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  1. can i second the above lists... and add Keirah Paine from =7 Sins= I'll have to see who is still around add to it
  2. You want to create a folder with your basic's in it.. skin/shape/hair/eyes/jeans/shirt/etc. Once this folder is made, right click and REPLACE it. DO NOT WEAR. REPLACE. Poof, instant you. If you set up a folder of your most commonly worn shape etc, you can, in once click, replace yourself. Adding jeans/shirt to it means no matter WHERE you are, you can reload yourself in one click. You MUST put all items into one folder, and REPLACE not wear it. I'm neko... i have my huds/ears/tail everything in that folder, and it works regardless of the viewer you use or the sim you are on as long as you REPLACE not wear, not add to, REPLACE. ~Brie Btw, if you need further help, feel free to join the Phoenix Support group, you can find a link on my profile inworld
  3. You can file a ticket with LL, or better yet, have the land owner file a ticket. Simply ask them to turn the sim back on, and let you get your stuff, or if its not a great deal of things, mass return everything, and you can go to a sandbox to rezz and sort things. I think its sad the land lord didn't either 1. give you at LEAST 24 hours notice of the sims closing, or 2. mass return everything for you. They had to know in advance the sim's closing date... tier is ALWAYS due the same day every month. Good luck. ~Brie
  4. So welcome to SL Rod. Here's hoping you pay attention to all that's been written above, and let me add my 2 cents worth. Here's a short list of things to pay attention to: #1 Customer Support needs fixing first. #2 There is a reason that 80% of SL users are on TPV(third Party Viewers). Pay attention to how they (TVP's) support, update, fix and LISTEN to their users. #3. Bring back the many many Lindens that whats-his-face fired in his reign of incompetency and foolishness, and get some things fixed. #4. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. Spend time in world. Talk to the residents. Many many have great things, brilliant ideas, and would work tirelessly to make SL great if only the ones in charge would PAY ATTENTION. Just saying. IM me in world if you ever want an old sl users point of view. ~Brie *adult content provider, business, and sim owner for 6 years*
  5. How wrong you are on many accounts. Let me correct your misconceptions. No there are no PG areas that border an adult sim. these are either on their own estates or in zindra. There is also NO RULE in the TOS that says if you own THREE private sims that you can not put PG in the middle and mature/adult on either side. There are some mature sims that are next to PG sims. The issue about seeing adult content in mature sims from neighboring PG sims is not really an issue. There are VERY FEW PG sims that do not share at least ONE border with a Mature sim, or have a mature sim less than one sim away. Adjust your draw distance, and you can see 2 sims away. Plenty of ADULT content on mature land. Just look around. Even before the teen grid merger announcement and the moving of adult content to zindra, people in the mature sims had to hide the adult content from being viewed from the PG sims next to them. Nothing is changing here. WRONG. If you owned a MATURE parcel before Zindra, which I and a LOT of folks did (see the 3500+ TICKETS filed to swap from mature to adult as proof) You could do ANYTHING you wanted on your mature sim. There were no restrictions on your mature land, only on the PG land. The move to Zindra was an EPIC fail as LL has REFUSED to enforce the TOS and keep ADULT things off MATURE and PG land. Its still there. AR's are filed DAILY about people with businesses in the wrong zoned land and LL turns a blind eye, You think they are magically going to change this over night? You could not have any signs with nuditity or outdoor nudist parks on a parcel that could be viewed from PG parcels. *See above* When I heard about this rule years ago from some club owners I knew and in the blogs, I was shaking my head at that rule. Until July, 2009 you could have BDSM, Escort, and Fetish clubs on MATURE land, regardless of who/what bordered you. It is still within the TOS to have strip clubs on MATURE SIM, that is visible from PG sims. Personally I do not see a problem with Teens coming to this grid nor will it have any effect on how I act in Second Life. The problem is not so much the teens wrecking havok as many seem to assume. The issue is that we came to SL to be 18+, have been told for YEARS it was STAYING 18+, and now they have changed it. Now the ones that follow the rules are safe, Sure. Simple. But what about the ones that are NOT following the rules, expose lil Jane to something *naughty* either intentionally or not... Her parents file a lawsuit, the media goes spastic, SL gets closed.. and guess who loses... we ALL do. All it takes is ONE. Before, the teen was breaking the rules and here against the TOS, we were protected. LL just tossed that out the window. No, i don't think all teens are bad. No i dont thing that the majority will come looking to start trouble. But again... all it takes is ONE.
