- still exploring in Bellisseria but not saving a lot of images to show you. I started hearing that exciting things were happening around Rigamarole a few weeks ago, so I coralled a manta ray and got him to give me a ride. The waters there are treacherous, but nobody messes with a manta. Sure enough, sharks were gathering. Mermaids can be tough when we have to, of course, but I don't like having to deal alone with more than four or five of those guys at a time. A big turtle isn't usually belligerent. They can be territorial, though, and those heavy arms can leave a nasty bruise even if they don't mean any harm. The manta and I steered clear and headed south through Dannielles and Glimmer Bay, staying deep to avoid being tossed by storm waves. It was a scary crossing. I'm afraid I didn't take many photos as we approached land. The manta was skittish and I wasn't sure what to expect in unfamiliar waters. We followed a network of streams south through coastal marshland, finally discovering shimmering bioluminescent waters in Ladeedah. What a surprise! We ocean dwellers are not easily impressed by what happens on land. This part of Bellisseria, though, is astounding. Everything is outsized and glowing. Look at these lotuses, for example. And those tall mushrooms. I don't know much about mushrooms, because they don't grow in the seafloor where I live. There must be something in the soil here, though. These things are unnatural. Maybe radioactive? I don't know. They are pretty, in any case. I wonder what the squirrels and other little animals here eat? I didn't see many familiar trees like oaks and walnuts, and I can't imagine that mushroom spores are yummy. Aren't these flowers beautiful? And huge! They are bigger than my head. These crystals too. They are all over the place. There are some regular-looking trees like these willows. They all have a funny shimmer to them, though. I didn't want to stay after dark because I knew the manta and I would have to face that treacherous swim back north. I'm willing to bet, though, that these trees and mushrooms look super after the sun goes down. I'll have to come back another time to see. We swam through Chortle and into Broadhaven, admiring the houses as we traveled. I'm not much for the idea of being indoors. It's not claustrophobia, exactly, but I like to be able to see open water or the sky. Still, if I were a land-type instead of a mermaid, I might go for a house like these. The manta started nudging me impatiently about this time, so I took the hint. It was time to head back toward Rigamarole. I really will come back another day, maybe with a friend or two. I want to see what these strange lands look like after dark.
  3. If you are on the Mainland or another region owned by Linden Lab, submit an Abuse Report claiming misuse of region resources. If you are on a private estate, let the region owner take care of it. S/he has all the tools needed to eject and ban the person.
  4. Brutus ate doughnuts too. (In response to "Et tu, Brute?")
  5. Sadly, this is where I see the real lack of responsibility. A Master's thesis is supposed to be supervised research. I feel some sympathy for a student who puts together a survey like this and doesn't get professional guidance from a faculty advisor before releasing it into the wild. It leaves the student holding the bag for worthless results, having learned nothing about proper research design. This is not the way to prepare future professionals, and it doesn't serve the reputation of the academic program well.
  6. You can certainly submit an AR about the L$10, because that's a violation of the gambling policy. You didn't "lose" the L$301, though. You're no worse off than you were before you entered the club. You just didn't get more than you started with.
  7. Oh, the LDPW library is all over the place, once you start looking. Visit the ranger station on Purtis at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Purtis/152/59/47 and look at the bookshelves there:
  8. Giant adult is bigger. (almost messed up and made it plural)
  9. Pebbles are still rocks. (Just itty bitty ones.)
  10. I am truly underwhelmed by the questionnaire. Aside from proofreading errors, many of the questions are vague and impossible to answer.
  11. Responsibility is like ... BORING. 🤡
  12. Step 1: Select one object Step 2: Hold down Shift key and select the other object. Step 3: Click the LINK button The last selected object will be the root prim of the newly-created linkset.
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