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  1. This information is way out of date and needs revision .....

    After you buy

    Marketplace deliveries are currently undergoing a transition between Magic Boxes and a new direct delivery model.  As a result, you may receive items differently depending upon which delivery method the merchant is using.

  2. This page is woefully out of date and incomplete.  It refers to a File menu that no longer exists, links to a tutorial video that has been removed, makes no reference to Local Textures, and does not say anything at all about standard texture formats and dimensions.  It needs a total rewrite.

    In the meantime, I have posted my own brief tutorial about Local Textures at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Rolig_Loon/Local_Textures .  There are many other good linkable resources that could be included here.

  3. I thought the editor just accepted my change (in red) here...


    Adding the item on the Marketplace website

    1. On the Marketplace website, choose My Marketplace > Merchant home in the upper-right.
    2. Click Manage Listings on the left side of the page.
    3. Under Unassociated Marketplace Inventory, click the name of your item to start editing the item listing, then complete the required fields. You can find a description of all the listing fields here.

    but it didn't.  Could someone else do it, please.  The text is incorrect as written.

  4. The very first line in Changing the item associated with a listing should say something like

    "If you want to sell a different or updated version of an item using a current listing, first upload the new version to your Marketplace store, using the Merchant Outbox.  It will appear in your list of Unassociated Inventory Items Then:"

    Otherwise, it's not clear that the merchant has to upload the new version first.

  5. When this information was moved to the KB from its old wiki site, many of the keyboard shortcuts were deleted from the list.  It' almost impossible to find them now, because the original page has been deleted and seaches are all redirected here.  I can understand wanting to encourage people to use the UI instead of keyboard shortcuts (although I prefer the shortcuts myself), but the fact remains that the shortcuts themselves are still alive.  It's easy for a user to activate one of them inadvertently and not understand how to get back.  I'm thinking in particular of things like Beacons and the many options in the Develop menu.  If you don't want to list them here, there still ought to be a wiki spot where a user can find them if needed.

  6. In the Open and Unpack a Box section, I suggest adding a final step:  "6. When you have finished unpacking your box, please remember to either Delete it or Take it back to your inventory."  I think it's important for newcomers to learn to pick up after themselves.  Not all places have autoreturn.  Besides, littering is inconsiderate.

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