  6. Blaze... Thanks for sharing that log from y'alls meeting...although it still doesn't say anything other than what we already know, which isn't much. One thing that does concern me & many others.. when the issue of copybotted items came up in that chat.. someone said.. so? Well, so.. expect to lose a majority of your inventory as the ADULTS that created that content originally file DMCA take downs, and LL removes it a piece at a time from your inventory, and/or bans accounts for being the creator of said copybotted items. I saw where Terrace said that 80% of PG/G sims do not border mature.. and i hate to bust the bubble, but as more people become aware of the changes coming, plenty of people owning private regions (of which the majority of that 5000 (80%) number comes from) will likely increase their maturity rating to M or A. LL should just simply follow the suggestions made here, move the teen land over as a seperate continent, and add additional land as needed for one ENTIRELY PG/G continent, make all existing mainland thats mixed content mature, and then the adult contininet we have now. They managed to move all adult content from Mature to Adult land via land swaps & tickets, they should be able to move all pg land the same way to a PG only continent. This would lessen the chance of improper exposure due to sim borders considerably, allow the bulk of SL MG residents now to carry on life as usual, and the teens as well. But since they *have plans they won't share* and we pay their paycheck.. guess nothing to do but wait & see, or ditch and run. It will prove interesting, to say the least. ~Brie
  7. I agree... well said. And just for the record, let me add... While i do realize not ALL of Sl is adult industry, or adult/sexual related, fact is, its there. its HUGE. The fact that it was SO big that they created Zindra is proof enough. Here's a little reminder of what the Lindens seem to have forgotten: When they announced the adult changes, they said it would only affect 2-4% of residents on moving. They expected about 1K total move tickets according to the then Lindens that i knew personally. Well the fact is... they got 300+ tickets in the first 10 minutes. 1K tickets by noon that day. over 3500 total tickets. There was SUCH a HUGE flux of tickets, they had to SHUT IT DOWN, take a few days to sort it, and start over with assigning land, and this was JUST to swap us from Mature to Adult because THEY changed the rules. Let's not forget that if you search, you can find HUNDREDS of Adult businesses STILL in mature land, breaking the rules, cause LL can't enforce their own TOS now. I am not a kid hater. I don't think that teens are going to come in a cause a stir. I think simply that its a bad idea to put not only the teens at risk, but the adults as well by bringing them into an unsuitable environment. What I DO think is that unless LL is ready to create a whole new PG only continent, and make one Adult, one Mature/Moderate, one General/PG, and enforce their OWN TOS, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. For all the adults that have invested 10's of thousands of USD into making SL what it is today, that it is simply insane to risk all of that for a few hundred teens. If it was done correctly, it would be different. Weigh the options LL. 200 teens, even if all 200 paid in ONE full sim mainland tier of 195$ USD a month, vs thousands of adults that pay multi-sim-tiers that are leaving in droves simply due to the fact that LL has decided to once again, make a decision on their own without considering what their customers/residents think. Do it right LL, or call it off. Simple as that. ~Brie
  8. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/terms.php They will ban accounts of anyone with overly explicit content and minors are blocked from a variety of things. under safety according to the Facebook TOS 7. You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence. Secondlife was sold as 18+ for adults only. again.. apples and oranges. ~Brie
  9. Anybody in this discussion familiar with pornography on Facebook? I don't use Facebook very much and have wondered how they deal with the mix of teenagers and adults there. If it is dangerous to have teenagers in SL, it must be dangerous to have them on Facebook, too. But no one seems overly concerned about it for some reason. There is one massive difference here. When i joined Facebook, i *KNEW* there were kids there. i *knew* that i would be interacting with minors. *There* i have a choice over who i friend, who see's my posts, my wall. I pay *ZERO* money to be on facebook. now flash back to SL... i came to SL precisely because it was *18+ ADULT ONLY*. in SL I've paid $72 a year for a premium account, $1200 for a sim, $195 USD monthly for that sim, for SIX YEARS NOW... cause SL was ADULT only. Before Zindra, if anyone was on the mature sim i owned and we suspected them of being a minor, it was boot/ban/mute/ar. LL took care of them, cause the kid lied and broke the rules to be there. LL enacted the Adult policy.. i packed up and moved to Zindra, and carried on. BUT... as i have said before, and i know numerous people that agree... LL does NOT enforce their own TOS. Plenty of Adult things on M rated sims, next to G rated sims. SL is no place for kids with out some MAJOR revamping. True, on Educational Sims, its probably safe. True, if there was a PG only continent, it might be safe. but as it stands, right now, no, its simply NOT safe. Not for the adults, not for the teens. Sure there maybe only a couple hundred coming in...but all it takes is ONE... and Sl goes straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect your 200 dollars.. and me, and the thousands of people like me with a significant investment is straight out of luck.. all for the sake of a handful of kids. It simply does not make sense. ~Brie
