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  1. everyone can rezz there, but pushing is disabled. so how would the bullet push me? even my own push script push no one except me myself-
  2. the pushing is switched off in the server the landgroup is not open
  3. i do not think that it is a suddenly blowing up prim, the push (i experienced one myself) is way too strong for that - and also pushed me across two regions, so no less than 500 metres as for banning young account age: that would fix the symptom but not the root. i am after eliminating that option.
  4. Hello group. I have the following problem: on my region i have via Region Details (ALT+R) "Restrict pushing" enabled. yet someone has fun by setting up new avatars and firing a weapon that pushes everyone in a radius of 20 meters around. And really forceful, so that the victims fly across 2 full regions. The viewer menu "Help- Bumps, Pushes, Hits" shows no entries. What function could possibly do that? or what other method? and what counter measures, other than banning young accounts or forbidding rezzing and scripts, could be used?
  5. just a ping to see.. anybody out there anad stil consideriung windlight in EXP?
  6. WIndlight in Experiences - is this still considered? and maybe even worked on?
  7. does that mean our questions will also be answered? https://community.secondlife.com/t5/SLEXP-Closed-Beta-Tester/Feature-Proposal-Experience-Keys-Windlight-and-beyond/m-p/2943399#M302
  8. Mama Allpa does not sell primbabies. but you can certainly join the mama allpa chaters group inworld and ask there
  9. Pricing? are there costs? and if s, can i use the Experience as developer without KVP? Because, frankly, i do not need it?
  10. There are so many things one could do with that. HUDs that automaticalyl (withut annoying dialog) prompt more items to attach depending on a situation. Is only one thing that comes to mind. Almost everything that nowadays requires RLV and folders to change/adjust/vary outfit could go automatically there. If this would be gridwide it would swap fast from "gaming" to seriously useful commercial ideas... (dont get me wrong: gaming is a good thing, and i have already a lot of fun to develop XP for the Amazon - which is one big quest, in a way)
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