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  1. I successfully downloading viewer 2 but everytime i try to launch SL it prompts me with the following message "Second Life is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly, are out of date, or are for unsupported hardware. Please make sure you have the latest video card drivers and even if you do have the latest, try reinstalling them" I even tried phoenix and singularity all the same can someone please help
  2. Thanks Love I tried logging in to the smith region thats what i was told to do off one of the previous forums I read and it still didnt work however it seemed kinda crowded because like sometimes it even actually logs in then like i'd be stuck for a couple seconds then it would say ive been logged out again but when its froze I see a lot of people in the region i'm wondering if its a bug because people say it may be my connection but i'm able to log on to singularity and i used to be able to log on to phoenix but lately its been laggin so bad for me I had to uninstall and download singularity which is crazy because i was just getting use to phoenix
  3. ok right now I'm currently using clear 4G and this problem actually just started happening but i was always using wireless just that i was using the wireless internet via my cable company do you think clear 4G is the problem also I want to thank you for responding
  4. when I try logging on viewer 2 it starts loading fine up until it gets to loading clothing and its like stuck for maybe a minute or two then it says that i have been logged out of chat I've tried logging in to different regions and nothing works now every once in a while i try and it works perfectly fine for that day then it starts all over again can someone please help me
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