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  1. Hehe Thanks darius,huugies but im not wasting my time anymore on this.. if something is wrong in the words so be it.. Maybe an idea would be..lol to add just a picture.. And exuse myself cos im not an english speaking person.. and i can t find the bad word..lol.. I have a hamster who is smarter then ........ Not you darius...but you know what i mean..xox
  2. Successfully updated, but the text in the description field forced a change in the maturity level Hello dear friend. Thanks for visting.KimKy designs. And your interest.in one of our designs. So here we have another great outfit for you GIRL NEXT DOOR. Where is the bad word here??As a not english speaking person..adding something on mp is just gong true hell.. thank you lindenlab..what is the bad word in these couple off lines.maybe designs??next?ah no i checked that..cos i tought with the letter X..this could be verry naughty..maybe interest?? interest maybe the word looks to much as incest.. realy!!
  3. I have even 4 products in my my mp shop..that i deleted ages ago..and now they back..but but..with someone else pictures.. and off course they arent availble.cos they dont exist anymore..lol..emmm?????
  4. This problem is something i have to deal with everyday..as soon i add something new..the sooner its flagged And i don t know who or what did this..Today all my tanktops was flagged..lol.. So was all my stuff the past 2 weeks.. who is saying the lindens investigate the flagged items ??? you r joking right?? For me its just madness. Sorry engish is not my language.. greetz kimmy kit
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