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  1. With 'Swan' the Independant Ballet Company weaves together the magic of original choreography with classical/ fusion music, live storytelling of an original story written especially for the piece, performed against a backdrop of original SL art. Using voice and Music Stream Independent Ballet will take over the audience floor to show their unique work. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL8B%20Stupendous/143/25/22 Don't miss it!!
  2. Athena- I have had exactly the same problem since LL changed the rules, and I have posted the same question on this forum and have so far received no explanation. The new rules state that the sim has to be listed in search (which costs 30L) and checked as a Hangout, and the group that it is set to must also have a role that can 'Allow hosting of Events' - all of which I have done. I own the parcel and the group, the sim is moderate not adult, and the whole sim has recently had a restart since I put in all these changes. I am quite sure this is a problem to do with LL but it appears to be impossible to ask LL anything about it. All I can suggest is keep posting this as a problem in forums and eventually LL might wake up to the fact that they have a problem here.
  3. Hi- Identity Euler, I use Viewer 2, the latest download. I have now a) checked the box in my land profile that says 'show place in search $30L', b) created a new role in the group that is called 'event hosts'- even tho I already had that ability in Owner role and another role, c) I already know about setting a landing point and all the rest. Also- there is no point in givinig me the link to putting in a ticket because there is no category I can click that deals with this issue, and as I don't have a premium account I can never get any answer anyway. I was able to list events before these changes came in so what is going on?
  4. New rules for listing events come into play and guess what? I can't list an event on my own land, that belongs to my own group, in which I have full rights to stage events. And on which I used to be able to list event till new rules came in. Apparently LL thinks there is no probelm to this and as I don't have a premuim account I have no recognized right to put in a complaint. So tha tis 2 questisons- how do I sort out the problem of listing events and HOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! do I get a ticket into LL?
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