  10. Well said Ciaran... and lets add this in with that: Sl was sold as an 18+ world. 6+ years ago when i started, it was an 18+ only world. The teens do not pay in enough income to keep the teen grid open, exactly WHO do they think is going to pay to keep the MAIN grid open if the majority of adults are against teens coming in and LEAVE for JUST that reason? And in response to adult content in G/PG sims... *I* personally have Ar'ed : 4 escort agencies, 2 slave auctions, and 2 free genital vendors in G/PG land, in the last 2 months. According to the Lindens OWN Adult policy... Escort Agencies are adult, MUST be on ADULT land.. You can find no less than 30 right now on M rated land if you look.. and all the M rated land is next to PG/G. Strip clubs are *safe* on Mature/moderate land... that often borders PG/G land. For all the ones that think SL is free... Sl is ONLY free because of the THOUSANDS of ADULTS that pay land tier. Adults that bought land/pay tier for ADULT interactions.. and no, i do not mean just sexual encounters. They came to SL from all those other worlds PRECISELY because SL was 18+ ONLY. Linden doesn't enforce their OWN TOS now. Are they going to magically not be understaffed, 3 months behind on tickets, and seriously lacking on enforcing their own rules in the time allotted before they open the gates and let the kids in? I think not. And has anyone noticed.. not one Linden has bothered to refute ANY of the concerns listed here since Terrence posted WAY up there at the top? Way to keep your paying consumers confidence. ~Brie
  11. Ok, So i have read all the above, and while i see a lot of valid points, i feel a need to add my own. I've been in SL since 2004. My alt was just 6, this avie will be 6 years in Sl come Jan. Way back a long time ago, when we first got PG/Mature regions, it was pushed to separate them. One continent of PG, one Mature. LL Opposed this with a *its not necessary*. Fast forward to 2009. We have adult content rampant. They forced all of us from Mature to Adult land. Ok, cool. We have Zindra, all adult, all the time. But still, all over the grid, you have have pg/general next to mature/moderate. You think all adult business is on Adult land? You'd think WAY WAY WAY wrong. There is seldom a week that passes that me, and others i know that have adult businesses on adult land do not find/ar adult businesses on mature AND pg land. In the 15 months or so since the adult land has been put in effect, LL has YET to consistently enforce their OWN TOS about pg/mature/adult. We have no way to list classifieds as *adult*. we have no way to list our profiles as *adult*. now you want to bring on the teens. ok cool. Well, here's your sign LL. *EPIC FAIL*. You don't enforce your OWN TOS NOW. Here's what you NEED to do, in order to NOT kill SL as we know it. 1. Clean up the mainlands. reclaim all abandoned land, and convert all current mainland PG land to mature, and create a PG only continent. 2. ENFORCE YOUR OWN TOS. Yes. How about that? ENFORCE your OWN rules. Get the Adult content on ADULT land. Make it a ONE warning only.. kill repeat offenders accounts for having ADULT on Mature, and NO WARNING for having it on PG. (and by this, i don't mean being dressed sexy and going to a store to discover its pg, i mean.. accounts that OWN pg land and use it for mature/adult reasons, or own mature land and use it for Escort/Adult clubs). 3. Give adults, who, lets just face it, PAY YOUR PAYCHECK, a way to protect themselves. WE, not the teens, should get a pop up with IM's that PLAINLY says... *teen/underage/unverified* when they IM us. This would protect US, the ones paying 99% of the land tiers, from unintentionally interacting with teens by forewarning us to watch what we say. Would it be a hassle? Sure. Worth it? yes. 4. If you can't protect us, you can bet every linden dollar thats floating on the grid that the very 1st time any adult, following the adult rules, gets sued by Lil Susy's parents or lil Mikey's momma cause their kid got exposed is going to sue LL. not just sue. Class action lawsuit. 5. Lets do the math. Just from ME, and the THOUSANDS of others like me. I paid US $1200 or so for my full sim in 2005. since, i've paid 195$ a month to KEEP my sim. So 5 years, at $195 a month, plus my initial $1200 USD investment, means that to date, i have paid in land alone, $12,900. now, lets multiply that by how many others do the SAME thing. then figure in how many PRIVATE islands are out there, most bought for between 1200-1600$ USD each, at $295 a month. Does LL really think that it is worth a loss of this kind of money, every month, for the sake of a few teens? Lets sum it up LL. I want whatever YOU are smoking. If you insist this is SUCH a grand move, then SHOW US, the paying consumers that have made sure you've had a paycheck for the last 6 years, exactly how & why its such a GRAND idea. If you are going to do it, DO IT RIGHT. You want teens in? Fine. Give them a PG only continent, label it as such, and let them have at it. Three continents... PG/General, Mature/Moderate, and Adult. Simple as that. Unless they are 18+ they cant leave PG. Once 18+. you have the rest of the grid, and if you want adult, you get verified and access it. That protects adults that want mature/moderate not adult or teens, that protects adults that WANT adult, and teens cant cam in or access anything that is not appropriate for them. What teens do on the web, in their own home, is their parents issue. What teens do, in SL, is every residents issue, one the majority of us didn't ask for, and overwhelming do not want. A few simple things would protect adults/teens alike, and life would roll on. So how bout it? I'm just sayin... ~Brie
