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  1. I used to make Tattoos way before mesh was even heard of, and I still make some, the one most important things I learned about making tats is the format to use. And that is .tga format using a mask and a specific method (in photoshop). this eliminates blurry edges along with the white edge you sometimes get with .png. If you want to know the exact process, personal message me.
  2. This is so true, I have run into it many times.. I use Flickr to showcase my new clothing designs, and I always put where you can find it either an event or at the main store in the description. But I still get ladies wanting those things I really do not plan to share, like my shape, etc. Gotta be diplomatic in those cases lol.
  3. I am afraid I do not recognize this outfit so cannot help with your question, but I can comment on your comment: This picture may not be from the person who made the outfit, it might just be from someone who purchased it and wanted to post a flickr pic just for fun. You can see who posted the picture in flickr, so you can take down his or her name and contact them in SL, and ask about the outfit that way.
  4. I am not familiar with that store so it is hard to tell what type of clothes you are looking for.
  5. Perhaps you can find something here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calvelo/98/22/4002 / https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/1646 No Gatchas of course!
  6. OMG! now way would I ever want to spend that much time making something, even if it was just for myself.. You seriously have way more patience than I do!
  7. ah ok well if both clothing items are mesh, what you are seeing is simply the fact that the legging mesh it sticking through the dress mesh and for that nothing can be done.. some mesh just will not work with other mesh.. If the leggings are not mesh but are system layer or BOM you can use a body alpha either one on your mesh body if you are wearing one, or add an alpha layer to cover up the spot that is sticking through the dress.
  8. yes, the picture does not really tell us much.. What is it we are looking at exactly? Is it a piece of clothing worn with something poking through it? Or something else?
  9. It is so true, that you will see the same styles in several different locations, or sometimes even at the same event. But the quality is not always the same. I look for creative texture use to make something different. For me the same basic style, can look very unique if the texturing is unique. Or if that blouse you see everywhere, is incorporated into a whole outfit, that makes it different too. I recall one event where I saw the same style presented by several creators (probably from a purchased template) all but one were plain colours only and pretty cheap, but one had added really attractive textures on a texture hud, for a really reasonable price with added jeans to go with it. Given the choice which one would you go for? the plain cheap one or the one incorporated with jeans, great textures and a hud? Sadly a lot of folks go for the cheap rather than the quality.
  10. I fail to see the point in giving abuse to creators and employees of a product, if I missed the promo or put it off till later. It is in everyone's interest to make sure that stuff like that gets forwarded to an email address.. I would think that everyone would check email at least once a day.. It is NOT the creator's fault if someone misses a promotion or a free item. To dole out abuse, just because they missed the boat does not make sense to me.. Why blame someone else for what I missed because I was not keeping up.
  11. well, I don't have a fav thing, I have a whole wardrobe of what can now be called BOM clothes.. I have been making clothing in SL for almosst 16 years, seems like we have come full circle, resurrecting what was good from the past. What I do now is mix and match my mesh stuff with BOM layers. For instance: that mesh top that just shows way too much skin, now I can wear it, I just throw a BOM tank or tee shirt on under as a modesty shirt.. usually makes for a nice style. Or when I want to wear my over the knee boots or calf boots with pants which I cannot do if the pants are mesh but I can if I wear a nice leather BOM pant. And as a creator I sure can do without having to make those pesky appliers for every sort of body! I still love my mesh, but I am sure happy about all the possibilities and options that are now in the mix! Like this: BOM undershirt & BOM pants.
  12. The one that has surprised me the most is Kupra. I actually laughed the first time I saw it, as I could not imagine anyone actually wanting to look that way, unless they wanted a real cartoon look. But obviously I was wrong.. Who knew?
  13. I totally agree, I have been looking at new ones lately, and I never like the whole AO. I may like one package for a few stands, then I hit one I think is pretty stupid, or the run is silly, or the jump is goofy. So I am one who ends up making my own as well from individual animations that I find that I like. The good thing about Body Language is that you can buy each animation on it's own. My AO's are always a work in progress lol.
  14. That depends entirely what they are in it for. If it is to make a quick buck then no, cause they likely don't have any interest in creativity or quality.. and they will keep knocking inferior stuff out for cheap prices for as long as they are benefiting. If folks would stop buying that stuff, you would see these folks dropping out. Perhaps there are a very small few who are in it for the creativity and challenge, and they likely will get better with time and practice.
