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  1. If I remember correctly, the big building on Learning Island has a central garden ( an atrium, a concourse ) where you end up after you have completed the walking/hopping/flying movement tasks. When you go there, you see a talking parrot next to the portal that takes you to Social Island.  If you bailed out before you got there, you can never go back.  Don't worry, though. The "game" doesn't mind. Remember, there's no goal or quest to Second Life.  Just like RL, this world is whatever you want it to be. And you can fly.

  2. 14 minutes ago, cunomar said:

    I will simply ask why ?

    If i buy something it should go into MY closet and not be mixed up with 3500+ left in there by the previous owner . Why must i set the recent tab , I've just started the game you can't get any more recent than that so if i buy 50 things my first day or first month and thats what my inventory shows , i'm going to find what i'm looking for even if i can't remember its name .

    I think you may have misunderstood. Items in the Library folder are not "in" your inventory; they are accessible from there. And they were not "left in there by a previous owner".  The library is a collection of items that Linden Lab makes available to all accounts.  To use any of them, you need to actually copy it into another folder somewhere in your inventory.

    You do not need to reset the parameters on your recent tab.  As you said correctly, as a new resident, everything in your inventory has been added there within the past 30 days. When you have been in SL for a longer time, though, you might find it useful to mess with those parameters in order to look only for things you bought this week or over some other period.  The parameters you set will help you narrow your search for things that you know must be somewhere in inventory, but you are having trouble locating.

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  3. It really does seem that you have been tripping over the bug that Rider Linden highlighted in his post yesterday.  You may also be tracking memory use with a flawed monitoring script, but my money is on the bug.  Unless you are actually seeing some loss of performance, I'd be inclined to note it as an annoying curiosity and then move on.

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  4. 16 minutes ago, Jaylinbridges said:

    All you need to do is place your Limit price 1 linden above the market and it goes in a couple minutes. 


    3 minutes ago, Sid Nagy said:

    When 1 linden above the market price LL still estimates a 2 day fill.

    The reality is somewhere between those two.  I can't remember the last time I bought L$, but I sell them each month to cover the land fees on my region. I always use the Limit Sell option, and set a rate that is L$1/USD above the market. The LindeX usually estimates that it will take two days to fill.  In practice, it often fills within an hour.  It has sometimes taken as much as two days. That's the nature of estimates and currency exchanges. Knowing that, I usually place my order at least 4 days before the land fees are due.  If I were buying instead of selling, I would follow the same logic. 

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Jaylinbridges said:

    Yes it is, since you can only do a Market order (instant buy) through the viewer, which was my only point.  You save money with a Limit Buy through the web dashboard.

    I don't think we are disagreeing, except maybe about which factor is most significant here.  The advantage you get by using the Limit Buy option is important but doesn't amount to a lot of money until you are buying more than a few thousand L$ at a time. It doesn't make much sense to use Limit Buy for a small purchase.  You and I agree that transaction fees amount to a serious proportion of the total cost when you buy small amounts of L$ at a time so, again, it doesn't make sense to buy just a few L$.  If you are buying through the viewer, chances are pretty good that you are getting hit both ways, because most people who buy that way need cash for a small purchase.  So, I think we both agree that they would be much better off if they bought larger amounts of L$ directly from their dashboard, using the Limit Buy option.

  6. 4 hours ago, Jaylinbridges said:

    Residents that purchase lindens through the viewer don't know this forum exists, or that they are paying extra for an instant buy.

    The biggest expense for them is the transaction fee.  Any time that you buy L$, you will be charged a 7.50% transaction fee with a minimum of US$ 1.49 and a maximum of US$ 9.99 per transaction, regardless of the size of the purchase.  So, if you bought L$500 (about $2 US), you would pay $2.00 PLUS a $1.49 fee = $3.49. That means 43% of your charges will be for the fee.  That's why it's silly to buy small amounts of L$ at a time, as you almost always do if you are buying L$ through the viewer.  If you buy, say, L$10,000  (about $40 US) through the LindeX, you would pay $3.00 in fees (0.075 x $40).  The fees would only be 6.9% of your total cost.

    tl, dr;   Where you buy the L$ (through the viewer or through your dashboard) is not important. The amount of L$ that you buy is, and most people who buy L$ through their viewer are buying small amounts at a time.  They are paying way more in fees than they ought to.

  7. That's really great.  I wish you luck.  This is the wrong place to post, though.  Answers is designed as a place to ask questions about how SL works (or why it doesn't seem to).  You are not allowed to post jobs or look for them here, so nobody would think of looking here to see a request like yours.  The place to post is the InWorld Employment forum.

  8. Visitez de nombreux clubs de SL et parlez aux propriétaires. Demandez comment ils ont créé leurs clubs. Attention, la plupart des clubs échouent dans l'année.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Sid Nagy said:

    To me it is not about if it should be done, I'm perfectly fine with how the inventory works at the moment, but more if it still could be done.

    There are certainly other ways that inventory might have been designed from the start, but that's really a moot point now.  SL residents have had 18 years to accumulate inventory items, many from creators and merchants who are no longer around. Items are given names that do not necessarily tell you what they are.  [ I have an item in my inventory labeled "Cloud Nine".  It's a scooter I market in MP, but it might be a dress or a particle generator, for all you know.] People have repacked their own inventories in quirky ways too, so many items are no longer in the system folders where you might expect them.  Redesigning the inventory system at this point would be a logistical nightmare and would create massive confusion for residents.  Even if it could be done, the cost of developer time would be prohibitive, and the potential loss of longtime residents could be staggering.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, PatricaC said:

    So unfortunately it was past the time I could call the 1 800 number so I figured create a post and someone from the LL team might happen to see it.

    Not a bad thought, but Lindens rarely look through posts in the forums, especially after their own work hours.  I really suspect that this is a simple matter like an expired certificate that will be resolved in a day or so anyway.  Meanwhile, buy L$ through your dashboard.

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  11. LL has had a problem like this in the past when their certificate expired.  Oz used to fix it pretty quickly, so I imagine whoever is in charge will deal with it soon.

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  12. That's a good question.  I don't see a specific heading that seems appropriate.  Your friend, of course, has the option of using Live Chat, because she is a Premium member.  Either of you could also call the Billing Office and ask directly.  The billing team is available from 6am to 2pm PST, Monday through Friday. Call toll-free in the US/Canada: 800-294-1067 or 703-286-6277.

    You can still buy your L$ from the LindeX on your dashboard.  That's always a better idea than buying L$ in world through your viewer.

  13. For starters. you might try upgrading to Maitreya 5.3, which is the current version.  All you have to do is visit the redelivery terminal in the store or use the redelivery button in your Maitreya HUD.  I'm pretty sure that will solve your applier problem too, but at the least it will get you finally wearing a body that isn't two years out of date.

  14. 7 minutes ago, Theresa Tennyson said:

    You're also assuming that there's no reason to attach an outhouse to your body. I fairly regularly intentionally wear non-clothing things like furniture, plywood cubes, etc. so I can do things like compare their sizes to things I find in stores without needing to rezz them on the ground.

    Quite true.  The point, though, is that you can make that choice intelligently.  There's no way that the inventory system can decide whether an outhouse is any more appropriate to wear than a dress is.  

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