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  1. so when i take a snapshot all my interfaces go totally clear on me, its been happening for a lil while now and i have no idea how to fix it.i save all photos to my hard drive, i dont constrain proportions as i need to take pics of faces etc and find it easier to edit in ps, but still ive never had an issues up until now :( its very annoying my communication windows and edit windows go clear so i cant do anthing, any ideas or fixes for this? sorry Im running widnows xp and pheonix as my viewer and i have updated that only a few days ago.
  2. So this isnt just a question but more of a fair warning to those out there in sl, I had a sim through Omega Group Properties well all hunky dory paid my tiers last week 32,000 a week and i log into today to go to my store and bam! "NO PARCEL" and i was tp's off to a safe adult hub and i was like ohhh ffs .. thinking it was a restart or soemthing but then i got my whole page filled with "items returned" Turns out this man was leasing selling off land he had rented from another group yet i had been there for well over a year and had no clue of this and they had reclaimed the land as he hadnt paid them their tiers. OMG was a joke not only had he ripped me off but many other people who rented sims from him. so i urge you all be aware of him do not rent from him LL will not do anything you will loose big monies and be left on a safe hub side walk with your bags packed, he even did over his own team members who rented land from him and they were left in the lurch with threatening messages and to try to pick up any pieces. Read your covenant! check who is the "owner" do go through any middle men.
  3. How do i know if someone who has rights to my things has been stealing stuff that ive created? Ive rmeoved thier rights to my things but, they said they bought it going through transaction details over and over and nothing shows up! Kinda hard to trust this person again :\
  4. Usually i get an email saying that they have been delisted for being in the wrong category i have double checked taken the items out and re-done the listing and more and then it will happen again a few days later lol. but will submit another ticket and see if they can figure out whats wrong, thanks for your help too
  5. so i have my store going on the market place been doing fine until a week ago it started taking popular selling items and placing them as Unavailable´╗┐ i figured i had checked a wrong box or i needed to refresh the ad but still the same thing now when i place nerwer items in the store, and inworld i have noticed all the items it places as Unavailable´╗┐ it will push them to the bottom of the contents box, do i have too many in there or what is going on? please help anyone thank you Kayliegh - Factorie owner
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