  15. A couple of reasons; the cost of paying for a spot adds up fast and can become more than you could ever recover, so it is a risk to begin with. Secondly, the items being displayed are usually not that interesting or that well done in terms of quality and are being sold at ridiculously low prices, I can't sell my items at those low prices so my things would not fit in with the others. I take a LOT of time with texturing and detail, in many cases creating an outfit rather than slapping a few textures on just one item. For me I cannot just do a half assed job and try to sell it. It is a matter of pride in creating something from a blank canvas. So, those are a few reasons why I don't try out some of those new events. I will go and check them out before turning them down, but I haven't found one yet that I feel would benefit me.
  16. I know what you mean. I am still using non bento poses and animations, I took from a few AO's I have, just took all the ones I sort of liked and left out the ones I did not like.. and put them all into the built in AO in my Firestorm. Until I find some Bento ones I actually am comfortable with that will have to do.
  17. I assure you it is! But being a long term creator, I can always hope that those who do stumble across an event with my stuff in it, or stumble across my store, that they will see the difference in quality, and return, perhaps even become fans and pass the word. Seems all we can hope for in light of the other stuff going on out there.
  18. As a creator, I have a few events I participate in on a regular basis. I keep getting note cards inviting me to join new events. I always go check out the event to see what is being shown and I am always pretty unimpressed with what I see. A lot of what was described earlier. I do not join those events. Perhaps I should, might bring some quality and diversity to them lol. I have been making clothing in SL for over 15 years (yes I started with system clothing). It looks to me like folks who want to have a sim, but can't afford it, have taken to offering stores, and events to cover the costs of their land. But yes indeed it has become overwhelming. That is mainly why I continue to participate in only the few I have been. (namely all the Evil Bunny Productions Events, they have been around for many years and are well established). But as with all things, over time.. quality will prevail, and those that don't cut it will disappear eventually.
  19. Yes indeed that does happen, and it creates a problem for those of us who do put our own textures on the blanks. It allows someone to take credit for a creative process that they have not done. It uses other peoples creativity to make money for themselves in direct competition with those of us who do put in the effort be creative. I have never understood why someone would make and sell textures for blank mesh, when clearly they must have the mesh, so why not sell the finished product themselves. Why sell textures for blanks??? Makes no sense to me I am afraid.
  20. Interesting question, might have something to do with permissions to use the textures, I am not sure. As someone who enjoys making my own textures from various raw texture sources and applying them to blank mesh, I have no idea why anyone would want to buy pre made textures for the mesh in the first place. Unless they were unable or too lazy to texture the items themselves. I have always wondered why pre made textures are actually sold at all.
  21. I did not mention this in my earlier post but you could also try Indigenous Market Place: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/1646?utf8=✓&search[layout]=gallery&search[category_id]=&search[sort]=created_at_desc&search[per_page]=12&search[keywords]=&search[price_low]=&search[price_high]=&search[land_impact_low]=&search[land_impact_high]=&search[copy_permission]=0&search[modify_permission]=0&search[transfer_permission]=0&search[limited_quantities]=0&search[is_demo]=0 be sure to click on Newest First.. Or try the Mainstore at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calvelo/98/22/4002 if you wanted to look around there.. You may find some sexier type stuff but also a lot of modest, classy items as well.
  22. Not being negative.. just being real! I been here almost 16 years, I know how things work.. but hey go ahead propose your "solutions", you are free to do so.
  23. I doubt that would work for many reasons. Firstly LL is not likely to want to or be interested in taking on more work. And Secondly this sort of thing is NOT LL's business. SL was created to allow creators to do their thing, within the TOS guidelines and rules. They are not likely to care to get involved in the day to day goings on of those in SL unless the TOS is violated.
  24. we have been down this road so many times in a few threads in here. There are some "key" words that are used to bring up the skimpy type clothes, so when searching if you use the word "club" or "sexy" you are gonna get a load of them. Try using "casual" or "modest" instead. And with BOM you can always use a system layer under those ultra low necklines or nipple showing styles, like a modesty shirt or something underneath. I do that all the time, and often offer these "modesty" shirts along with a too revealing top or dress included with some of the clothing I make. So people have a choice of how they wish to wear it. And I agree with you, not all of us want to show off what we got, but there are so many who do that the demand is there for these type of clothes, so that is why they are so prolific. But trust me, there are others out there, nice tasteful styles, it just takes some work to find them, unfortunately.
  25. Good luck with this type of thing! It is not up to LL to decide something like this. Bottom line is that if a Body Creator does not supply Dev. Kits to clothing makers, then there are no clothes for that body out there (or only those made by the same body maker), in which case the public will decide if the body is worth it or not,, and if there are no clothes for the body, chances are eventually sales for the body will drop off and become obsolete. As folks will just not support it or buy it. The natural law of supply and demand rules here.
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