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  1. I know the Oculus Rift commercial version is just now being released and that a beta viewer that was made to work with the Dev Kit 2 was released a couple of days ago. That being said, it doesn't work with the current gear being released at this time. The UI is offset WAY too much and the title bar is halfway through the screen, There is no mouse curser or crosshair so you can click on anything, nor does there seem to be a way to do so even if you could. It fails to load textures, especially Mesh if your graphics are set higher then medium. (mind you framerate is just fine, it just doesn't seem to like them past that point. For being a VR viewer everything still appears to be in 2D. I get that it was a beta, and here is the feedback on my experience with it. I'm enthusiatic to see a more finished product, but at the moment its not even really viewable. ((using the Second Life Project Viewer version, Nvidia 970, I7-4771 CPU 3.5Mhz, 32Gb Ram, Windows 10, 64 bit.))
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