  12. There is a super easy fix for this. create a new folder in your inventory.Name the folder something like !!!Normal, so that it shows at the top of your inventory folders. In that folder, put your normal shape/skin/hair/huds/eyes...everything you normally wear, along with a pair of jeans and a shirt. Now the IMPORTANT things to remember is you right click the folder, and REPLACE, not wear it. Replace is the key. Anytime you log in, and you don't rezz with in a few minutes, you can use that same folder to replace yourself in one click. using the other methods described above work as well, but then you have to take time to rebuild your avie. Then once the new folder replaces you, your good to go. change clothes if you want, whatever. Keeping a set of clothes in there means no matter where you are, you can change and not be nakie in public. Remember...REPLACE. not WEAR. REPLACE. ~Brie
  13. I have to say there are many GOOD suggestions written above, but as a concierge account holder, i have to toss in my 2 cents worth. One, get me back LIVE chat, 24/7 with people that DO NOT, regardless of the issue, say... Use Viewer 2.0 and check the knowledge base. I will not, under any circumstances, use 2.0 period. If i want support for my viewer, i'll talk to the Phoenix Dev's, Kthanks. If i IM live chat, its a SL issue. I have already checked the knowledge base, no, do NOT direct me back to it. Two.. if your wanting to improve customer service, then LISTEN. Stop all the bells and whistles and brand new shineys, and FIX the current issues. Sim lag is at its WORST in 6 years. (yes, i have been in sl 6+ years, my other avie started in 04). Sim crossings, rezzing, general lag. I understand basic account holders spend money, and help the economy, but with out the preminum/concerige members, there would be no place for basic account holders to play. You have many older Sl members that would be willing to be *helpers* in a basic help group in SL. You could avoid 80% of filed issues if they had someplace to ask their questions and get good advice/responses. remember the mentors? Maybe that should be step one in fixing customer support for basic accounts, and customer retention. ~Brie
  14. Welcome to SL Kim, make sure you have your crash helmet firmly strapped on, keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times and enjoy the ride. As a long term SL resident, and having taken the time to read every post above, I'd like to add my two lindens worth here. One. Forget attracting new business. How about making the CURRENT customer happy? Do that for us, and we will do your job for you. Simple enough. Two. The hype about *listening to the residents* Why not actually DO that? Cause in all honesty, let me tell you what you face...99% of the time they (LL) pretend to listen, file it in the trash. do what they originally planned.. then have it blow up in their faces, then backpedaled, regroup, and try again.. still with out listening. Just some resident noted facts in case your interested. I was on a packed sim the other day, and did a little personal research. 55 residents on the sim. Of those 55 residents, 14 had V2.whatever. 30 had emerald/phoenix. 9 had unknown viewers. Do the math. another point of interest.. the enforced *migration of adult content* to Zindra has been an EPIC FAIL. All the business and residents that follow the rules and moved to Zindra and other privately owned Adult sims have to not only compete with each other, but the THOUSANDS of people breaking the TOS by using mature/pg land. to make it short and sweet...pass it along. Enforce the current TOS. Fix Search. Get some competent Lindens back in customer service, making *TICKETS* priority again. Fix what's already broken.. and we, the old & new current residents of SL, will make YOUR job as easy as pie.. by recommending SL again to everyone we encounter. as someone said on another forum.. you can pretty it up ever how you like, but until LL fixes the issues, You are still stuck selling a mass of screw ups under the guise of *new and improved*. Maybe that was 4 lindens worth.. Look me up in world. I, and probably most everyone who has posted above, can provide you with way more insight than pretty much one at LL will ever be able to. Oh and for the record? They never asked, but if they had a required poll on login asking current residents.. *How do you feel about allowing TEENS into Sl* They may get a HUGE wake up call.. their effort to save the few hundred teens that play on the teen grid by moving them to the Main grid is going to cost them massively as ADULT residents take their time and money, sim payments and credit cards, and move on to someplace else. Just sayin.... ~Brie
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